A Nice Chat from 15th March, 2014

A Nice Chat

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    • Thank you Moonlight.

      Downright chilling, isn’t it?

      I would have been totally taken in by his guile, and I’m a wizened and cynical old lady.

      Poor, innocent young Daniel never stood a chance.


      • Dear GHS,

        You are welcome, dear GHS.

        It is very chilling.

        There was something not right with Cowan for my radar as in his statements in the interview with Urban, he didn’t look emphatic; however, his looks at that time would make one feel that he was just a nervous type of person. You can’t tell who may be a murderer. You can’t tell who may be a paedophile. Who would have thought? If my son liked the man, with how Cowan’s appearance was at that time, I would have let him spend time. The entire situation is sickening.

        It is interesting how Cowan’s looks changed. It does go to show that one’s life is on one’s face. I gather he was worried for himself. Good, he should be. It is disappointing, though, that jail won’t be rough enough with regard to his sleeping quarters. The accommodation these days seems to be too nice for these sickos. I was reading that some of the Motorbike gangs in jail wouldn’t eat the toast that Cowan cooked, as a protest.


  1. Any way of still seeing the old chat page, Moonlight – cos the recent comments there pertain to what you have found and posted re young Daniel and the heinous Cowan.


  2. Yesterday was just another day ….

    We took our Hot Rod to a Car Show and Rock n Roll Festival , caught up with old friends , then have one of my boys and his lady here for the weekend , I sat here watching a bit of a transformation , my lad is 38 and his lady 39 , he’s spent years sowing his wild oats (whilst I prayed for a crop failure) and she’s spent her time forging a career and having spent some time working in London.

    There paths crossed (via the net) and they both were struck by Cupid’s arrow … now none of this is unusual or even worth repeating (that’s unless you’re on Facebook where some people tell all )

    I sat here thinking of the Morecombe Family , just every day stuff we don’t appreciate they will never have …

    This son of mine has been a good kid , he’s had his share of mishaps , tried illicit drugs , now doesn’t even smoke , raced motorbikes , broke his neck a couple of years back and spent months here recuperating then late last year was air lifted after another smash and got off with a broken leg .. he’s always worked hard and played hard …

    I took it all in with a bit of pride in that life can be really nice at times something the Morecombes can never do because a creature decided he wanted to do unspeakable things to a little boy who’s crime was to want to buy some goodies for his family at Xmas and to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    We look to blame and blame I do , Jill Meagher , Daniel Morecombe and Sarah McCafferkey plus many others would still be with us if the Parole Boards did their job … all had done the same crimes and been set loose to satisfy their horrid ways.

    This creature Cowan gets 20 yrs before being eligible to apply for parole but the Morecombe Family got life and Daniel is never coming back. I saw his father saying he had trouble sleeping as he could not help thinking of what happened to his sons remains.

    Yes , while I sit and glow that my lad has found love , the Morecombes will forever be denied this joy.

    I hope you all have a nice day and appreciate just how fortunate we all are and spare a moment for Daniel’s , Jill’s and Sarah’s plus the many other families these animals have ripped apart …
    Kind Regards to one and all … Mike.


    • Dear Mike

      What a gem you are. And proof that ‘age does not weary’ your insights, reminiscences, optimism, wisdom – and fury when applicable.

      The Queensland Attorney-General is appealing the leniency of Cowan’s non-parole period.

      His defence team are appealing the sentence.

      There is a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that the 20 years may well incorporate time already served behind bars….thus possibly reducing it even further.

      I am not an eye-for-an-eye type of person, but I didn’t flinch at all when the media reported that his fellow inmates will be waiting for him. Apparently there is ‘honour among thieves’ within the jailed populace, and let’s face it – some of them have nothing to lose.

      The fact that he literally ‘pranced’ around Arthur Gorrie while on remand, cocky and sneering, will do him no favours in The Big House – word travels fast in closed quarters.


    • G’day Mike, Being a Country Lady and all; I would love to know how the “failed crop” is progressing. Especially if all the Ingredients are right.
      (The answer lies in the soil.)
      If the ingredients are right, the fruits are more than magical. (Cant stress “Right Ingredients” enough. Bit of good chemistry helps too.)
      Best wishes for good crop.


