A Nice Chat 02/02/2014 until March, 2014


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  1. Thank you for doing this and for inviting me to join you …this is a much more comfortable spot , hoping we can all be of support to Allison , her girls and the Dickie Family … and may her killer rot in hell .


  2. Can anyone enlighten me …. has there been any reports on what the relationship counsellor will testify ?
    On another subject , we have our home in Vic for sale and intend moving north for a better climate ( here we vary from -5c in winter to +45c in summer and I’ve become a wuss ! ) today it’s already 38c and just after 11.00am … favoured area is somewhere close to an airport so the Tweed and Maroochydore area’s look likely , Chinderah seems a good spot however the one drawback is the high cost of insurance , my present insurer will not cover the area at all … anyway even if we haven’t moved by the trial we’re planning on attending (as long as finances allow) not only cos i’m a treacle beak but as our small way of supporting Allison and her family and look forward to jury getting it right , even though I cant stand the sight of GBC he deserves a fair hearing , I’m hoping the prosecution has an air tight case but after GBC managing to sell their investment property whilst incarcerated I believe he’ll have a shifty move up his sleeve … I don’t recall if I told you all but I made contact with the agent who sold the property and he explained to me what he knew and that at all times both the police and the Dickies were kept informed , he did invite me to call in and have a coffee , I will honour his invitation … (hope he has tea , I hate coffee ! lol) We’ll be close to news channels tomorrow for Pre Trial updates … is anyone from here attending ?
    Again , thanks Moonie , great to have a place to keep up to date and far more comfortable , I look forward to a peaceful place where we can not only support Allison but also relax knowing the Admin is here for the same reasons we are and is more than capable with the position…

    Cheers Mike.


  3. Hi Mike,

    Going on what I have read, yes, the relationship counsellor is set to testify tomorrow.

    We are going to attend Court tomorrow, with notebooks in hand ๐Ÿ˜€

    With regard to the upcoming Trial, we can all meet up. ๐Ÿ˜€

    OMG it is hot where you are living, I don’t blame you for moving. Tweed or Maroochydore in my opinion, will be a fantastic area.

    That is good news with regard to the Real Estate Agent, Mike, as I was quite upset about it all, I hope there is tea for you, lol.

    Thanks Mike.


  4. Mike, so great to see you back on line!

    I got ‘turfed’ by Robbo after expressing an opinion not to his liking, and had to resort to subterfuge in making up a new name just to see Aussie Crims posts (not that there were too many of relevance to the subject that brought us all together)
    That didn’t sit well with me, so I’m delighted with this new forum.
    Here’s hoping that many other members of ‘the old crew’ come back to share their observations, offer their own ‘take’ on things as matters unfold, share their experiences, and vent their respective spleens when necessary.

    Best wishes to you, and fingers crossed for the sale of your property!


  5. Hi y’all and thanks for the invite.

    I won’t say much but am looking forward to catching up with everyone!

    I managed an afternoon at the committal and hope to get to the trial in the meantime I’ll be reading your insights and opinions over the next few months.


  6. This girl could do with having RIP Allison as a Mum..

    Has he ever stopped you from leaving the apartment like he did with Lisa?” journalist Ross Coulthart asked.
    “He’s never stopped me like physically restrained me from leaving, but he’s stopped me from leaving like, stood at the door,” Louise replied.

    Dear girl, the Next Step is him putting his hand over your mouth and dragging you back inside.

    She has No Idea.


    • I think Gitanny’s girlfriend is still in denial, “Simon would not do that!” (Can you give me a light for my smoke though.) Can you imagine if that were your daughter, how you would be grateful thinking that she dodged a bullet? Good thing that a man like that is behind bars. Maybe she will wake up one day if she has half a brain.


      • Dear Sad for Allison,

        Did you watch Gittany’s girlfriend’s interview? She is well spoken and adamant at Gittany’s innocence (although I read she didn’t attend his sentencing). Yes, denial would have to be the word.

        Gosh, yes Gittany’s girlfriend’s family must be relieved, as there wouldn’t be any way they would be able to convince her to stay away from him. I just don’t understand how people can’t see how intense Gittany is, just from looking at him.

        She is intense, too, I guess.

        Amazing how similar Gittany’s girlfriends look, really.

        I do wonder if Gittany was already in a relationship with the second girlfriend for her to be so blindly defending his excuses.


        • I just read this with regard to Gitanny and Lisa Harnum:

          In a text message Gittany wrote, “Please don’t let any guy talk to you.. your eyes should only gaze on me, the one.”

          The 40-year-old stopped Lisa wearing high heels, revealing clothing, or her hair down.

          Despite his former desire to be a priest, confession was also off limits.

          “This attitude that she’s wearing mini-skirts, that she deserved it, that she provoked him. All of those sorts of attitudes are still highly prevalent,” said the McAuley Community Services for Women’s Jocelyn Bignold.

          Gittany and Lisa


      • I read today that Gittany is suffering from “reactive depression.” The poor diddums.
        Beats the hell out of being MURDERED, Simon.


        • Yes I thought the same thing. He’s not the one in control now, poor darling, and he doesn’t like his new accommodation very much. His family clearly are not helping him ‘adjust’ by proclaiming his innocence to all and sundry. The article said as an adult living at home he didn’t pay any rent and his mother “did everything for him.” What a charmer she raised.


          • A further comment,if I may.

            Girlfriend Rachel’s protestation that she bears no resemblance to Lisa defies belief – is the rest of the population imagining things?

            But even more eerie is that the two of Gittany’s sisters who have graced our screens lately – while being less elegant and certainly less lady-like – sport similar hairstyles and appearances to his present and previous choice of girlfriends.

            (Perhaps someone with the technical know-how can provide their photos)

            What’s that about?.





  7. Does anyone have any thoughts on Schapelle Corby, if she is guilty or not? I didn’t watch the special on her the other night, and I really don’t have enough information to make a judgement.

    I do look forward though, to watching her interview, to watch her facial expressions and body language.


  8. Yip Yip Yipee …. Mike here , thanks to one of my boys I think i’m back … he simply fitted a new 351 Ford engine to my brain , hence the ‘ 0351’ …..

    Scharpelle … hmmm , I’ve always wondered why she carted a boogie board which would have attracted an excess baggage fee when they’re available for a 50c hire , she is a convicted criminal , a drug runner .

    Marijuana (I believe) is where 99.9% of all drug users start on and then try harder drugs , they call them ‘recreational ‘ I call playing footy with the kids recreational or skiing , playing darts etc but smoking or shooting up drugs recreational … NO WAY !

    Ms Corby should be apologising for the lives ruined by her activities , from day one she’s blamed everyone except herself or the bluddy dingo … she’s a convicted drug courier , do the crime …. do the time.

    I did read today where she was dating ” a local man ‘ while in prison ,( I wonder if GBC gets to go on dates ) footage I’ve seen has shown her behind bars but also what appeared to be at a market , the conditions didn’t look as described.

    I’ve witnessed the scourge illegal drugs are and would cheerfully hit the switch and put their lights out just as their activities do ….

    Cheers Mike ….. oops Mike0351 .. lol


    • Dear Mike
      Happy to welcome ‘a scholar and a gentleman’ back to the fold!
      Best wishes (and I shall have to find out why Moonlight needed to post on my behalf too)


    • Hooray Mike, you’re a free man at last! Good for your boys and your new nomenclature, Mike0351 sounds very upbeat! Wasn’t Shapelle’s father a known marijuana dealer? One thing that has always puzzled me about this case, is why would you smuggle drugs INTO Bali when they’re readily available in that country. Something very strange going on there. I haven’t read Shapelle’s book, but read in the media that she was a willing mule for her father, “sins of the father” and all that. The family do seem very out there in so many ways… I wonder sometimes why so many Australians are so interested in her case, and it attracts so much media attention as it’s inherently not that interesting a case really.


  9. Maybe it was for personal use after all it was only 4.5kg … lol

    There has always been the rumour that her family are major drug distributers , I believe she’ll violate her parole as already she lied telling the parole board she’d be supervised by her brother in law and he’d already flown the coop and in August she was told ‘ don’t talk to the media or back to jail ‘ yet Ch 7 say they’ve paid her to give an interview.
    You may note I have no time for drugs or those who peddle with ruining the lives of so many …. I ask you all to check out the link and also to do a search on the subject , it’s scary ….



    • It is frightening, Mike, what drugs can do to people. Imagine using something such as Meth, knowing it will do what it does to your body and face, and not caring. The poor people. What lives have they led to get to that place? Dreadful for them.


  10. G’day All ….. Thanks for the welcomes and Moonlight thanks for your assistance in getting me back on here .

    I’ve recently done quite a bit of research on drugs in Australia , why ? …

    Well I suspected on of my children had begun using ‘recreational drugs’ (Gawd , I hate that terminology) and therefore needed to know as much as I could about the tell tale signs … The first thing I found was generally they begin with marijuana (woopy weed ) or prescription medication … I already had knowledge of the effects of prescribed medication due to my own health probs , I only take the strong stuff when absolutely necessary , that’s maybe 2 tablets once a week and they work so well I can see how people get hooked but after discussions with my Doc I decided to ensure I don’t I put up with the pain , oddly the Doc says ” take them , it’s stops the pain” I was rather shocked at his attitude so to ensure i’m not relying on them every now then I don’t take a thing for a couple of months , hence you’ll see I post at any time of the day or night as sleep does not come easy , but i’d rather that.

    Any whoopee weed user will tell you it doesn’t hurt you however I read last week of a death in the UK from over use of it … whether it has long term effects or not it is the first rung on the ladder and peer pressure or dealer freebies take them a step at a time to total addiction which in turn to crime for money to score , females seem to turn to prostitution and the blokes to thieving , burglary etc .

