Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial – Day 5 – 17TH JUNE, 2014 (New Posters Welcome)

Day 5




Toni McHugh leaves the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday night. Picture: Jack Tran

Toni McHugh leaves the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday night. Picture: Jack Tran


Psychologist Dr Lawrence Playfair Lumsden  advised that there was “absolutely zero” chance Allison was a suicide risk.

Ms Nutting said  there wasn’t any suggestion Allison was experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Ms Richie said GBC told her about his achievements, she didn’t recall him mentiioning his children.


Toni McHugh has returned to the witness box for cross examination by Michael Byrne QC.


She was having an affair with the accused between 2008 and 2012.

“You’d been through a tumultuous period after the break … and after about three months he contacted you and you met. You knew that Allison had almost immediately started working in the business and he told you that he wasn’t going to leave his wife Allison,” Mr Byrne said.

“Not at that time,” Ms McHugh replied.

Mr Byrne: “He told you that.”

Ms McHugh: “He did tell me that.”

Mr Byrne: “But he said words to the effect that ‘one day we will be together’.” in December, 2011, but nothing ever changed to make that happen.

Ms McHugh: “That’s correct.”

Mr Byrne: “That’s not different from what happened from 2008 onwards.”

Ms McHugh: “Correct.”

Mr Byrne: This is the pattern that’s been going on for years?”

Ms McHugh: “It would appear so, yes.”


The jury saw a text between TMcH and  Bruce Overland  sent on February 20, 2012, TMcH said that she was sick of “being second best”.

“Why should I believe things are going to be any different than the past?”

It was another example of Baden-Clay “talking the talk”.

“Angry, um, frustrated, yeah… I was getting on with my life and he was getting on with his and that was an agreement with an intention to be together,” she said.

She was frustrated so hung up on him.


Mr Byrne has suggested TMcH was delusional about the future of the relationship between herself and GBC

“You remained optimistic about this relationship going further, correct?” Mr Byrne asked.

“Correct,” Ms McHugh replied.


GBC sent TMcH an email in early April 2012 promising that he would be separated by July 1

“In retrospect this is him talking the talking with you, but nothing happened,” Mr Byrne said.

TMcH reluctantly agreed.

“You’re nodding your head,” Mr Byrne said.

TMcH sighed loudly and said, “Yes.”


“I always left things to Gerard,” TMcH said.

“Of course you did, and nothing ever happened, did it?” Mr Byrne said.

“No,” TMcH replied.


Mr Byrne said: “He seemed to be getting on  without you.”

“We had a long relationship that was based on love and respect for each other, it was fraught with some differences, our children were our priority so Gerard was a part of ending that relationship from my point of view, I had very strong feelings of attachment to Gerard and I wasn’t going to remain in that marriage with Rob, I couldn’t,” she said.
10:40am: Mr Byrne turned his questioning to TMcH’s last meeting with Mr Baden-Clay.

At mention of this Ms McHugh broke down in the witness box, putting her head in her hands and crying.


10:51am: Before their final meeting at Fortitude Valley TMcH was told by police that GBH had had affairs.

The defence suggested TMcH googled the women to find out about them.

“I knew of these women, I didn’t need to do Google searches,” she said.

“I knew one more than the other.”


The 31st witness, Dr Nicholas Burke, is giving his evidence via phone.

He said Allison discussed that she’s been having premenstrual mood swings,” Dr Burke said, reading from medical records.

“And a prescription was written to that effect, that Zoloft be increased from 50mg to 100mg “said Dr Burke


Dr Burke said he assessed Mrs Baden-Clay in October 2011 soon after she discovered her husband’s affair.

Dr Burke works at the Kenmore Clinic on Moggill Rd and has done so for over three years.

Allison attended the clinic between 2011 and March, 2012

Allison presented with low mood and anxiety, but she was quite resilient and displayed a high degree of insight into her mental illness and was very organised through their consultations

“My opinion was that she wasn’t at a high risk of suicide,” Dr Burke said.

“As far as I’m reading to the notes it seems to be they we related to her menstrual cycle,” he said..

Dr Bourke  consulted with Allison in May, August, September and October, 2011.

He wanted to restart Allison on Zoloft medication on a dosage of 50mg.

Dr Bourke said he referred Allison to a psychologist  in August 8, 2011.