  3. Hi folks – just had the misfortune of hearing George Pell give evidence at the Royal Commission.

    According to him (and I paraphrase) the Vatican perceived young people claiming to have been abused by clergy while in Catholic care (i.e. Wards of the State) as “enemies of the Church” and thus their stories were treated with “scepticism.”

    And then it struck me, like a thunderbolt from God:

    PELL rhymes with HELL!


  4. Yes GHS, it is inconceivable to me that there are so many people who would defend and/or protect criminals instead of innocent victims! Why jump to side on the dark side?

    That aspect of law professionals who will try very hard for $$ to get a criminal off the hook for a serious crime, bothers me too. I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but as we have seen demonstrated over and over again, the guilty party is going to lie and say they did not do it. At some point it must become glaringly obvious to their lawyer that they are lying and yet for payment they will continue to try and look for some loophole to get the person acquitted of the terrible crime they have done, or reduce their sentence, even appeal! How is that fair, right or upholding the law??? I do not get it.

    I heard the latest on the news tonight again on the ‘Blade Runner’ trial in South Africa. How awfully revealing is his murdered girlfriend’s text messages to him about his temper, that she feared him sometimes, that she did not understand why he finds such fault with everything she does and is so nasty towards her for silly reasons, when all she wants is to love and be loved. How his public persona is so different to who she found him to really be behind doors….So terribly sad…..if only she left the abusive rat the first time he behaved this way! I have a feeling our Allison may have suffered similarly. Like Allison, Reeva Steenkamp was a clever girl – a law graduate – yet she hung onto the hope that they could work things out, although it is clear to me as a lay person reading the transcripts, that he is an abusive rat, the relationship is doomed and she should get out asap before it escalates. How her mother must wish she knew what was going on, so she could save her! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/oscar-pistorius-trial-athlete-scared-girlfriend-reeva-steenkamp-9212563.html

    Interestingly, he too claimed to have gone to bed at 10pm, whilst his internet usage suggests differently….he claims that he thought he was shooting an intruder behind the toilet door, whilst she was standing clothed behind the door of a locked toilet when he shot her in the early morning hours (trying to get away from him sounds more likely!). Neighbours testified to hearing terrible female screams, one thought it was a family murder taking place….how awful! And he kept shooting…4 times….until she no longer screamed – supposedly oblivious to whom he was shooting…I do not buy the intruder story. Reminds me of the terrible screams heard on the night of Allison’s murder too….until they were ‘muffled’. Awful.

    Oh my, how thankful must we be when our kids have happy, normal relationships! I have no idea how many nasty, abusive partners are out there capable of violence and even murder, but it sure is scary that even intelligence can not prevent someone from not heeding the signs and becoming prey.


    • Victims: Lisa, Reeva, Allison

      Accused: Gittany, Pistorious, Baden-Clay

      Victims: Attractive, intelligent, educated, loyal

      Accused: Jealous, manipulative, controlling

      Victims: Successful, optimistic, caring

      Accused: Threatening, violent, self-absorbed

      Victims: Dead. Dead. Dead.


  5. How very right you are, GHS
    You missed one:
    Accused: Gittany, Pistorious, Brazen Clay: All profess Innocence, and all have a “plausible” excuse or alibi at the ready. (And sticking to it)
    Victims: Appear forgiving of partner’s previous appalling behaviour. And want to be loved.


  6. Yes QCL, the similarities are quite telling. It is so sad for these women who perhaps were too loving, tolerant and forgiving for their own good. It occurs to me that these very qualities we label as ‘good’ seem to be what makes women susceptible to ending up a victim of one of these controlling rats. Perhaps these qualities are exactly what draws these guys to them, because their bullying behaviour will be tolerated while they get their claws in tight. I think as with the other ladies mentioned, Reeva likely came to the conclusion that night that he was so not the person she thought he was, and wanted to end it. Of course these guys do not like women ending it on their terms and spill the beans about their dark secrets, they’d rather kill them, it seems. Terrible!