    Meth ( crystal meth , crack cocaine , rock ,etc ) is man made with anyone of the ingredients alone that can kill you appears popular with all age groups and as my last post shows is simply devastating and at a crisis point. The 2 main visible side effects are rapid weight loss and the appearance of multitudes of sores that are caused by scratching , the addict thinks things are crawling under their skin.

    Cocaine again is everywhere and is the drug of choice for Yuppies , Jetsetters and High Flyers including extremely well educated and well known personalities. Naturally it’s not only them.

    Heroin is a very cheap drug and again shows no boundaries on who it takes over .

    Ecstasy is the one for the Rave Set and has been the cause of many a death and on many occasions death has been the 1st indicator to parents that their child was using.

    In my case my child (almost 21) has moved interstate and as we only see him on rare occasions we keep in touch via phone and facebook where he posts pics regularly , I noticed a dramatic weight loss , he explained that away saying as he only works part time (you cant let work get in the way of surfing , writing music or doing his Hula Hooping with the hoop burning) he only eats part time . Then came a pic with dots all over his face , arms and legs !!
    It was time to confront him , so he came home for a week , on arrival he looked much thinner but no sores visible , so I breathed a sigh of relief.
    He is gay so has quite a gentle nature and is a full blown greenie , I accepted his sexuality (he’s still the same kid) but he knows better than to save the whales in my back yard … lol
    After a good conversation I discovered his weight loss is due to no car , walking a minimum of 10 kms a day , surfing daily and his rigorous hula practice together with incorrect diet even i’d lose some of my tub.
    He admits using cannabis regularly and occasionally ekkies as he calls them , he knows I hate drugs but at least told me and has the attitude ” They’re safe ”
    I have to accept he’s an adult and even though I might not like the idea there is nothing I can do but hope he doesn’t climb the next rung on the ladder .. he assures me he wont.
    I urge you all to read up on this drug scourge just to be aware of the symptoms as each and everyone of us will come in contact at some time with someone needing assistance.
    Time for us to head to town for the weekly shopping adventure , have a counter lunch a beer and a smoke …. oops a beer and a smoke , yep i too have my addictions as my young bloke pointed out …
    Cheers n best wishes .. Mike.


    • What an alarm, I’m so glad that your son isn’t on any hard drugs. Good that he is so healthy on the other hand, though.

      Thanks Mike, it is scary stuff. I do wonder if kids out of school and in their late teens are more into drugs these days. It could be our area, it is really sad an worrisome, really.


    • Dear Mike
      I feel privileged that you felt able to share your story here.
      I too have had a son involved in drugs, something which played havoc with his studies, relationships and potential.
      One of my previous jobs involved working with young people in need coming from families with generational unemployment considered ‘the norm.’
      Many of them had developed drug-induced psychosis purely from their marijuana habit – in my experience ‘weed’ is not to be underestimated when it comes to long-term effects..
      Others had progressed to ‘speed’ habits, which were ruling every aspect of their lives.
      I can’t tell you how many of these young people were so proudly on the road to recovery, only to succumb again.
      As for ‘ice’ and ‘amphetamines’ or whatever, I have no first hand knowledge.
      However, cocaine and heroin usage was – and perhaps still is – quietly common amongst those who can afford the habit. Generally professional people.
      At the risk of repeating myself, I’d like to emphasise the fact that smoking ‘dope’ or whatever the current terminology, has a documented history of a significant contribution to psychosis – let alone how it erodes mental acuity, ability to perform in study or a workplace, loss of interest in other activities, abandonment of appreciation of family and friends who do not partake, loss of community spirit.
      Just because it is a drug not painted in the same dangerous light as others, does not mean it is a harmless recreational pursuit.
      Thus endeth the sermon.
      Thank you Mike.


  11. To the good people on this support site for Allison.

    I received an unsolicited message from Robbo today to my private email address.

    It was unsettling to say the least, and I have thought long and hard all day about whether or not to respond.

    I’ve done so tonight in his Lounge, mainly because I wanted to dissuade him from unwelcome correspondence to others who were trusting and loyal followers of his site and may have chosen, like me, to move on

    Who knows if it will appear, but I offer my reply here:.


    Having not posted on your site for at least two weeks, I deplore the fact that you have contacted me via my personal email today with a condescending message. Some would even consider its tone mildly threatening.

    My initial disquiet at your intrusion into my private address has given way to fury.

    I do hope that I have been singled out (albeit for unknown reasons) and trust that you have not employed the same tactics towards others in an attempt to silence them.


    • Several hours ago I posted in reply to GHS’s message but I cannot see it , I’ll check again tonight , for now I have some miles to cover …. off to the big smoke , today’s pleasure will be the view of Melbourne in my rear view mirror as I head home …..


  12. Hi GBS , I understand your rage as I do your choice to move on , it’s as if it’s a numbers game.

    I prefer to let it be a distant memory and I suggest we all let it be and move on to the main reason we post here, and that is to support Allison Baden Clay’s children and family and to see justice done for her.

    I have moved on and find this a more relaxed and peaceful site and don’t feel the need to revisit old wounds or to seek more marbles , along the way we will collect more than our share of tombowlers and being a pragmatist realise some will fall off the wagon.

    I suggest we leave the past and enjoy each others company and use this site to it’s potential as daily more bits are added here n there all of which so far have been beneficial .

    GHS , i’d say you did what we all should after receiving unwanted mail that is not to rush in like a bull at a gate but to ponder over it , think it out and then make your decision to reply or not , to make it public or not , you ticked all the boxes and made your decision in a fair but firm reply .

    We are fortunate to have this arena so lets all use it and as we say as one former Prime Minister drummed home , it’s time to be ” MOVING FORWARD ” …..

    Cheers Mike …


    • Dear Mike,
      I thank you sincerely.
      I do tend to be a bit of a bull at the gate (how did you know?!) but for once, I did actually ponder the wisdom of replying, hence the late hour of my posting.
      In the end, I decided that others may have felt similarly daunted, so made my decision to post.
      I’ve chosen not to reply to Robbo’s latest rejoinders.
      I’m with you all the way – this is a safe and respectful place focussed on our original reasons for coming together.
      Best wishes, Mike, and thank you again.


  13. Yes I agree, there so many distractions along the way Mike and GHS but we are all here with a common purpose, for Allison and her family, and to support each other. I share your concerns, GHS that others may well have been contacted as well, which seems somewhat unnecessary.



    A stand off between police and Channel 7’s lawyers:

    Federal police have raided the Pyrmont and Eveleigh offices of Channel Seven as part of a proceeds of crime investigation.

    The network is reporting that it is to do with its dealings with Schapelle Corby.

    After Corby was released from a Bali prison last week, Channel Seven reportedly paid up to $2 million for the exclusive first interview with the convicted drug smuggler.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/police-raid-channel-seven-over-schapelle-corby-interview-20140218-32x5c.html#ixzz2td7Evahd


      • How the media never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn …. this is a true story ….

        One of the many hats I’ve thrown in the ring in an interesting life was in the late ’80’s – early ’90’s was to manage my cousin who shot to success after the ’88 Bi- Centenial with TV Choppers flying from all channels arriving on the farm and reporters snooping on everything I put my hand up to help out and so off on a whirlwind of TVShows , Tours , Corporate Events etc .

        We met and worked with many many household names (one day I must finish my book as this period features in a couple of chapters) it was a really exciting and fun time except for rouge promoters and news media ..

        We were doing a gig at a major regional centre, an open air lunchtime dinner at a beautiful racecourse with 750 diners , all female,when a reporter asked me if she could interview us , I agreed so she sat down and set her recorder to tape and we had a chit chat …

        In the course she asked about our backgrounds , family etc etc .. at the time we both had long bushy beards and always in public wore Akubra Hats and a waistcoat / vest as part of our persona , she asked how long it’d taken to grow the whiskers and I quipped ” you wanna see our Granny’s beard it puts our to shame ! ” Obviously a joke , well I thought so and would have forgotten it forever until I got a copy of her article which was in a Sat liftout section …

        The photographer had managed to make our heads for radio acceptable and as I was reading I was quite impressed as 75% of what she’d written was accurate then came the line (there’s always the BS line) she wrote ….

        ” these Jolly Australian Made entertainers have spent years growing their bushy whiskers but this was not by choice as they and their Grandmother suffer from superfluous hair growth , a hereditary problem ”

        I dropped the paper and found i’d near peed my pants when I stopped laughing …


        • Ah dear Mike

          This wonderful yarn brought back age-old memories of the vagaries of the Press!

          Working as a Press Secretary for an Opposition Leader WAY BACK, I was approached by a journo from “The Australian.”

          She was writing a feature article on “Australia’s Pushiest People” and claimed I had been nominated and wanted an interview.

          I very quickly pointed out that my counterpart in Government was a much better subject.

          Several weeks later, I was reading the weekend paper in bed, and felt quite smug to see his interview featured at the top of the ensuing story.

          However, the list of “Australia’s 100 Pushiest People” underneath the article did not display his name at all.

          Instead, I was listed at No 27! Behind the likes of Alan Bond, Christopher Skase et al and one ranking behind Joh Bjelke Petersen…

          Unlike you, Mike, I didn’t laugh nor nearly pee my pants – just fell out of bed and felt truly gazzumped by the journo with whom I didn’t cooperate.

          The person I nominated in my place went on to become Premier…I became a palliative care nurse.

          True story.



  15. 18 February 2014

    Statement from Tim Worner, CEO of Seven West Media

    Seven can confirm that the Australian Federal Police today executed a number of search warrants on the company. These raids came as some surprise to us, given we fully cooperated with requests made of us by the AFP last week including ongoing correspondence between the AFP and our lawyers, all of which were responded to. Our lawyersโ€™ offices were also raided despite their co-operation.