A mental health plan was completed and Allison scored 18/50 on an indicative test for distress or depression, which indicated “there was not a significant level of distress at that appointment”.

Allison said that GBC was having an affair, that had been ongoing for three  years, and that she was distressed and requested a referral to a relationship counsellor.

Dr Bourke said Allison also requested an STI check.

Dr Bourke said he discussed increasing Ms Baden-Clay’s Zoloft medication from 50 to 100mg each day.

“My impression of her depression was it was a relapsing … course over a number of year and this was, if you like, a routine flare-up when perhaps acute stress came along,” he said.

“My impression was this was a flare-up of her usual depressive illness over a number of years.”

He said his opinion was Ms Baden-Clay was not a high risk of suicide.

“I felt that she showed from that first consultation, even prior to the final consultation discovering her husband’s infidelity, she had a high level of resilience and had good insight,” Dr Bourke said.

Dr Bourke said Zoloft was a common “re-uptake inhibitor” anti-depressant, The anti-depressant  increased the levels of a neuro-transmitter called serotonin in the brain.

He said she had never discussed feeling suicidal.

Dr Bourke agreed people could mask an depression.

“It’s possible,” he said.

Dr Burke has been excused.


Psychologist Dr Lawrence Playfair Lumsden from Life Resolutions at Kenmore has been called to the stand.

The 35th witness in the trial is Life Resolutions psychologist Dr Lawrence Playfair Lumsden.

An appointment was made with Allison  to discuss her relationship with her husband on December 9, 2010.

Dr Lumsden said he administered a depression, anxiety and distress scale test if Ms Baden-Clay registered any symptoms of mood adjustment.

“Her test showed that her depression, anxiety and distress levels were absolutely normal,” he said.

Dr Lumsden said there was “absolutely zero” chance she was a suicide risk.

“She spoke about the post-natal depression but also the other issues that she’d had around depression since the time of their marriage,” he said.

“She discussed the depression as being in the past … I was so impressed that I actually hoped to encourage her fourth-year studies and come and work with me.”

Dr Lumsden said Allison told him she was teaching resilience courses at the Brookfield school.

He consulted with  GBC on 14th December 2010, 21st December, 2010 and 18th January, 2011.

Dr Lumsden said the GBC’s test results were normal although his stress levels were slightly elevated.

GBC told him about his relationship with his wife.

“In the statement it says that GBC said he wanted to leave his wife, that’s a simplification,” he said.

“The question of the future of the relationship was very complex and clearly if it had been a simple, straightforward matter of one relevant party saying this isn’t going to work, I want to move on, they would have done it.”

“It wasn’t simple and so we were exploring different options about identifying exactly what needed to be done in terms of the long-term future of the relationship and alternative ways in which disengaging could have taken place.”

GBC did not discuss his affair,  it was not unusual for clients not to tell him about  their affairs.

“He saw me three times. We explored options, clearly there was a lot of work to do,” he said.

“I think people at that stage were stuck between the dichotomy of staying or going and we weren’t making any progress on that so we were looking at other ways of giving each other a bit of space,” he said.


Psychologist Elizabeth Nutting is giving evidence by phone.

Allison and Gerard were seen in late 2011 during three counselling sessions.

Ms Nutting took notes  during their first session on 13 October, 2011.

GBC said,  “‘I’m black and white on some things … my actions are not who I am. I don’t believe in depression being an illness. I believe people can snap out of it’,” Mrs Nutting said reading her notes.

“He said, ‘I’m the problem. We had a plan. I was trapped’. He said he wanted to fix it. He said he felt a failure because he couldn’t fix it.”

“She appeared to me to be a very responsible mother. I’ve got written here that she was very close to her children,” Ms Nutting said.

Ms Nutting said Allison was “quite impacted” by GBC’s affair.

“She was quite impacted by them. She wanted to keep the marriage. She knew that the marriage hadn’t been good, but she wanted to pick up the marriage. She had every hope that that would happen.”

“She said that she’d been lonely for the past four years. She said she needed a hug from someone. She said she thought about the woman that Gerard was having a relationship with, an affair with, and when she thought about that, she took a step back from the relationship and one of the things she wanted to do was to push through, like she had pushed through in her ballet lessons and her ballet performances. She just felt it was all unfair.”