    I think what may have happened could be something like this: They had the mother of all arguments, as evidenced by his valentine present remaining unopened. Not normal to have a loving valentine’s evening and not open your present! Nothing was normal about this relationship or this evening. I think the penny may have finally dropped for her that night about who he really was. I suspect he did not want her to leave and threatened her to the point she feared for her life, so once she thought he was asleep she went to the loo fully dressed and locked herself in it possibly to call for help (seemingly with his phone which was found nearby – did he confiscate hers so she could not call for help?). Unfortunately he was not asleep and seemingly went into one of his blind rages over her daring to take such action. Sadly she did not have a chance….

    I see Channel 9 is airing the ‘inside story’ of the ‘Bladerunner’ tonight (Wednesday) at 8:45pm in about an hour. (by Peter Stefanovic). May be interesting. It looks to me as if just about all the court proceedings have been broadcasted live…WOW! There really is nowhere for him to hide – not even a glass case to hide in.


  7. Tonight’s ‘Inside Story’ was very interesting indeed, the story to date of the Blade Runner (now Gunner) followed by a very interesting documentary about psychopaths, confirming what I have started to grasp – in the words of an expert: “being a ‘warm and fuzzy’ kind of person to a psychopath is like blood in the water for a shark”! So if you are kind, empathetic, loving, tolerant, forgiving….watch out – you could be a psychopath magnet. Now I get why intelligence does not help…it is all about using the victim’s capacity for empathy and emotion – they are taken on an emotional pushing and pulling roller coaster ride, love and approval alternately given and withheld, manipulating, wearing the victim down, with the psychopath feeling in control. Also explains why they keep their victims captive with fear or promises of love, until it suits them to end a relationship. They do not take kindly to their victims taking control in ending the relationship – this can drive them to kill.

    Also pointed out was that although about 1% or more of the population can be medically identified as psychopaths (brain wired differently), of course not all become murderers. Some ‘use’ their charm and lack of feeling/conscience to be ruthless business people for example. According to an expert (who interestingly himself genetically have these traits), the difference in whether the dark side emerges or not is determined by the person’s early childhood – abuse, unhappiness, abandonment or violence in early childhood for people with this genetic disposition, is what seems to unleash the evil. According to him a psychopathic nature and (deficient) nurture combines to result in a bad outcome.


  8. Thank you RIP. That is indeed interesting.
    Especially this:
    “being a ‘warm and fuzzy’ kind of person to a psychopath is like blood in the water for a shark”!
    Hmmm … So apparently there is a downside to being “kind, empathetic, loving, tolerant, forgiving..”
    And all the while I thought these qualities to be worthy, and traits of a virtuous woman.
    Perhaps we need to consider the “magnet for psychopath” aspects of good woman.


  9. Yes QCL, it looks to me as if these very virtuous qualities have a down side in that if unacceptable behaviour that should raise bright red flags is repeatedly forgiven or tolerated thus blinding the person to the danger signals, their emotional attachment or investment can end up surpassing common sense.

    That has actually happened to me before (thankfully not to the extent that I got killed!), and very nearly had bad consequences too for my very clever, sensible daughter a quarter of a century later. And yes you guessed it – we are both high on the ‘warm and fuzzy’ stakes….☺

    I wonder if there is a way to educate young people especially the ‘warm and fuzzy’ types early on in their lives, not to fall into this trap…. or will it tend to sound too dramatic and fall on deaf ears I wonder….?


  10. RIP I believe you have hit upon something very important.
    Is there a way to educate young people about this sticky trap?
    For many years I pondered the “virtuous woman” scenario, such as described in Proverbs 31 Verses 10 – 31.
    Not only pondered, but considered her qualities worthy to emulate.
    It would appear that those wishing to emulate the “virtuous woman whose price is far beyond rubies”, need also be educated about the magnetic attraction that woman has to many, including the psychopath. How does one (especially one of tender years) recognize a psychopath? Are there red flags?
    How to be shrewd, and smart and have wisdom beyond her years.