    The AFP has previously asked for information on Schapelle Corby and any contract we may have entered into, and we provided all the information requested from us and instructed our lawyers to provide any additional information they might have. The AFP did not seem to accept that we have not reached an agreement or understanding with Schapelle Corby.

    We want to emphasize that at all times we have fully cooperated with the AFP in this matter. A raid on our offices at Pyrmont and at Pacific Magazines and at our lawyersโ€™ offices involving around 30 police and eight squad cars to find information we have already provided seems like overkill to say the least. But what is most disturbing is to also seek to use search warrants to access all of our news and corporate records. This is without justification and quite possibly unprecedented for a media organization.

    We see any interference in fair reporting and newsgathering as regrettable. Seven has responded fully and comprehensively to all requests for information. We have a history of that type of cooperation. We also have a history of providing and breaking new stories and reporting matters of public interest. And Seven remains committed to that.

    Tim Worner
    Chief Executive Officer

    Seven West Media Limited


    • Dear Tishy

      As a former newshound myself, I found it very interesting that the Seven Network chose not to run their full interview with Rachel Louise on Sunday night – to view it, you had to access their website. Strange indeed, as it must have cost them a motza to have had two journos working on the story for ages (to say nothing of the expense of recreating the apartment etc).

      As for Schapelle Corby. Well they must be in a real bind. The initial figure discussed (as they paid for her and hangers on to enter no less than an Oberoi owned resort $$$$ with strongmen for protection) was actually $3 million.

      At the time, I penned the following message on Facebook:

      “Dear Schapelle,

      Re the $3 million allegedly coming your way via the Seven Network.
      The police, courts and Federal Government will be all over it like a rash.
      Putting it in a bank account owned by your Mum, or your step-brother (who has form of his own) would be a dumb move.
      I’m happy to offer my bank account details to throw the authorities off the trail, as you and I have no common history whatsoever.
      Rest assured that your money will be safe with me, and I promise to reimburse the total in full when it is legal to do so.
      Beware of similar offers from Nigeria. You’ve gone through enough.”

      I’ve not received a reply, which makes me think her upbringing may have been without lessons about manners..


      • LOL GHS what a kind offer. Maybe she was absent on the day school covered Manners. Agree re the strange decision on the RL story, something more to that methinks. Perhaps as simple as it didn’t have two full hours in it t


  16. Woops pressed the wrong button
    …to risk losing the audience going into INXS? Although I would have thought more risk losing the audience with the second story which was not promoted all week. Everyone’s a Programmer I guess.


    • Ah Tishy – always one step ahead!

      “Woops pressed the wrong button” – statement from Seven Network’s CEO to shareholders any day now…..


  17. That reminds me of another funny yarn which highlights that like the TV Show ‘Chasers’ although without meaning to I once breached Priministeral Security …( circa 1989.)

    I had a call from a producer of the Ray Martin Show , could we fill a 4 minute spot on Tuesdays show being telecast from Melb .. ‘yeah , not a worry , I’ll fax the tune and the key to Geoff Harvey ‘ … so Tuesday arrives and off we head to Melb and find out we’re 1st up followed by Ray chatting with PM Bob Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating …

    With our spot done we headed to the Green Room …

    The Green Room is where all guests gather and have a drink and Ch 9 supply finger food etc ,…

    As we approached the door there was a couple of blokes standing by the door , with a polite excuse me we pushed past them and I opened the door and we wandered in as we’d done many times before .

    As I walked toward the bar to grab a couple of coldies I wondered why they had several desks and some with typewriters with a TV Screens , my cuz suggested they might be ‘those new computer thingo’s’ we’d heard about … oddly Rick, the barman must’ve had a sickie as he wasn’t in attendance either.

    No skin off our nose so we grabbed a seat and sat back watching Ray quiz the Pollies and enjoyed the cold VB’s but wondered why they’d forgotten the ‘watercress sandwiches’ and that lovely cake the Chef used to whip up …

    Ray finished his stint with the Labor men and next thing in walked Bob Hawke , he made a beeline for us a and introduced himself saying to my cuz ” Bluddy Top song Mate .. ” we chatted away for a bit , Paul Keating didn’t talk to us and you could cut the air between he n Hawkie , that was the day I knew Hawkie was not going to step aside as had been made public.

    After another couple of beers and no one else showing up we made our exit and dropped into Ray’s dressing room where 3 or 4 of the regulars were having a quiet one , singer Peter Cupples asked ‘You blokes Camels today ?” ” nah , I said , been around in the Green Room for a couple but no one else turned up ….. ” the room burst into laughter … when the giggling died down someone asked ” and you got a beer” … wondering what was going on I said ” Naturally ” ….

    Peter Cupples then told us …. ” I hope you bushies know You gatecrashed the office for the day of the PM of Australia !! ……….

    Again … true story.


  18. Does anyone else think that this isn’t Schapelle Corby, under the hat and netting?

    Interesting interview with Schapelle’s sister, Mercedes Corby, “Hitting out” saying that recent reports for the “sums being reported are ridiculous”.

    An interesting comment from Mercedes, “When Schapelle is ready to speak, the parole officers will be informed”. It sounds like the Corby’s are running the show, rather that the Indonesian authorities.

    Mercedes went on to say, “Despite his comments Queensland Premier Campbell Newman was so interested in this story that his government gave $567,000.00 for the production of a film, for the Nine Network, called ‘Schapelle’. This film was biased and inaccurate, it was based on a book, where the major source, was a convicted criminal”.




    • Dearest Tishy,

      If you copy and paste the photo on the photo itself, and place it after what you write, I shall press “img” on my end, and it will turn into a beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful picture ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Tishy – we are in a battle for information about uploading.

      I, too, have asked for her help (but I dare not call her “Moonie” as for people of a certain age the term is associated with a religious cult!!)

      I bet London to a brick that we are both attempting to put up the same image in response to her question about whether it was actually Schapelle under the netting.

      Hope it gets there either way, because I’ll bet the photo brings a smile to all reading.


      • Oh dear, GHS, I am so sorry, I missed the request!!!

        If you wouldn’t mind copying and pasting the image below what you write, I shall “image it” lol


      • Hahahahahahahahaha
        What Certain Age would that be exactly, O Gerbilious One? Not one involving Evening Primrose oil, clover supplements and fans?


        • My age group, is ummmmm showing a particular part of the anatomy, lol

          I still remember being in the car, 13 years old, with my parents, and these boys doing that, lol.

          LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

          Fans? Did anyone mention fans? I LOVE my fan!


        • Tishy – I am well past the antidotes to which you refer!

          Perhaps that’s why I have become a cranky old crone (Robbo will confirm)..


          • Ahahaha oh god….what happens then if one already started out cranky????? There is no hope for me in that case. I might as well stop trying to find miraculous ‘cures’ and just sit in the fridge ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


            • Are you in Brisbane, Tishy? Hot day, ridiculous humidity.
              If so, you may understand what happened to me today.
              I took an elderly lady to visit someone in a nursing home, and to offer them a private conversation, went to the lounge area until their conversation was complete.
              Unfortunately, my client forgot the arrangement about meeting in the lounge area, and I fell asleep in front of the TV.
              We eventually found each other some time later in a completely different ward on another level of the complex.
              I blame staying up to watch Sochi. But I think the nursing staff thought I was some demented woman who just came in off the street to sit in air conditioning.
              The perils of ageing…


              • LOL no not this week thank god (travel a lot for work), I am in Melbourne today and will go home to Adelaide tomorrow, probably why I got sick. But yes I totally empathise…father in law is in a nursing home where I recently dozed off on his bed while he took the chance to escape yet again; the lovely lady delivering his evening meal thought he must have snuffed it and I was the New Inmate and left me an extra serve because I ‘looked like I might need it’ hahaha I wish


                • Tishy….you are TOO funny, but we all love it!

                  Are you saying that you are actually an Adelaide girl?

                  Me too.

                  What a cross we bear when it comes to the nastiest criminal activities based on a State’s reputation…..


                  • I figured you might be one of the Adelaide Mafia, GHS lol. Can tell by your accent! Yes the jokes about the state of serial killers wear thin occasionally but if it means nobody moves or visits there then that has to be a Good Thing, we don’t want to share it anyway ๐Ÿ˜›


                    • Yeah I’m aware of my accent, Tishy, ‘cos the Queenslanders constantly remind me even after 26 years here. I’m mostly considered to be either South African or a New Zealander – both observations seem strange..
                      I was in Adelaide quite recently and gobsmacked by what sort of house you could get for a fraction of Brisbane’s similar properties.
                      Which suburb are you in?


                    • Funny you should say that, I’m originally from NZ and no-one in Adelaide had ever commented on any accent; but a couple of days in Melbourne and Sydney brought more ‘are you a kiwi’ than in 20 years.
                      In Adelaide, my place is in the city itself. I am able to embarrass my offspring by riding down to the Central Market on my deadly treadly lol.
                      The kind person who warned you about Candy Crush was spot on, I use it as a self-discipline tool and only allow myself to play it in airports for that very reason ๐Ÿฌ


                    • That address of yours is downright spooky! I lived in East Terrace, then McLaren Street both in the city square mile.
                      Boy do I miss the Adelaide Central Markets!


                • Not stalking you Tishy, but have to ask:

                  You claim to “travel a lot for work.”

                  Are you one of those glamorous women on planes who offer increasingly meagre meals to people dutifully leaving their seat belts fastened?


