Bail Application Hearing Documents

To refresh our memories, here are many of the documents from the bail application hearing.

1st bail hearing charge sheet

000 Call by GBC

1st bail hearing charge sheet

Financial Advisor

Application for Forensic Procedure

GBC 1st Interview

2nd bail hearing Autopsy report

Candice Beavan Statement

Jocelyn Frost statement

Phillip Broom statement

Narelle Curtis and Andrew Jackson Statement

Monique Waymouth Hairdresser Statement

Kieron Ash Statement

Allison’s Phone Records

GBC Phone Records

Toni McHugh 1st statement

Toni McHugh 2nd statement

Toni McHugh 3rd statement

Toni McHugh 4th statement

3 thoughts on “Bail Application Hearing Documents

  1. Thank you SO much!

    It will be harrowing reading it all again, but will refresh our memories and further our resolve to stick to our common goal – justice for Allison.


    • Dear GHS and Tishy,

      A big thank you to someone behind the scenes for this Page, such a lot of work, and so very much appreciated by all of us.

      Thank you so much.


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