“She was having flashbacks of seeing Gerard’s girlfriend’s car at the gym. I felt that this might have been holding her back from recovering and from the relationship recovering. So I really wanted to do some work with her about the trauma and the flashbacks.”

Ms Nutting said: “GBC said, ‘I don’t want to burden you,’I’ve had three years of emotional stress.'”

Ms Nutting said she saw no signs that Mrs Baden-Clay was suicidal.

“Had I picked up on that I would have contacted her doctor”.

“Allison took on that she wasn’t good enough for Gerard,” Ms Nutting said.

Under questioning from the defence,  Ms Nutting described Mr Baden-Clay as a “caretaker”.

“He certainly wanted her to be fit. He didn’t want her having those flashbacks,” she said.

“I don’t know, maybe he was feeling guilty, I don’t know.”

Ms Nutting has been excused.


Counsellor Carmel Ritchie from Relationships Australia has been called to the stand.

Ms Ritchie saw both Allison and GBC on 16th April, 2012, just three days before Allison’s disappearance.

Ms Ritchie first saw Allison for a counselling session on 27th March, 2012.

Reading from her notes, she said Allison said: “I’m feeling inadequate, not good enough, I believe I let it happen. Gerard’s way is the right way. Gerard has had an affair for the last three years. Parenting – Gerard criticises me. I fear one day he will leave.”

“When I asked her what she wanted from counselling, she said, ‘to work on me, to sort lots of issues, especially parenting’.”

Ms Ritchie said she asked Mrs Baden-Clay to describe herself:

“I am a mother of three girls, 10, 8 and 5. I work with my husband in a real estate agency four days a week and at that particular time she said she had worked for the past six days running. She lived in the United Kingdom in ’98 and ’99 and 2000,  she was a ballet dancer and a teacher, a high achiever.  She spoke two languages and had studied psychology at university. When on her honeymoon, she took the drug Valerian as an anti-malarial medication of which she had a very severe reaction, which resulted in depression and psychotic episodes as well as panic attacks in one of her pregnancies.

“She said her husband’s attitude was “get over it”;  however she was in the care of a psychiatrist named Dr Tom George since GBC’s affairs for the last three years.

Allison surprised GBC with the question  on their wedding anniversary, “What’s wrong with us?” Ms Ritchie said.

GBC said, ” I’ve had enough, I want to leave”

GBC has very high expectations of the girls and of Allison, who never felt good enough


Ms Ritchie then read her notes from her counselling session with GBC in April, 2012:

“GBC said ‘Allison does not trust me. She questions me. She says yes, when she means no. I used to blame Allison for disappointments in my life,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Then I asked Gerard what he hoped to gain from counselling.

GBC said,”‘I want to build a future together, not regressing, I want to get on with life and wipe it clean”.

Ms Ritchie said tried to convince Gerard  to spend 10 minutes every second night with Allison listening to her speak about her feelings about the affair for most of the session.  GBC was very resistant, claiming this would be “regression”.

“I was trying to convince him of the necessity of what I was suggesting,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Allison was replying to something that Gerard had said and she repeated those words, ‘I am over the moon that you have spent this time’.

Ms Ritchie is now under cross-examination from Mr Baden-Clay’s defence counsel Michael Byrne QC.

GBC told her about his achievements, but could not remember if he spoke about his children.

“I think had Gerard mentioned his children, I would have put that down, because that was important to me. When I ask Gerard about who he is I would hope that we would mention his relationships”.

Mr Byrne asked: “But he said he wanted a future with Allison?”

Ms Ritchie replied: “Yes, he did.

Ms Ritchie has been excused


The court is now listening to the triple-0 call Mr Baden-Clay made on the morning he reported his wife missing.

The call was made at 7.15am.


Constable Kieron Ash has been called to the stand. He was one of two police officers to attend the family home when Allison disappeared.

Constable Ash said he arrived to find GBC wearing a light pink striped shirt, suit pants and cufflinks.

He also noticed GBC’s scratches on the right side of his face.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC showed Constable Ash a photograph of the scratches on Mr Baden-Clay’s face.

“On the morning, they were redder and the skin was raised,” Constable Ash said.

Constable Ash said he tried to find Allison’s mobile phone.

He searched her handbag and then searched the Baden-Clay’s two vehicles.