                  • LOL no GHS, very far from it, although I do have a passing acquaintance with a hair donut or two lol. A Normal Week consists of Mo-We in Melb, Th/Fr Syd and home on weekends, with the odd Bris/Maroochy or Perth every month or so. So rather of lot of Candy Crush in airport lounges waiting for delayed flights. And I’m only up to level 57….


                    • Another reply Tishy
                      I have been warned – very, very firmly it must be said – to never, ever, ever go any where near Candy Crush.
                      Apparently, to do so would consume me – the dogs and cat would die through my neglect, the mortgage would be forgotten, the water and electricity would be cut off, and one day I would finally be found wizened and dead with a mouse in my hand. (not a real mouse)


    • Stretching the memory Tishy – but I think it was No. 20.
      I do remember we paid $19,000 for it in 1975 (yes, nineteen thousand)
      Did you own or were you renting?
      Was there still a damn posh car parked on the street pretty much outside your place?


      • Lol don’t remember a Posh Car, certainly wasn’t mine!
        I was a Poor Single Parent and rented it from a friend who owned it – still does – as investment property. The deal was I paid peppercorn rent but occupied myself renovating it to almost-habitable from almost-condemned. My first reno!!
        I reckon he paid around $70k each and bought 51and 53 and the old workshop around the corner on Cardwell St which backed onto them. How funny, Adelaide is indeed a small place!


  19. My apologies to all of you dear people, having had to put up with my conversation with Tishy.
    I just can’t express my amazement that we once lived a few doors from each other in a really tiny one-way street in a city I haven’t called home for nearly 30 years.
    For those with long memories, I promise not to mention Sheridan sheets on sale. (Only the rusted-on will remember that dialogue….). It was excruciating.


  20. T G I F


  21. 22 February 2014
    Statement from Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media
    Comments today by the AFP confirm what we’ve known all along. We actually have not done anything wrong.
    The acknowledgement and apology are welcomed. And we await the results of the AFP’s internal investigation into their handling of this matter.
    We have been subjected to raids which were a waste of public money and a charade. We have been publicly tarnished.
    And it now appears the AFP confirms none of this was necessary.
    Today, the AFP confirmed and stressed several times the level of co-operation it had received from Seven West Media.
    Somehow, this co-operation was reciprocated with a raid on us by officers with exposed guns. We take our role as a media company seriously. We will pursue news.
    We can confirm that reports of $2 million or $3 million offers for an interview with Schapelle Corby are complete and utter baloney. It is a falsehood. There is no deal now and there has never been any such deal.


    • Dear Tim Worner,

      Thank you so much for clearing that up.

      None of us really thought that Channel 7 would resort (sorry, wrong choice of word) to such a scandalous and opportunistic attempt to pay a red cent to poor little Schapelle.

      How dare we doubt your intentions like that?

      “Complete and utter baloney. A falsehood” You clearly feel very wounded that a certain element of society (I’m thinking the Balinese Parole Board, the Australian Federal Police etc etc) had the nerve to question your Network, which I’m sure has never parted with a single dollar for a controversial interview in exchange for high ratings.

      The hide of them, and all the ‘doubting Thomases’ here in Australia should hang their heads in shame.

      But Tim, I think you’ll find that a number of people’s ‘antennae’ rose sky high when your Network coincidentally arranged for a veritable cavalcade of vehicles (Mercedes Benz, no less – was that her sister’s idea to use namesake cars?), to whisk an unsuspecting Schapelle away to the sanctuary of an Oberoi Hotel in Seminyak.

      Timmy, I’ve worn many hats over the years, one of them in lowly employ with The Oberoi conglomeration, although I was occasionally asked to write their promotional material. So I know their accommodation doesn’t come cheap.

      Your largesse in kindly offering Schapelle and numerous security guards a place to lay their heads just shows what a kind and sensitive man you truly must be.

      Timbo, it must have shocked you to the core to discover the amazing coincidence that dear old Mike Willesee just happened to be staying in the same place.

      Then to find that cameramen and sound recordists from your own Network were holidaying at the same resort would have been amazing. I bet you went out and bought a lottery ticket!

      Anyway, Timbear, we all really appreciate you coming clean with us.

      It seems you will be able to sleep well tonight, while We of Guilty Consciences should toss and turn.

      You are a dead set legend, Timette!


  22. Did you hear the one about the honest journalist ??

    No one ever has !!

    Yawn … Yawn … fancy a newshound sooking and I quote ” we have been publicly tarnished ”
    Sir , your reputation was tarnished long before you first pulled your trousers on without Mummy’s assistance .
    Any story from Schapelle Corgi will be one of three , either hers , the courts or the truth …
    Hers we have had , the court version has been played out and there’s no chance of a truthful version, so are the public interested … I don’t think so …

    However don’t despair a good journo should be able to make up a decent yarn from his valueable and trusted source close to the bus driver whose got a quick glimpse of a boogie board with a note written in Albanian explaining that now it’s believed it was Sgt Tom Croydon from Mt Thomas was the culprit who used blue tack to attach the said leafy material to this lil boogie board … but there again the Dingo has gone bush and is laying low using Malcolm Naden’s highly rated GPS… has Schapelle blamed the Easter Bunny yet ??

    Oh , I think i’ll get back to my knitting ,… where did I put my two crowbars and roll of barbed wire ….. knit one … pearl one ….


    • Yay Mike – you may have seen a certain yearning expressed here for your input.

      I think our replies to Tim Worner crossed.

      Now we have another woman being held on drug charges in Bali – not sure if she identifies as Aussie or Kiwi.

      Anyway, as part of their investigation, the Bali police have discovered her room was booked by someone named:


      You couldn’t write a script like this – too implausible.


    • LOL Mike – insights, as they tend to be a bit longer than throwaway lines, seem to take a while to appear on the blackboard, don’t despair!!
      I could do with a nectar from said still too, please!


  23. Hmm , twice I’ve tried to give a ‘true’ insight into Schapelle and journalism and it does not appear on my blackboard …. my tongue was firmly planted to my cheek as I wore my one typing finger a tad more ….. ” Such is Life ” … I do rave too much as it is , so saved your eyes reading the mutterings of a cynical ol bloke … enjoy ya weekend … Cheers Mike ……. heading off to sample the nectar from my ‘Still’ ….. hic … hic


    • Hi Mike,

      Your posts are appearing.

      The “Honest Journalist” then one saying nothing was happening then “Drinkies”. Gee, I hope they are. Hahaahaha perhaps you are blind? hehehehehe

      Alright, bad joke, but I know your sense of humour. Please let me know and I’ll always help ๐Ÿ˜€



  24. Oh dear…I have missed the promised picture/image and any communication today..

    I think I need to write a letter of abject apology to Tim Worner in order to get back with my friends.


  25. LOL GHS the image was in my head and only received telepathically by Moonie, you have only missed the perverted imaginings of my hormonal brain in relation to Exposed Guns (that phrase just DOES) something for me, a bit disturbing really lol

    I found the ‘press release war’ of the last few days amusing.
    I’m afraid Mike’s Albanian Sgt Tom wth the dingo and the Easter bunny has taken today’s prize IMHO lol


  26. This ad was originally posted on Gumtree and was shared more than 500 times on Facebook before the site removed it.

    Joke craigslist ad for Schapelle’s boogie board is going crazy on social media.
    For sale : โ€œimmaculate piece of moulded foamโ€

    The yellow board is described as being โ€œin pristine conditionโ€, and is said to have been โ€œsafe in storage for nearly 10 years…
    It was purchased for an overseas trip, but I unfortunately never had the chance to take it out and ride some sick barrels.โ€

    The boardโ€™s custom-made carry case is described as โ€œultra functional-
    it has been reinforced with a canine-proof nylon weave, and contains numerous stash pockets for all of your โ€˜accessoriesโ€™.”

    The owner has listed it for sale as they are โ€œundertaking a new media career and no longer having the need for it.”

    The ad was originally posted on Gumtree and was shared more than 500 times on Facebook before the site removed it, and the new listing has been shared more than 300 times on Facebook and is also doing the round


  27. “I’ve often been asked, ‘What do you do now that you’re retired?’

    Well…I’m fortunate to have an interest in chemical engineering so i developed a hobby which i find rewarding, uplifting , satisfying and extremely fulfilling so i do it every day and I truly enjoy the effort and hope i am an inspiration to one and all as I convert beer, wine and my favourite spirits into urine.

    Retirement has it’s drawbacks but I try my best ! …… lol.


  28. When I retired and we moved here some five years ago the local ” Friendly Grocers” had just changed hands …

    Bogush n Lorna had invested their hard earned into it and he being Polish and her originating from the Phillipines they knew they do it tough in a small rural town so new ideas we needed to ‘rope em in ‘ so they called upon my grey matter for a few ideas .

    A bit of soul searching and it came to me … “build it and they will come ” was my motto …..

    I decided that sounds n aroma’s might do the trick .

    The rattling of my brain was heard clunking away in the shed as I laboriously put my ideas into place , bashing , welding , wiring things into place.

    I produced an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.

    When you pass by the milk fridge, you hear cows mooing and you experience the scent of freshly mown hay.

    In the meat section there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks with caramelised onions gently sizzling away.

    When you approach the farm fresh egg display, you hear hens cluck and cackle, and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.

    The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread , rolls and cakes.

    I don’t why but Toilet Paper is a slow seller ……… lol


  29. It is saddening that Lindsay Fox is preventing people from access to a public beach, it appears that he feels he is above all, by insisting that he should have all the beach to the tide mark. This precedent, may remove beach access from all of us, everywhere:

    The barricaded Fox/public land:

    Lindsay Fox

    Local real estate experts put the land value alone at upwards of $30 million.