  11. Proverbs 31:10-31

    10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

    11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

    12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

    13 She seeks wool, and flax, and works willingly with her hands.

    14 She is like the merchants’ ships; she brings her food from afar.

    15 She rises also while it is yet night, and gives meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.

    16 She considers a field, and buys it: with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.

    17 She girds her loins with strength, and strengthens her arms.

    18 She perceives that her merchandise is good: her candle goes not out by night.

    19 She lays her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.

    20 She stretches out her hand to the poor; yea, she reaches forth her hands to the needy.

    21 She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.

    22 She makes herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.

    23 Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land.

    24 She makes fine linen, and sells it; and delivers girdles unto the merchant.

    25 Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.

    26 She opens her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

    27 She looks well to the ways of her household, and eats not the bread of idleness.

    28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.

    29 Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excel them all.

    30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

    31 Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.


    • I never knew that was where the ‘girding my loins’ quote came from!
      Thanks QCL for educating me!

      I agree that we must prepare our children against these narcissistic sociopaths. Training them to protect themselves must start in childhood, but how do we do that without destroying their beautiful innocence? Is it simply that when they’re small, we must focus on giving them self-worth, a strong sense of right and wrong, and the confidence and communication skills to recognise and challenge when someone is treating them badly?


  12. Hmmm this is a strangely complex problem….I have seen sociopaths get the better of intelligent, independent, confident women with happy childhoods, a strong sense of self, a good sense of right and wrong, and not lacking in communication skills either. I think the likes of Allison and Reeva Steenkamp likely fell in this category also. I think this is exactly the problem – these strong but kindly women fall in love with a ‘prince charming’, and by the time cracks appear in his disguise, instead of heeding the signs as the red flags that they are, they excuse, tolerate, minimise or overlook them….(loving unconditionally, for better and for worse!) – to their detriment.

    In the cases I know of, the problem was apparent to friends and family, but the controlling emotional hooks were in so deep that to the victims themselves ‘love was blind’.

    I do not know quite how one would warn someone of this possible scenario. One does not want to sound neurotic. I have a feeling to have a chance of success one will have to try and warn someone of such a possibility well before a time comes that they are seduced by a ‘Jekyll & Hyde’. They must be able to recognise the traits of a sociopath, and when sensing these, they must turn their tails immediately and RUN! If in doubt – seek and heed the opinion of loving friends and family!!!!!


  13. Just when Oscar Precarious was due to give evidence, one of the court officials fell ill.
    Hearing adjourned for a week.
    Vomiting in the court room must be contagious.


    • Ooh Tishy!
      Thank you so much…now just have to find the hours to trawl through it!
      But how enjoyable and nostalgic that will be.
      I am in your debt.
      Buy yourself a packet of Fruchocs – I’ll pay you back. Promise.
      The McLaren Street coincidence was downright spooky.
      Don’t suppose you also had roots at Second Valley? (that didn’t come out sounding quite right)


        • I forgive you Tishy.
          Now I just have to work out how to actually get on the site and be informed of new posts.
          I am bursting at my ample seams to reminisce and contribute.
          Although I will try to steer clear of references to Truro, Snowtown, Bevan Spencer von Einem, the Beaumont children and most suburbs north of Gepps Cross.
          Although I was at the Adelaide Oval for the footy game when Joanne Ratcliffe and Kirsty Gordon went missing. I remember it clearly, because the North Adelaide supporter in front of me hit me with his umbrella for barracking for Norwood (I think I was around 12 years old).
          Thank you for the info.


            • Dear Tishy

              I have somehow become the recipient of the news from the Adelaide of old.

              Memory lane….many thanks to you for paving the way.

              It’s very nostalgic, but does remind me of the need to have a brolly in Adelaide for seemingly endless months.

              Here in Brisbane, umbrellas are a slow selling item.

              We either don’t have a reason to carry them, or they are totally useless when rain comes, because we need emergency services to evacuate us.

              Have you been resident long enough to remember the two ends of the culinary scale:

              The Gouger Cafe for a cheap feast of prawns/scallops/fish as opposed to Swains on Glen Osmond Road for very special occasions?


                • Ahhhh …The Cork and Cleaver.

                  Would you believe that was the very place where I had my last meal as an Adelaidean?