He did not find the phone, but did find a small EMPTY box of anti-depressant tablets in the centre console of the their Captiva. The tablets had been prescribed to Alliison.

Defence counsel suggested Constable Ash “believed something untoward had happened” after arriving at the house.

“At that point, being a police officer and a first response police officer, I thought it possible that perhaps domestic violence had taken place,” Constable Ash said.

Mr Byrne asked: “You didn’t see any sign of a struggle?”

Constable Ash replied: “No.”

My Byrne said: “You thought there might be blood and you found none.”

Constable Ash replied: “Yes, I saw no traces of blood.”

Constable Ash has been excused.


Constable Liam Braunberger has been called to the stand.

Constable Braunberger said he took details about Allison from GBC after he arrived at Indooroopilly police station on 20th April, 2012, he asked GBC whether his missing wife would have any access to money to which the reply was, “on the bones of their arse”, Constable Braunberger told the court.

Constable Braunberger has been excused.


Sergeant Andrew Robert Jackson has been called to the stand.

He said he arrived at the Baden-Clays’ house at 8.34am on 20th April,, 2012.

Sergeant Jackson said he met GBC on the front stairs and immediately noticed lacerations on his face.

“Their appearance to me was that they were slightly jaggered and the wound to me was quite recent in that it was very moist it wasn’t scabbed up at all,” Sergeant Jackson said.

The jury heard a recoding of a conversation between GBC, Sergeant Jackson and Senior Sergeant Narelle Curtis.

“What is her state of mind?” Senior Sergeant Curtis asked.

GBC said: “As I was discussing with the constable before, it’s been pretty good, she does have a history of depression. It has been managed with medication.”

Senior Sergeant Curtis asked whether Allison was taking her medication.

GBC said, “We haven’t really discussed it for a long time.”

Senior Sergeant Curtis: “Basically you and your wife are estranged.”

GBC said, “No.”

Senior Sergeant Curtis: “You’re not estranged.”

GBC said, “No.”

Senior Sergeant Curtis: “There’s no indication that you’re marriage is going to break up?”

GBC said,”I hope not.”

GBC  then advised that he wanted to speak in private. The officers asked Mr Baden-Clay’s sister Olivia Walton to step outside. Mr Baden-Clay then told them about his affair.

“Obviously that has put a strain on the relationship, but we’re working through it and in fact we went and saw a counsellor on Monday,” he said.

The recording was stopped once the officers began to question Mr Baden-Clay about what his wife may have been wearing that morning.

The court has adjourned. It will resume tomorrow at 10am.









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50 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial – Day 5 – 17TH JUNE, 2014 (New Posters Welcome)

  1. Thinking.

    EBC and NBC at garage door, after he and GBC had returned from the Brookfield Road murder scene house, knowing the cameras are on them.

    NBC walks into the garage, EBC feels the pocket in his shirt, they are jubilant, as she likes what she felt in his shirt, thinking no-one notices, as the camera crew film them – and they kiss deeply. NBC closes the garage door.

    1. Allison’s phone was triangulated behind the house and not ever found.
    2. Teacups on the table? Allison drank out of a coffee cup, she didn’t obviously socialize with NBC or EBC, going on the evidence we have

    3. Marital bed is made? GBC jumps out of bed, and in a hurry to look for Allison, look after the girls, shower and shave – he makes the bed? Huh???? Bed wasn’t slept in – an oversight. The third “teacup person” didn’t think of that. Boy, imagine, “we even thought to leave out a teacup to show Allison had a cup of tea before her walk, we are soooo clever.”

    4. Picture frame is moved. (Picture frame knocked down in the struggle, third person/s arrive to clean up and “sterilize” and put the picture frame back, someone who doesn’t visit the house and know where it was, originally, or what it meant).

    Hmmmmm so, this third person/s, came in, took out the teacup, cleaned up and “sterilized” the house to what it normally would be.

    1. NBC is removing vacuum cleaner from the murder scene.

    2. Prosecution asked jury to remember how outside the house looked.

    3. Neighbours from different directions heard screams.

    4. Dogs barked.

    5. Children, tired for cross country slept through everything; however, lots of questions on Panadol from the Prosecution, children needed to sleep in a deeper manner. We do know the little girls are loved. One female BC stayed with the children at Kenmore, one female BC went to Brookfield Road to watch the children.