    Remember Sunrise Beach at Noosa? We could drive over the hills, enjoying the beautiful view, take our dogs to the beach, all of that, now, the view is obscured, and of course, one can’t take their dog to the beach and camp there anymore. It is so sad that our Australian lifestyle is taken away from us. Kids on the beach, sand, dogs, laughing, playing, the views, the scents and sounds, it seems that it is just buildings. I can’t share my childhood with my children, the joy of the beaches is going.

    Source: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/lindsay-fox-recognises-no-boundaries-in-battle-of-the-beach-20140222-33929.html


  30. All our personal information, of course, is up for sale:

    Google engineering director says company will know you better than your spouse does

    RAY Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google, believes that the tech behemoth will soon know you even better than your spouse does.

    Kurzweil, who Bill Gates has reportedly called โ€œthe best person [he knows] at predicting the future of artificial intelligence,โ€ told the Observer in a recent interview that he is working with Google to create a computer system that will be able to intimately understand human beings.

    Read Kurzweilโ€™s full interview with the Observer here.

    โ€œI have a one-sentence spec which is to help bring natural language understanding to Google,โ€ the 66-year-old tech whiz told the news outlet of his job. โ€œMy project is ultimately to base search on really understanding what the language means.โ€

    โ€œWhen you write an article, youโ€™re not creating an interesting collection of words,โ€ he continued. โ€œYou have something to say and Google is devoted to intelligently organising and processing the worldโ€™s information. The message in your article is information, and the computers are not picking up on that. So we would want them to read everything on the web and every page of every book, then be able to engage in intelligent dialogue with the user to be able to answer their questions.โ€

    Ray Kurzweil speaks on stage on Expanding Our Intelligence Without Limit during the 2012

    Ray Kurzweil speaks on stage on Expanding Our Intelligence Without Limit during the 2012 SXSW Festival. Source: Getty Images

    In short, the Observer writes, Kurzweil believes that Google will soon โ€œknow the answer to your question before you have asked it. It will have read every email youโ€™ve ever written, every document, every idle thought youโ€™ve ever tapped into a search-engine box. It will know you better than your intimate partner does. Better, perhaps, than even yourself.โ€

    As creepy as this may sound to some, Kurzweil โ€” who has long contended that computers will outsmart us by 2029 โ€” believes that the improvement of artificial intelligence is merely the next step in our evolution.

    โ€œ[Artificial intelligence] is not an intelligent invasion from Mars,โ€ he told the Montecito Journal in 2012, per a post on his website. โ€œThese are brain extenders that we have created to expand our own mental reach. They are part of our civilisation. They are part of who we are. So over the next few decades our human-machine civilisation will become increasingly dominated by its non-biological component.โ€


  31. And with a hint of desperation, listening mournfully to David Bowie:

    “Ground control to Major Moonlight (I’ve taken my protein pills and put my helmet on)????”


    • Hello GHS, there is someone out here…! How are things going with you? Not much going on with the GBC case, not for another 3 months or so. I’ve been watching the Pistorius case in South Africa with interest though. I had to laugh at the defence (and let’s face it, who would want to be in his shoes?) saying that OP screams ‘like a woman’ when witnesses testified about the chilling screams they heard before the gunshots. I think he’s a gonna…

      I do find it fascinating when they allow cameras into court, seeing the accused’s reactions etc. It has it’s pluses and minuses of course, but perhaps in Australia we protect those on trial too much?


      • Oh SFA – you are a naughty one with your comment “who would want to be in his shoes”.
        It’s certainly a fascinating case, and the fact that it unfolds before our very eyes is different.
        I also note that it is a judge only trial, and if memory serves me, Her Honour actually had a background in social work and domestic violence before undertaking her legal studies. If I were on the defence team, that alone would have me quaking in my boots (oh sorry for the faux pas)


        • Yes, defending OP would be pretty difficult… I’m not sure that they have trials by jury in South Africa, I think it’s judge only (although she has an assistant apparently.) I’m wondering whether GBC will choose a judge only trial here in Brisbane? I’m thinking he won’t, rather planning to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors – or at least one of them. Good luck to him with that.


          • I remember this very point being discussed a few months back, after Max Sica’s trial and sentencing. But not sure whether the option of a jury or judge only trial has yet been determined.

            Can anyone here shed some light?


        • Well I was thinking more along the lines of something that relates to the ‘PIStorius’ part. What an extremely unfortunate name! And yes, his defence is pretty weak.


          • Agreed SFA re OP! No one in his right mind (and living in a secure gated village) will assume there is a violent criminal rather than his partner in his toilet in the middle of the night without any threat or sign of forced entry – makes no sense!! And then without checking where his partner is, he proceeds to shoot multiple times at the person in the locked toilet, making very sure she never lives to tell the tale of what happened in that flat on that night.IMO they had a relationship ending type argument and/or she found something out he did not want known, and as seems to be the case with these crazy men who think they hold the power to their partners’ life or death in their hands, he decided to kill her. It is so awful, especially for her family. She seemed to have been a very nice girl too…like Allison…

            What is wrong with these guys that hey think they can end a partner’s life??? Just on TV tonight, the guy in Sydney Paul Mulvihill who killed his mistress. It makes me so angry! What do these men have in common? Is it an ego the size of a house, or what??? What on earth makes them think they have this right?? Grrrrrr!!!


          • Not sure why but a post and an attempt at a repost have gone missing tonight….I hope both don’t show up later….if so please forgive the duplication.


      • Not as such , although I do play the fool quite well and it has been rumoured that I fiddle with the organ with great gusto …

        A muso yarn … and as the Teli Movies say ..
        Based on a True Story !

        One of my 15 minutes of fame was the night I filled in on the drums for the legendary Ted Harvey with the ‘Rockabilly Rebels’ as Ted wanted to enter the Limbo competition , the limbo is a repetitive beat and an easy one for a bloke who did a little drumming as a school boy ( I was also an Altar Boy , but that’s another story)

        I truly thought I was king of the kids and could now add to my resume that i’d played with the Rockabilly Rebels … never mentioning that the limbo was the extent of my drumming abilities.

        It all went well and it was nothing to do with my performance that the band split shortly after.

        Victor O’Neil went on to form the ‘Straight 8’s who still perform to this day … I hadn’t seen Vic in years when I called a number one day regarding renting a factory and unbeknowns to me the person on the other end answered ” Vic O’Neil ” … thinking quickly I asked “is that the famous guitarist and legend Vic O’Neil ?” … errrrrrr , well , yeah I do play , who’s that ?? … ” you’ve got a famous drummer from the old days ….. it’s Mike … the following week I caught up with him after about 10 yrs and he became my landlord … we saw each other quite regularly for a beer and to hand over the rent , then one night he asked what was I doing on Friday night , “nothing on mate , why ? ” he then asked do ya wanna come in to the Savoy Hotel in the city we’re doing a gig … no worries , i’ll be there …

        So come Fri I readied myself and headed into town looking forward to seeing the boys perform.

        When I arrived I sat down with the band and was introduced to the members that i’d not met before .. after a while Vic said “we’ve set up ya drums , but you might like to check they’re where you want them ” ……. scratching the grey matter i said ‘ you’re kidding , i cant play the drums ” … of course you can i remember you did once yrs ago … ‘ yeah , but only the Limbo ‘ … so here we were a band due to kick off in 10 mins and no drummer and a replacement that couldn’t play … a plan was hatched …

        We borrowed several bar towels and found a roll of gaffer tape , the towels were fixed to the drums and tape to the cymbals so you could hit and barely a sound was audible , using backing tapes as well as live guitars the band sounded great with yours truly sitting up like Jacky hammering away with not an even beat at any time and if anyone knew they didn’t say a word … to this day i haven’t been asked again to play and i cant fathom why as i have many pics of me playing live with the Straight 8’s …. lol

        One day i must tell the story of the night i sang with Stan Rolfe (a ’60’s Disc Jockey on 3UZ in Melb) Betty McQuade ( Betty had a hit with Midnight Bus in the 60’s) and the All Stars …. that changed many lives and gave new meaning to don’t give up ya day job !!

        During the early hours of this morning i broke a tooth off and am sitting here in agony with a nerve exposed only to find out today is a public holiday and the closest Dental service open today is 150kms away and opens at 10am, the other good news is there is no free govt dental , evidently the powers that be ceased this in Nov last year , makes one wonder what a pensioner with no car would do today as we don’t have public transport here.
        I do have some serious painkillers here and if i take them i wont have pain but nor could i drive.

        So , i’ll sit here n sook til 10 …. and as far as cleaning my fangs today …

        There’ll be none of that !!


        • You never let us down, Mike – hope you’re writing a book about all your misadventures!

          Sorry to hear about the tooth, envious about your public holiday – what are you celebrating down south?

          Seems to me that some stiff anaesthesia may be required this evening – by the glassful!


          • Hi Gerbs … labour day here , however being retired I did bugger all … oh , I have had a good ol whinge about the Molar Challenge , shortly i’ll begin the drowning thereof .. lol.
            A book ? yeah it’s been on the burner for a while , got it’s title , so that’s a start ..

            ‘ People I’ve Met in my Many Lives’

            It will begin with the bloke I admire most and who set me on my way in life … followed by the person I detest most in my days , oddly they were married and were my maternal grand parents. My father had ‘ shot thru’ and my Mum had my elder brother and I , we lived on my Pa’s Farm.

            My Pa , Jim Harrington was the definitive Aussie , a big man , a farmer and an alcoholic but I loved him … sadly the grog took him at 54 but he could not leave this earth without one of his funny days … the day of his funeral it poured that sad Sept day in ’61 , I was only 8 but recall it clearly , I was charged with telling his dog of his passing so Ol Mick n I sat and had a chat as the rellies arrived from all over the place.
            Being a time where probate had to be paid , sheep, cattle, machinery etc was moved to a neighbours property therefore the days leading up to his send off were hectic.

