Improvements and Suggestions


Dear Everyone,

Please consider this blog as yours, a place for friendships and to see if we can help.

This is our spot, and being so new and shiny, it would be great to steer us where we’d all like to be.

This is a place for:

.  Suggestions on site improvement

.  Suggestions on a topic that is in your heart

.  Suggestions on what we need in this topic – LOL 😀

9 thoughts on “Improvements and Suggestions

  1. Moonie, first of all thank you for your hard work and initiative in providing us with this opportunity.
    Being a technological Luddite, first to admit I do find WordPress’ blog construction awkward. Is it possible, sensible or even a reasonable idea to combine all the Allison material and comments into the one topic? Or would that be too confusing? I was thinking it might make things easier to find but it could very well be that many years of peroxide leaching through my scalp into my brain has affected my thought processes lol 😬

    Done, done, done, thank YOU 😀


  2. Agreeing with you Trishy, one thread would be much easier to follow. A chat room for open topics is great but it’s a time waster having to check different threads on the one topic.


    • LOL Thinker, great minds etc. The KISS theory rocks.
      Moonie is it possible to have one thread only under Allison Baden Clay topic and simply number them in order as they get full? Copy/paste the contents of the original threads to new one, then close the others? No doubt it’s a LOT more complex than that so I apologise in advance for my simplistic approach lol


  3. Email from Mike:

    Ideas to Jazz up the Joint … well that depends on what you all want , personally I’ve always taken an interest in criminal matters and am always yearning to hear what perpetrators say and what their body language screams out to me … remember the fella in Vic who murdered his wife n daughter with a spear gun and threw their remains in a Tip … I saw his plea via the media for help in finding his wife n daughter and I swear I heard a cheer from the Homicide Squad , he simply came across ” It was me ! ”

    So maybe we could have our say on any criminal matters that take our interest or that may be local to us and we have more than speculatory information.

    Because of the nature of crime it can be draining and at times quite shocking I feel a place to just chat n mingle , get to know one another , tell a joke , have a cuppa and a bikkie (or a coldie and a pie) … a place where a discussion on whatever can take place , the girls might want to exchange a recipe and us blokes could discuss the art of darning socks or knit one , pearl one.

    I do wonder if it would be possible if we could if anyone needed or wanted too , send a PM via Moonlight to other members and if they chose to respond we could exchange email addies …. my reasoning on that one was of a couple of members we lost ” Scott n Mrs Scott” who had a missing daughter and it’s been on my mind for months as having a child out there but not knowing where must be so traumatic .. it’s really bothered me.

    In closing I have noted the members here are a fine bunch and last night to see Miss Marple throw her hat in the ring is a bonus after a lengthy absence …

    I guess we will have our disagreeances and varying differences of opinion but if we all play fairly by common decency rules we should get along fine.

    Thanks for reading my ramblings , have a nice day … Cheers Mike.


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