                  Twas the evening of September 15, 1988.

                  Steak tartare, and too many wines.

                  Drove myself and two young sons to the airport early on the 16th in a very expensive, hotted up sports car on loan from my then husband’s TV cameraman. (Hubby already ensconced in Qld covering the Fitzgerald Enquiry).

                  “Sweet dreams are made of this” blared the whole way, along with gulping sobs from me.

                  Arrived in Brisbane, only to discover that said hubby was leaving for Japan to do a series of stories for A Current Affair for the next three weeks!


  14. Hello One n All ……… I’m back on deck after minor surgery that went a bit pear shaped leaving me with a noggin that looked like a cross between the Michellin Man and a Watermelon big enough to satisfy any Italian Family Picnic Hamper
    . I’ve been aware we need a new mirror in our bathroom for some time as there’s some old ugly mongrel living therein , the replacement Michellin Man seems to have moved on now and the old codger has again taken up residence.

    A couple of things getting up my nose of late that need addressing …

    Firstly George Pell ….

    What a piece of works this shifty bloke is , he came to note on my radar when he stood beside convicted peddy Gerald Risdale when he faced sentencing with not a care in the world for Risdale’s victims. Later it came to light the church had moved Risdale from parish to parish as he continually attacked children.
    I recently learnt that anyone who complained about the clergy who attacked them were placed on a list as enemies of the church.
    Now they intend moving Georgie Porgie Puddin n Lie to the Vatican City as the chief accountant , great choice as he’s a proven winner on hiding things his mates should be held accountable for . I may stand corrected but I don’t believe there is an extradition treaty between Audtralia and the Vatican City , isn’t that odd and similar to the Salesians who have Fr Jack Ayers living in Samoa , no treaty there either.
    Georgie has so far never explained why he spent $1.5 mill defending a case that the accuser lost on a technical issue and was willing to settle for one hundred grand … see I told you he’s a worthy contender as an accountant … makes me ask the question of exactly what ‘figures’ he admires … I don’t hate anyone but George Pell is one person I think I could ….


    Here , have a read about Geelong Magistrate Ron Saines ……

    This is from Larry Pickering’s Face Book page ….


    Geelong Magistrate Ron Saines has just thrown out all charges against this Afghani illegal immigrant. Police had claimed he attempted to kidnap a 4 year-old girl by snatching her from her father and brother.

    Convicted paedophile, Ali Jaffari (pictured) was allowed to walk free by Magistrate Saines although the repeat offender is certain to resume his sexual addiction to children.

    Ali Jaffari was also found guilty last year of child molestation.

    Magistrate Saines said he had “trouble” finding Jaffari guilty of the kidnapping charge due to “cultural differences”. And those differences could very well be legally considered a “mitigating factor” in his attempt to snatch the little girl.

    Magistrate Saines also claimed the case against Jaffari, “fell short of criminality”.

    According to Police Prosecutor, Sergeant Brooke Shears, Jaffari was loitering at a West Geelong cricket park where a 4-year-old girl was accompanied by her father and brother.

    Sgt Shears testified that, when the father wasn’t looking, Jaffari grabbed the child who began began screaming when she realised it wasn’t her father.

    Sgt Shears went on to testify that:

    The little girl’s father heard his daughter’s screams and turned to see Jaffari hauling her away. The father then yelled at Jaffari, “What do you think you’re doing?” The girl escaped and ran to her father while Jaffari simply walked off.

    When apprehended, Jaffari informed police of his cultural view on children: “For us it is not an issue”, he said.

    Jaffari had been found guilty last August, in the same Geelong courthouse, for indecent assault on a young boy and an attempted indecent assault on another.

    After being found guilty of these earlier offences, Jaffari was ordered to comply with a “two-year Community Corrections Order” and to perform community work.

    It seems Australian magistrates have more respect for the paedophile cultures of illegal Islamic immigrants than they do for our innocent kids.

    I wonder what Magistrate Saines will sentence this degenerate Muslim germ to when he not only rapes, but murders, his next 4 year-old victim.

    More community service maybe?

    You’re gobsmacked ?? Well so am I ……

    Is this magistrate living on another planet ??