            As the time approached we headed to St Brigids for the Mass … the church was packed as Wally the publican blessed himself however instead of the normal ” bless the father , son and Holy Ghost ‘ he nodded to Hec Baxter and said ‘ We’ll have a coldie for Jim Later’ ending with his hands devoutly clasped together in prayer.

            As the service came to a conclusion and the storms eased so the pall bearers breathed a collective sigh of relief as they picked up Big Jim and headed toward the Old Humber Hearse belonging to a distant relative , she was an oldie but bright n shiny …

            It was Dave Morgan that fell first with Trapper Durham collecting his heels and arse over he went with Ted Jones and Alec Watson following the coffin down on top of them , laughter was held momentarily but when a mud spattered Trapper let fly as his Funeral suit was tarnished , Fr Gallagher called for calm and Pa was relifted and into the Hearse … everyone had a bit of a chinwag and it was time to turn on the headlights and journey toward his final resting place except that funeral director Frankie Woodhouse had left the Humber’s lights ablaze .. battery was dead …. a dozen pairs of arms got behind the Ol Girl and a push start was on the go , the Humber decided it wasn’t ready to fire , the hearse pushers all with leather soles on their hob nail boots were no match for wet grass and capeweed as one by one they slipped and fell , eventually as they pushed by the ol schoolhouse where Pa spent very little time the Humber finally fired into life and we took him to his grave then returned to the Pub where his corner seat is still marked today over 50 years on ….

            My Nanna was known as Hettie and why my Pa married her is to me a mystery , I must have liked her a some stage but I don’t remember it , she ran around like a headless chook with a ‘Turf’ cork tipped fag hanging from her lips but never did the draw back always whinging and whining , no wonder Pa took solace in the Cricket Club Hotel and it’s numbing effect , they had only one child , I figured out the reason early in life .My Mum was thrown to the wolves on his passing taking up the reins and running a 640 acre wheat , sheep and cattle property , she worked long and hard and naturally Nanna sooked and paid her not a brass razoo , we were dirt poor but Nanna had a quid and took up international cruising while Mum brought home the bacon , times were good when she was away … one day I was about 11 and forget what I did wrong but she grabbed her whip , a braided leather thing about 4 foot long with a knob on one end and a cat o nine tails on the other , so I bolted , the house paddock was 12 acres and I bounded around every inch of it , taking the pace a step up each time she gained , round and round we went even Flash the pony joined in at one stage with the whip flailing in the breeze and me loving every second of it …. finally the ol girl ran outta puff and pulled out yelling at me that I was a bastard , l giggled with glee as she looked toward the heavens squealing “forgive me father but the little bastard made me swear” … I did pay later though , 10 ton of firewood and an axe were mine to split.
            She was a good cook and made a beaut Apple Pie that she cooked on a tray and it remained on that in a vermin proof cupboard , she’d count the pieces and we’d be allowed one slice as long as we finished our meal , I had trouble eating her beans so as her eyes wandered elsewhere in the pocket they went , but getting an extra slice of the pie was a no no … finally I found a way and to her dying day she never knew , i’d slice it narrowly from top to bottom and take an edge off each slice , she’d count and the numbers tallied up nicely.

            to be continued … lol


            • Time to bore ya all once again …. more yarns for ” The Book ”

              TOMO … aka Gregory Robert Thomson ..

              Born n bred in the bush I met Tomo back in ’88 when I returned to live in the country after doing 18 yrs hard labour in the big smoke.

              I bought the property where Tomo had grown up , it had been owned by his Grandfather , his Dad passed away there aged 27 leaving his Mum to raise 4 boys n 1 girl… his Grandad owned the Slaughterhouse and butchers shop hence the road was Slaughterhouse Rd , which later after a 3 yr battle with council , road names board etc I finally got it changed to Thomsons Rd … (that’s another story)

              Tomo works n plays hard and loves his beer and loves a practical joke , he’s a slaughterman , a roustabout , wood cutter , hay carter , machinery operator, a jack of all trades and a bloody good friend.

              We continually are out to catch each other however here’s a couple of tales where he ‘got’ others …

              Back in ’89 I lost my infant son Jim and as a year earlier Tomo had lost his lad Robert to cot death he knew my pain and was my pillar …

              I was organising my boy’s funeral when Tomo insisted on being the one to dig his grave (that’s what mates do he told me) he called on Barney to give him a hand …

              Barney is an odd bloke but as Tomo said ” any bugger can use the farmers friends , that’s a crowbar and a shovel ….

              It was Dec and light til late with daylight saving so after a days work ‘on the wood’ he convinced Barney to give him a hand and promised he’d supply the Long Necks to keep their thirst at bay.

              Barney wasn’t over keen as he has a distinct dislike of cemeteries so as they walked through the gates Tomo drawled ” shut the bloody gate Barn , we don’t want any of the buggers getting out ” .. ” aww shut up Tomo ” Barney replied with the hair on his neck raised a bead or two of sweat forming ..

              The plan was to take it in turns to dig a bit then rest up with a coldie , dig a bit, drink a bit and so they did with Tomo offering advice on any unusual sounds and explaining to Barney what the residents got up to after dark …

              Barney was a little agitated to say the least which played right into Tomo’s hand , a place one doesn’t want to be .

              At about 4′ down Tomo hauled himself up n out telling Barney it was a dangerous depth they were at if they’d dug in the wrong spot…. “careful as ya go Barn or ya might hit some poor ol bastard” … it was at this point Tomo noted Barney’s colour was a distinct pale and his voice was quivering just a tad.

              Barney was flinging soil n clay up and Tomo sat feet dangling over the hole and chugging on a VB … Tomo found converting the amber liquid to urine had but one drawback so wandered behind a big old Cyprus tree to relieve himself , while whistling along to a tune on the radio in the ute and making room for another ‘ nectar of the gods’ he noticed the carcass of a ewe that’d obviously passed on some time earlier and was now just a pile of bones …

              “Out ya get Barn , I’ll dig a bit more ” Tomo yelled …

              Unbeknown to Barney Tomo had hatched a plan , just for a gag … Barney never noticed something up Tomo’s shirt as he dropped back into the grave …..

              Barney , obviously pleased to get out sat back taking a swig and mopping the sweat from his brow … after a few minutes Tomo yelled for the tape measure .. ” only a bit over a foot to go Barn said Tomo dragging himself out for a breather .

              They sat a few minutes spinning a few yarns and deciding as soon as they’d got the job done they’d call around to my shed and see how I was getting on ( in reality that meant , we’ll go n drink Mike’s beer)

              “Righto Barn , you jump in and then i’ll take over and finish ”

              Barney later told me he wasn’t happy being down the hole and well below the ground and with Tomo quipping “don’t get off course and disturb any of the neighbours , will ya ”

              It was about then that Tomo heard a blood curdlng scream and Barney shot out from the dig as if powered by an F1-11 and in one leap hit the ground running , he cleared the fence like an olympic hurdler and never slowed in pace until he reached the Pub a half a mile away where he double breasted the doors and requested ” a double Whisky Leon , and snappy ” , Leon had run the pub for 48 yrs and had seen a lot in his time , ” whats up Barn ” he asked the decidedly ashen faced and visibly shaken Barney .. but Barney with sweat pouring off him was in no way about to reveal what had occurred …

              Back at the cemetery Tomo had finished laughing and had jumped back in to finish off the last couple of inches of dirt and to remove the sheep bones he’d planted and Barney had dug up …….

              Barney has never offered a hand grave digging since that day , infact I don’t think he’s attended a funeral since !


                                                    BOMBERS TOOTHACHE

              The phone rang on wet July day in the mid ’90’s , “how ya goin ?” … “yeah , good Tomo , whats goin on ?” “too wet to shear , you got much on?” he asked , “yep , got a car to take to Melbourne ” … ” I’ll load my esky , pick us up , I’ll come for a ride ”
              This was not uncommon and much better than pointing the Tow Truck for hours on one’s own …

              We did a few jobs and got back home around 5pm , so i dropped the truck off and prepared to drop Tomo off home when we decided a cleansing ale was a good idea and as we had to pass the Pub we thought , bugger it and pulled in…

              Sitting on a chair and looking a bit worse for wear was Bomber Montgomery …

              Bomber is from good local stock , his Dad passed on in his 100th year and had fathered his last lad at 83 after meeting a Filipino Mail Order Bride at the Post Office , at least that was his version of their meeting.

              We nodded a G’day to Bomber and i asked him ” what’s up your nose Bomber ? ” ” i’ve got a bloody tooth ache ” he moaned …. so we gathered our beers and drew up a chair and as we did Tomo’s missus , Annette walked in … ” thought i’d find you two here ” she said and asked Bomber ” whats with the long face ?” tooth ache ” was all Bomber could manage … ” thats no good , best you get it yanked” …

              Bomber looked towards the heavens saying ” bastards would be closed ” as he gulped another whisky down … ” ya want me to rip the bugger out ” Tomo offered ” could ya Bomber asked , so it was decided , Tomo would play dentist and i offered to be his nurse .

              No time to get dressed in our whites and without heels n fishnets I got the rusty ol pliers out of the ute and we prepared our instruments of tooth removal , the pliers , a dash of sterilising whisky and Annette kindly offered some wadding to stem the blood flow.

              There was only a hint of grease and a few rusty spots on the pliers as I grabbed Bomber in a half nelson and Tomo stepped up to the plate with a grin from ear to ear and looking like a 7 yr old let loose in a Lollie Shop.