    6. Who came out to the house to clean?

    7. Who helped move dear Allison? The neighbours at Kholo Creek heard two thumps, perhaps as she was taken out of the car. We know how heavy a dead weight is.


    • Yes Moonlight!! The puzzle pieces are beginning to look as if a person other than GBC and Allison did some cleaning and tidying on that fateful night. Was it perhaps Mama Bwana (just maybe sis Livvy?) who came over to be there in case one of the children did wake up, and at the same time have a good clean-up??

      She may well like things a lot NEATER than what she perceived Allison kept them, and after all she was expecting visitors the next day, at the very least the police to take statements, but with a much loved person going missing maybe many more. So being a ‘Baden’, one must keep up appearances! Only her enthusiasm got away with her a bit, because the sterile look that appealed to her was so not Allison…Another slip-up was to move the PORTRAIT of Allison and GBC, and last but not least to put out tea CUPS for the expected guests to drink from, instead of the mugs usually used by Allison and GBC. Mistake! And I dare say with no sleeping likely to be expected to be done in the main bedroom that night (contrary to GBC’s conflicting testimony to QPS and his in-laws), she probably made the bed so long too. May even have had to do washing, who knows, although I suspect any clothes worn during the disposal would more likely have been thrown in a bin somewhere – no time to clean them …. remember the kids would be up early and we have 2 cars sited near the bridge still at 4am…

      With several hours to babysit and clean, somewhat stressed and with adrenalin pumping, she may have felt weary and decided when all was done to sit down and cover herself with a bedspread – maybe one used in the lounge by whichever partner is not sleeping in the marital bed on any given night…?? I just remembered something else too….that jumper that Allison was found in that was very much a larger size than Allison was….could it have belonged to and been supplied on the spur of the moment by Mama Bwana??? I hoped someone would recognize it and identify its origin.

      Another thought…re the blood in Allison’s car, is it possible that maybe the car interior is where Allison and GBC used to go to have ‘discussions’ (arguments) about his infidelity and other issues at night – sit in one of their cars, so as to not wake kids with their fighting…??? Hence kids unaware of these arguments??? Did their final discussion maybe start in this fashion – in the car – and ended more violently/bloody than what GBC had anticipated due to Allison putting up a much bigger fight that he had expected???

      It’s a great pity she did not survive to tell the tale herself. She now needs the voices of others to speak up for her and tear down the web of lies and deceit. She must not have fought so bravely and lost her life in vain.


      • RIP, I wasn’t convinced at first about Mama Bwana’s involvement other than knowledge but the scenario you describe above has me convinced. I think you’re onto something.


      • Dear Sad for Allison,

        The car theory is good, GBC on the right hand side, Allison in the passenger side, keeping him away from her, scratching his chest with her right fingernails, cheek with the left hand’s fingernails, fighting as he was harming her.

        He then smothered her.

        Obviously simplistic, as something happened out the back, too.

        Poor darling.


  2. Another low thing.

    OW implied that Allison may have killed herself as there was a male grandchild born the day before as she already had three girls – how “scummy” is that?


  3. Another thing that struck me throughout all of it.

    1. GBC was described by dear Mrs Dickie, as “cool as a cucumber” with his pink stripped shirt and cufflinks, waiting for his visitors. Perhaps he dressed up thinking he was giving an air of importance and superiority? I know, but I had to say it, probably unlikely but I feel sick at all of this.

    2. NBC and EBC are cold. Their eyes cold, their mouths without compassion. Why would this be so? Could is be that they are defiant of everyone due to the fact that they know something, as per my post above, they are also worried for their own well being? Why aren’t they upset?


  4. Hi Everyone,

    WordPress is very buggy. I would type a new main post and then would receive a blank screen. I am letting you know in case the site falls down, it is just WordPress being naughty.

    Last week she flashed, this week she is blank, lol


  5. Moonlight, thank you so much for all your hard work.

    I am no friend of WordPress, and I believe WordPress doesn’t speak too highly of me, either.

    So I am logging in and out when I can, and praying that I’m not missing anything.

    Given what I’ve read so far today (particularly from the various doctors/psychs/therapists/counsellors), I’d have to say that the Hyphenated Ones appear to have soiled their sheets.