    I always thought an ” illegal immigrant” meant illegal imigrant not a green light to assualt little kiddies because of one’s cultural background.

    The only good story is Gerry Baden Clay is still incarcerated and hopefully doing it tough and hopefully will be behind bars for many years to come.

    Oh , something you all might be interested in … My energy supplier is ‘Origin Energy’ , last year they forced us to have a “Smart Meter’ installed , it’s so smart our bills have doubled so i had a sook about it and they eventually (after i made reference to the Power Ombudsman) found i am eligible for a 19% discount if i pay on or before the due date, something i always do , on the 1st bill i saved $97.00 … then they made a fatal mistake … they sent me a questionaire about how i felt about them and their service.
    Diane suggested i was wasting my time replying but i forged on with a barrage , my main points were “why wasnt i told about the discount available” “why is it not backdated for the 5 yrs i’ve used them ” ” who is paying for the power the meter and its 2 flashing LED lights ”

    Well bugger me yesterday ‘Sophie’ rang me , it appears I’ve shoved a big tabby in amongst their pigeon loft and the birdies are on the run …

    They have credited my account with $275.00 to try and sweeten me up as “we dont backdate , but as a gesture in your case we will for a further two bills”

    As for the cost to run the meter and lights Sophie said they pay that … she seemed taken aback when i made a one word statement “bullshit!” and went on to tell her that i’d watched as the meter was installed and that there is no seperate recording device to account for the power needed to run ‘their equipment’ … end result she admitted that we , the customer, pay them to record our usage … she has left me her direct number and will be getting back to me today with a compensation offer … i’m guessing i’ll get a decent hush money offer as i believe they be up for millions when this gets publicised (and it will , after i get a quid back) So if anyone else is unhappy . do as i’m doing and give ur supplier a serve as we’re being ripped off.


  15. More from Pickerings Facebook page …

    It gets worse , this is the same magistrate who walloped Adrian Bayley with a silk stocking and let him loose to murder Jill Meagher … I find this unbelievable .. How can we have Saines removed before he assists in another murder.


    The Federal Government has promised to toughen up on refugee visas after Geelong Magistrate Ron Saines ruled convicted paedophile, Ali Jaffari, had no case to answer despite police prosecutors’ evidence he tried to abduct a 4 year-old girl.

    Magistrate Saines suggested the alleged attempted abduction, “may not amount to criminality” and that, “cultural differences” would make a conviction unlikely.

    Immigration Minister Morrison says under current law Jaffari’s visa cannot be cancelled, although the serial offender has been placed on the sex offenders register.

    In the meantime Geelong parents should be cautioned that Jaffari currently lives in Autumn Street, Geelong West, because incredibly the same street houses a child-care centre and scout hall.

    Magistrate Saines (who doesn’t actually live in Geelong) also has the dubious distinction of wrist-slapping Adrian Bayley who raped and murdered Jill Meagher.

    If Minister Morrison is ever able to legally sign a deportation order for Jaffari, perhaps he should consider including Magistrate Ronald Norman Saines on the same order.


  16. Dear Mike,

    Sorry for such a late response – I have been wrapped up in trying not to emulate my dog who appears to have had a stroke.

    Re Greasy George Pell.

    I spend most of my week in the company of women who are, shall we say, “wedded” to Jesus and the Catholic Church.

    I’m yet to hear a positive comment about him.

    When he was appointed to “third in charge” at the Vatican, these intelligent women expressed their amazement and sought my counsel.

    It was easy to proffer advice to ease their concerns:

    “The new Pope Francis got to know George Pell much better over the past year, and decided to place him in a back room far away from any debate about the Catholic Church and its potential new directions, inclusiveness, return to a culture of caring for those impoverished, displaced, seeking habitat and consolation, in short a revival of original values.”

    But then, the Pell from Hell was forced to give evidence at the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse.

    His theme in replying was that people who came forward with allegations were considered to be “enemies of the Church” and were therefore turned away.