              Tomo prised his lips apart in search of the offending molar and shoved the pliers in ……. NOOOOOOO was the cry thats the wrong one , but it was too late and out came a healthy tooth and plenty of blood … ‘ grab some dunny paper ” Tomo said ” save the wadding , we’ll use it when i get the rotten bugger out ” .. Gunna Anderson obliged and i mopped out the gaping hole that had held the perfectly good chewer in place .

              Bomber was sooking and moaning as i hit the nerve several times getting him ready for attempt two and pain relief .

              Omce again Tomo downed his pot and moved in ready to extract the fang as Bomber with tears rolling down his cheeks braced himself … one swift yank and the tooth gave way and out spurted more blood , I pushed in the wadding and told Bomber to shut up and bite on it , he mumbled something and i grabbed my beer and Tomo n I gave each other high fives … a job well done we said and free , ” saved ya a fortune ” Tomo grinned at Bomber who i might add was looking no better as we could see his cheek swelling up .

              After a few minutes he could hardly speak and the swelling was enlarging by the second … he muttered a barely audible sound we thought was maybe questioning what was the wadding … Annette moved close and whispered something in his ear , as she stepped back Bomber made a dash for the door dry retching as he went and clearly screaming ” you bastards !! ”

              Bomber was out side doubled over expelling his stomach contents while also trying to wave back at Chooka Howell as he passed by the Pub and blasting the horn on his B Double …

              “What the hell did you say to Bomber” I asked the now giggling Annette

              I told him that it was a Tampon , then added ” but only used once ! ”

              For some unknown reason our dental skills have never been called upon since !


              ( Many people ask why his nickname is spelt Tomo , it’s cos thats how he spells it , being the eldest of 5 kids his schooling was limited , he can read but cannot spell , come birthdays n Xmas’s i fill in his words .. oh , and yes i have been known to write the wrong names , it’s only fair i reckon)


    • Ah Tishy – tears tumbling after listening to that..
      Had I been in my home town this morning, I would have hit the market and bought pepperoni and smoked mackerel like only Adelaide can deliver.
      Some freshly roasted and still warm cashews (if Ditters still exists) and sat down for a breakfast of cha kway teow if the Asian Gourmet cafe remains.


      • Laksa for me, at the Asian Gourmet Cafe but you will need to trek over to Gawler Place for your Ditters warm cashews lol. The Smelly Cheese shop and Barossa Gourmet for a Kalleske’s mettwurst….mmmmmm….


        • Tishy – I would like to throttle you for bad timing.

          You have mentioned most of my favourite foods in your reply.

          I’ve been trying not to think about food of any description because I’m currently NIL BY MOUTH due to impending surgery.

          Should I come out the other end, I’ll see you a laksa, and raise you a lunch at The Rising Sun.



          • You’re on, GHS; fasting for lent is overrated. Good luck for the surgery!
            Please let us know you’re still in one or more pieces? Xx


              • Thanks for good wishes! I got home in time to see 10 News Brisbane tonight, covering the ever increasingly sordid history of one Brett Peter Cowan.

                While I admit that discharging myself from hospital was ever so slightly duplicitous, I do believe that the TV report included footage of Mr Evil appearing on an ancient ABC/SBS show hosted by Andrew(?) Someone.

                I used to love this show – I may have all the names wrong, but I seem to recall it was called Vox Populi or similar, where Andrew just hit the streets and got interviews with normal people going about their business.

                Please bear in mind that my anaesthesia may still be in play, and I might have hallucinated the whole thing, but I think I saw part of a street interview with a damn good looking young rooster who admitted to having been in jail after going off the straight and narrow, now having found God and leading a pure life, and referring to himself in the third person as “Brett.”

                Can anyone (a) confirm its airing on TV (b) find the footage (c) share the full footage of the street interview?


                • Must have been a very light anaesthetic GHS. ‘Cos your mind is pretty switched on!
                  I too, saw the young rooster and he looked like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.
                  That (cherub face) led me to ask the question: What exactly does the face of evil look like?


                  • Anaesthesia has worked wonders on my memory overnight!

                    The show was called Front Up, the interviewer was Andrew Urban.

                    Either SBS or ABC.

                    Does anyone have the know how to find it and post here – even the clip from Ten News last night?


            • Best of luck with the surgery GBH …. remember to tape your mouth as I’ve heard people do talk a lot while under , you never know what secrets you’ll reveal .. lol

              it must be the ‘ Chop Chop season’ as next Thursday I’ve been summonsed to attend the hospital where my surgeon (Mr Burke ) and anaesthetist (Mr Wills) are coming our of retirement to do a bit of exploring on the look out for a brain , I do hope my health insurer covers the ‘search fee’ …

              Speaking of Anaesthetists , I found it funny that there was one working at the Ballarat Base Hospital a few years ago by the name of Dr Giddye … which reminds me that when I was a kid the local priest had a housekeeper , her name was Miss Sinn … (fair dinkum)

              And if I don’t reappear after Thursday you’ll know I forgot to tape up and admitted to being Jack the Ripper … lol


              • Thanks for good wishes! I got home in time to see 10 News Brisbane tonight, covering the ever increasingly sordid history of one Brett Peter Cowan.

                While I admit that discharging myself from hospital was ever so slightly duplicitous, I do believe that the TV report included footage of Mr Evil appearing on an ancient ABC/SBS show hosted by Andrew(?) Someone.

                I used to love this show – I may have all the names wrong, but I seem to recall it was called Vox Populi or similar, where Andrew just hit the streets and got interviews with normal people going about their business.

                Please bear in mind that my anaesthesia may still be in play, and I might have hallucinated the whole thing, but I think I saw part of a street interview with a damn good looking young rooster who admitted to having been in jail after going off the straight and narrow, now having found God and leading a pure life, and referring to himself in the third person as “Brett.”

                Can anyone (a) confirm its airing on TV (b) find the footage (c) share the full footage of the street interview?


              • G’day Mike

                Let us not forget the first Filipino priest to attain the highest of offices in the Catholic Church:

                Cardinal Sin.


              • Hello again Mike

                With regard to medicos’ names:

                I remember two from my Adelaide days (perhaps Tishy can confirm, although I suspect she is too young).

                On either Unley Road or Goodwood Road, there was an optometry practice with large signage:

                Dr I.C. Wright

                And at the venereal diseases clinic at the Royal Adelaide Hospital was Dr. Finger.

                But my favourite of all time was a girl who went to one of my sister schools:

                Helen Highwater


  32. How far do the tentacles of child molesters reach ??

    We have inquires & commissions going on into the Catholic Church , Parramatta n Hay Girls Homes etc …

    George Pell is to give evidence , now that’s a joke , he lost me when he arrived at court with convicted peddy Fr Gerald Risdale to support him during sentencing ..


    This was after Pell had moved Risdale from Parish to Parish as he molested his way through life time n time again … I hate no one but Pell is close and if i ever got the chance i’d belt his religious arse from here to Kingdom Come.

    Risdale was due to go before the Parole Board however another set of charges has been laid and hopefully he’ll die under lock n key.

    And i read where the wife of a former officer at the Parramatta Girls home stated that there’s two sides to the allegation as to why her husband raped a 13 yr old … i cant wait for that one .

    Getting back to my original question here’s my story ….

    I was educated at the Salesian College “Rupertswood” in Sunbury in Vic , i was a boarder there …. this facility has come under fire for the high number of Brothers and Priests convicted of peadophilla , some taught me .(fortunately they didn’t teach me their extra curricular subjects)

    My Mum who passed away in 2007 and i had a fantastic relationship , yes i was lucky to have the best Mum there ever was and we could talk about any subject … many times overs her last few years she broached the subject of ” did any thing ever happen to you at College?” i’d answer her truthfully saying no it didn’t .

    A couple of years ago i was alerted to the fact that a priest who i’d admired greatly (Fr Jack Ayers) now an old man was being hidden in Samoa by the Salesians , there is no extradition between Oz n Samoa . Vic Police decided not to attempt to get him back because he was old and sick ….. again , what about his victims ??

    I decided to write to the head of the order in Oz Fr Frank Moloney , he’d taught me both when he was a Brother and later after he was ordained , infact my mother and grandmother attended his ordination.

    He quickly replied in an attempt to appease my fears of what was going on , i read his reply and realised he was feeding me crap when he stated that my parents would be proud of the way my life had panned out … i knew from those words he didn’t even remember me as I was one of only 3 students (one other being my brother) coming from a broken home a rare thing in the ’60’s and not easily forgotten.

    I began to worry , had i had something happened and regressed the memory , after all mum had quizzed me many times , i knew that was possible as i’d had a young friend suddenly in his ’30’s recall his uncle molesting him … my head was in turmoil for a period until i saw an article by a Sydney priest Fr Chris Reilly who’d also studied at my old school , so i contacted him and he very quickly assured me i was no victim as he said he’d gone through the same thought process .. i must add i found him a genuine nice guy and he helped sort my head out , he said blokes like he and i would never be targets as we’d speak out and the peddy’s know their mark.

    Time passed and one night i found a site ‘Broken Rites’ , an organisation that names , shames n lists these creeps and had a section on the Salesians which i read with interest , and then i saw it and the penny dropped … the 1st person to be given hush money by the Salesian Order was only named as Michael and born in Feb 1953 … yep , you got it , same name , same month , same year , my Mum had gone to her grave still wondering if it was me … and a sad footnote to this story was that the poor bloke was still undergoing operations to attempt to correct his rear end , that’s how badly he was raped all those years ago, i did hear last year he suicided , as have many others.

    The churches just don’t get it , they’ve ruined so many lives in the name of their god … i listened to a former Parramatta Girls home inmate talk the other day and the passion in her voice told me so much , she’d given evidence for over an hour and was asked if she needed a break she replied “I’ve waited over 50 yrs to have my say and you’ll hear me out , no i don’t want a break”

    Our local Parish priest is my cousin and back in ’61 i attended his ordination in Ballarat and 50 years on i attended a special mass for him to mark 50 yrs as a Priest, we get along great even though i no longer am a practicing catholic , during the service they had a dozen or so Bishops etc in their full regalia and i found myself looking at them and wondering how many kids each one had molested , it’s a sad blight on the good ones and their must be some .

    George Pell i believe is worse than most because he struts about telling us to repent or go to hell then hides molesters as do the Salesians , the Salvo’s , The Girls Homes etc etc. … me , i think i’d rather take my chances on Hell , it cant be worse than what happened to so many kids.

    Anyone who reads this and was molested please don’t be afraid to speak up there are many of us willing to listen and many who’ll help you.

    Most of the perpetraters from the Parramatta and Hay Institutions are now dead and those that are living deserve a slow and painful death , those from the church must be punished especially those in charge who move them from place to place to continue their horrid activities.

    .Yes , the tentacles of these sub human creatures stretch far and wide …


    • Mike, what a powerful message you have posted here.

      Several matters resonated with me.

      We must be of a similar vintage, because I recall that there was only one girl among hundreds at my school who had divorced parents.

      I have worked for the Catholic Church in various guises over the past 20 years (even though I was baptised Methodist, educated Presbyterian, married an Anglican, both kids christened in the Uniting Church, then educated at Jewish kindergarten and Lutheran high school. One son is now a Buddhist, the other an atheist) Crikey, God would find that dysfunctional!

      To my shame, it was part of my duties in one role to protect the good name of a well-known Catholic charity to refer any “old boys” alleging abuse at their previous institution (as Wards of the State) to the church’s own “Towards Healing” programme.

      In my naivety, I believed this was set up to provide acknowledgement of the sins inflicted by the Brothers,counselling and support, and ultimately compensation. In truth, and with greater wisdom, I now know it to have been a cynical exercise in identifying victims, blinding them with legalese, and when necessary offering a miniscule amount of ‘hush money’ to go away.

      In conversation the other day, I mistakenly referred to it as “Beyond Healing” – but then realised the truth of my slip of the tongue.

      I’m pleased to say that I now work for a completely different Order, Sisters not Brothers.

      The contrast could not be more stark.

      Indeed, one Nun recently expressed amazement that Cardinal Pell had been elevated to the position of third in charge at The Vatican, asking what on earth his qualifications were as an accountant, as that was the role the Pope had bestowed upon him.

      My immediate response was that the new Pope had obviously got to know Pell a little better over previous months, and felt it safer to place him in a back room poring over financial ledgers, rather than having any input into, or involvement with,his Papal determination to redefine the culture and relevancy of the Catholic Church,

      There endeth the sermon.


  33. Does anyone else have an eerie feeling about the content at the commencement of the Judge’s summing up in the Daniel Morcombe trial?

    I’m feeling decidedly uneasy.


    • Hi GBH , I missed that , but surely he cant get off …

      I watched his confession to the under cover cop which was unreal , he’d have to rank as the dumbest killer of all time , if you heard only the audio you’d swear it was an interview in a cop shop then as icing the fool drew maps. .
      I believe the defence says he made it up but when cornered he took cops from WA to the location where remains were found thousands of miles away , that’d be great guess work. It was sickening as he glossed over the killing saying with no remorse at all ” I tried pulling his pants down” .. that turned my stomach and I almost was physically sick … these sub human creatures don’t deserve to live.I find it hard to , actually I cant understand them , i’d think if one ever had even a thought of committing an act like that you’d have to haul yourself off to a Doc and get help , one cant possibly act in that manner and think its anything but highly abnormal.

      .Last week we had a friend stay a couple of nights , he’s a softly spoken , kind and gentle sort of bloke , an all round good member of the community , I didn’t know but one of his daughters some 25 yrs ago was raped, he told me he loaded his rifle and went to the offenders home and knocked on the door , he planned on a no questions asked conversation and and was simply going to shoot as the door opened , fortunately no one was home , the offender disappeared and to this day has never been found although his family still live locally.

      To me his actions were normal , I think if anyone did something of that nature to one of my kids i’d feel justified in ending their life and if I ever had thoughts along those lines one would have to contemplate suicide . But there again we’re fortunately normal and cant fathom the mind of these creatures.

      To add to the sicko list a Pommy High Court Judge and adviser to the Queen is backing a group that wants the age of consent lowered to four (yes 4) years of age , in my humble opinion he needs exterminating along with the bunch of cretins he supports.
      This was published by Larry Pickering on his facebook page, if I was on the ball I should’ve had links to these stories , but am a tad on the lazy side with this aching tooth , earliest appointment is Thursday morning .

      On a brighter note I read part one of the “Hinch Diaries” (a tale of his 50 days of incarceration for naming Bailey )yesterday and found it refreshing that Jill Meagher’s killer is doing it hard , locked down 23 hrs a day in solitary in a tiny cell with nothing but a bed , not even a window and that’s how he’ll live his days out and deservedly so. Bailey is the most hated inmate and others would bash him if they get the chance as his actions have made parole much harder for all .

      The ‘Hinch Diaries’ is in the Herald Sun , he received no payment for it however the Herald Sun donated ten grand to Liver research in a Melb Hospital.

      Maybe the ‘ Corby’s’ could do the same …. ( Yawn , yeah sure )

      now that’s one of my funniest lines ever

      Someone told me to watch Scharpelle’s body language to see when she’s telling Porky Pies , it’s rather noticeable too , it’s when her lips move !


      • Dear Mike,
        I’m just fearful that the good Judge has left the door wide open for the jury to either acquit or move their verdict to manslaughter.
        From a layman’s point of view, she is warning about several things.
        Most witnesses reported a BLUE car – not the one driven by the defendant.
        The blue car has pretty much been traced to another low-life with form in this area (both geographically and from the perspective of his personal history as a paedophile)
        The defendant made his so-called “confession” as a consequence of being in a police “sting” where he was encouraged to ramp up his criminality in order to be accepted as a bona fide crook in order to establish his credentials as being worthy of inclusion in a “big job.”
        The defendant knew where the body had been disposed of by virtue of receiving information while in jail from the driver of the blue car.
        The judge has also raised the possibility of a finding of manslaughter, most likely based upon the defendant’s words that he “panicked.”
        I want justice for Daniel and whatever kind of peace could possibly come the way of the crusading Morecombe parents as much as anyone possibly could.
        But I have a kernel of angst in my heart as the jury retires for the night with the judge’s words ringing in their ears and consciences.
        The true underbelly of the depraved has been exposed through this trial and its evidence.
        Whatever the result, Daniel Morcombe and his parents have delivered a huge legacy for children and young people over the ensuing years.


  34. Thankyou Mike for the link.
    I am unable to read it in entirety without a sense of revulsion and anger in the extreme. Thinking “Is this some kind of sick joke or what?”
    When I was young, naรฏve, and ignorant: I thought that no human being had the right to take the life of another. (Including a criminal who has murdered another human being.)
    Now, I repent deeply of my folly. My ignorance, my stupidity, and my short-sighted-ness. My general lack of knowledge of the “other side.”

    Time to look at the Death Penalty again methinks.
    Removal of the Death Sentence appears to have bred some type of smug indifference to the Law and to humanity. Also to notions of integrity, morality, ethics, God, or humanity on any level.


  35. Yes QCL, I think the law has gone soft on deviant and criminal behaviour. Hearing about the likes of Brett Cowan and Adrian Bailey ‘s past histories, the mere fact that they were not kept behind bars forever after committing such serious offences, but were again and again let out into the community to predate on yet another unsuspecting victim, makes my stomach turn. There should not have been any more victims like Jill Meagher or Daniel Morcombe! And there must be countless other examples.

    It is high time we get MUCH tougher on serious crimes such as rape and murder. If we choose to not have the death penalty, then we must fund keeping these monsters behind bars for LIFE – not a few years and let them out to repeat their deviant behaviours with ever more disregard for the law and ever more serious consequences for innocent people.

    I am fed up with the tolerance shown to people who lie shamelessly and show no regard for the lives of others!!

    And I’m totally fed-up with lawyers who make a living out of trying to get serious criminals get away with murder. Imagine Cowan’s lawyers applying for mistrials! What if by chance on some technicality they succeeded ? (and I’m sure this sort of thing happens). Now they may even appeal!!

    How are lawyers who try and use their knowledge of the law to get criminals to walk free and not face their dues for the crimes they have committed any better than the criminals themselves?? I am really having difficulty getting my head around this.

    I hope there is a big public outrage about murderers and rapists like Cowan being let back out into the community ….even repeatedly! I think this should be a big topic of debate before the next election – I want to know what changes to the law will be implemented to stop innocent people continually getting seriously harmed or killed by criminals who should not be free but behind bars for their entire natural lives.


  36. I just received this in an email – food for thought really:

    One day someone special will be gone,
    and on a clear cold morning,
    in the warmth of your bedroom,
    you might be struck with
    the pain of learning that sometimes
    there isn’t any more.

    No more hugs,
    No more lucky moments to celebrate together,
    No more phone calls just to chat,
    No more ‘just one minute.’
    Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away,
    never to return before we can say good-bye,

    So while we have it . .. it’s best we love it …
    And care for it and fix it when it’s broken
    And take good care of it ALWAYS.
    This is true for marriage ……. and friendships
    And children with bad report cards;
    And dogs with bad hips;
    And aging parents and grandparents.
    We keep them because they are worth it.

    Friends and family are important.
    Cherish them!


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