    Never mind that these “people” were usually young children, often Wards of the State, entrusted to his Church and its clergy and staff,

    His further testimony reeked of a “holier than thou” attitude – he rebutted the claims of fellow clergy who had informed him of the numerous situations. He actually agreed (under oath) that he had been attempting to halt any chance of any given diocese “going bankrupt.”

    The shortest sentence in the Bible is:

    “Jesus wept.”

    He most certainly did on the day that Pell gave evidence.



    Yesterday former priest Gerald Risdale faced sentencing for atrocities against young children ,in fact more than 50 of them ( I wonder just how many never came forward ) this time without George Pell holding his hand .

    If anyone thinks George Pell didn’t know of his crimes you best think again as he instigated many of Risdales moves from parish to parish as he abused over and over … this in my opinion makes Pell guilty as well , possibly even worse than Risdale as he basically gave him new opportunities .

    Why only 8yrs , with a minimum 5 yrs to be concurrent with other sentences meaning he can apply for parole in April 2019 .. it’s believed he’s in poor health , well lets hope he’s suffering much pain and the staff lose his medication.

    Risdale will see out his mediocre punishment only a few miles from here at the Hopkins Correctional Facility formerly the Ararat Prison , a ‘ protection’ jail , I think it’d be fair if we could play darts against a team with Risdale as part of the action as the Dartboard.

    Check out the link … warning .. it may make some people quite ill .



    • I find it deeply abhorrent when I hear that words explaining this “pious priest”; of how he “worked” here and “worked” there.
      I would like an explanation please what this “pious priest” or his supporters considers or defines “work”. Particularly in light of the allegations against him.
      Has he ever done an honest days real “work” in his life? (Not the devil’s work either.)
      Regarding Mr Pell: I agree, he too has a lot to be accounted for. By supporting this piece of scum, he supports the devils work also.
      Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.
      Here is evidence enough to make people think that some churches are breeding grounds of iniquity. Enough to make normal people hate what some call “church”
      How in God Almighty’s name is a child expected to understand the difference between Godliness and a pretence of Godliness?
      How in God Almighty’s name is a child expected to divine a Wolf in sheep’s clothing or a humble Sheep? Or God’s Word? Is this how the Word of God is delivered?
      And how in God Almighty is a paedophile allowed to pretend to be a man of God? And when he is found out; supported?
      Are the victims or survivors supported?
      This is not good. This is not Godly. This is Evil.


    • Dear Mike – I’ve just watched it and feel quite ill.
      Was hoping right to the end that there might be a post script, but obviously not.
      Please keep us informed of any updates.


  18. Thanks for alerting us to this matter Mike. Was thinking about Motive Means and Opportunity. The “friend” sure is a nice piece of work. (Not!) If the comments are to believed, her own mother had a fatal “accident” only days before Russ’s trial.(One wonders if Insurance money was involved there also.)
    Russ’s 911 call wasn’t simply grieving. He sounded shocked and distressed. And understandably, given the circumstances, hard to make out. Grieving would happen later.
    Unlike Simon Gittany and GBC, his talk is not all about “I, My and Me”. He still speaks (though distressed) of Betsy, and he can put a name to her.
    Watched the entire video and it made me sick. Even the prosecutor appears to be one dumb female. With zero lateral thinking. (Too much “Days of Lives” type TV watching.)
    How in blue blazes could a jury be expected to get it right when they were not given all the facts.
    Another small matter that slipped right under the radar (if radar was ever switched on): Rigor mortis had already set in, by 9.30pm. That event takes about four hours after death to start happening.
    That takes us back to the time the “friend” left. After 5.00pm.
    The “friend” who surreptitiously made changes to Betsy’s insurance very recently to the murder. Amazingly the Insurance money was paid out to this so called friend.
    This so called friend has even seduced or duped Betsy’s family, who appear not even to have questioned the apparent theft. Another crime.
    What a piece of work! Dastardly.


    • Dear QCL – it sure looks like a travesty of justice.
      As I said in a reply to Mike, I kept waiting for a good ending.
      Your observation about the stark difference between this accused bloke and the notorious self-serving, burrowing animals named Gerard and Simon is spot on.
      Your commentary has gone some way to alleviating my nausea. Thank you.


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