    • Dear GHS,

      It is certainly wonderful to read, in my view, that the health professionals who Allison spoke with say that she wasn’t suicidal.

      I am amazed at the lies people say. If true, how can they live with themselves? How could they support someone if they helped him commit such a crime? It is unbelievable and so sad.


      • Exactly Moonlight!

        Allison was NOT suicidal!
        Allison also did NOT roll around on her back porch, getting her hair newly styled hair and clothes full of plant material.
        She did NOT place a packet of Zoloft on the dashboard of her car
        She did NOT then hit her own mouth till her tooth chipped and hit her own head until she bled in the back of her car, covering up the mess with the kids toys that happened to stand out in the porch.
        She did NOT hide her phone
        She did NOT put on a Harry Potter style cloak that made her invisible and walk to the Kholo Bridge unseen by anyone
        She did NOT crawl down the creek bank in the moonlight, slopped through the mud and lay down under the bridge where no one would see her from above, and somehow just died
        Allison was MURDERED!!! By one or more people she loved and trusted. Now lying through their teeth. Clear as daylight.
        I hope the legal system gets it right and he/they will pay dearly for the love and joy her girls and her family has lost.


      • It is sad how the person who seeks treatment for depression and takes medication very often isn’t the one who needs it most. They are doing it to help them cope with an intolerable situation. That is all I see here.

        The slurs on her mental health are an insult to her – not that I would expect any less from his pathetic case at this stage of the proceedings.


    • GHS what you lack in technical proficiency is made up a thousand by your incisive comments lol. WordPress is shite.

      The soiled Sheridans are truly being hung out for all to see.


        • Dear Moonlight – I nearly choked on my Zoloft last night when I read Tishy’s reference to Sheridan sheets.

          Those of us of greater longevity on this site will understand why this mention of Sheridan sheets brings back terrible memories of a certain Mrs S.

          (Tishy, I’ll explain when we sup together)


  6. Doing a great job Moonlight – having a very busy patch at work lately but always tuning in – I’m in agreeance with your observations.


  7. What struck me in the 000 call GBC made on the morning of 20th April was how calm he sounded. “Cool as a cucumber” comes to mind…


    • SFA – I was struck by the significant pause when they asked his name!

      If you need to hesitate when asked the simplest question of all….was he considering for a moment replying “Bruce Overland?????”

      Was most interested by your observations of Toni McMistress, in particular that she looked young.

      I must admit to coveting her top, which looked rather nice.

      But she still has a face like a twisted sandshoe.


    • Yes, Sad for Allison, GBC dressed up, got in his car, to ring the police, to look busy, leaving the made marital bed behind, that he forgot, or whomever helped clean up the house, forgot to mess up.

      There wasn’t one bit of panic in his voice, one bit of sadness, not one bit of “help me, I am ringing the police, please help me”. Not a thing.


  8. The white top or the flowery jacket? I thought the jacket looked like a Sanderson lounge suite but hey I only wear BLACK so what would I know lol


    • Ah Tishy – perhaps only an Adelaide lady of a certain vintage would recall the Sanderson lounge suite.

      It was a symbol of “the well to do” being able to afford quality upholstery.

      Now that you’ve mentioned it, I think it is entirely possible that the landed gentry in Skull Manor possibly own one as a symbol of their place in society.

      Mind you, they are more likely to have picked it up cheaply in The Trading Post… or free from a kerbside pick up.

      I think I hear the cat ‘meowing’ – oops, perhaps that was me?

      I’m afraid this trial is bringing out my very worst emotions, sentiments and opinions..


      • Me too GHS. A couple of times over the last few days I’ve been a bit ashamed of how easily I can turn into a vindictive bitch when thinking about what was done to Allison, and that dreadful BC lot.

        I remember going to Ian Foggo’s to help pick out the new fabric 😉


            • Tishy – if you are going to tell me that you also lived within several kilometres of Burnside Village at one time, I seriously don’t know what I’ll do.


                • OK Tishy
                  We speak the same (eastern suburbs) language.
                  I’d strongly advise you to be wary of moving to Queensland, because they laugh at my Adelaide accent all the time.
                  After discovering we lived in the same street within the city square mile, I am somewhat relieved to hear about Stonyfell. The closest I came was Linden Park and Burnside. Although my family have/and do cover Tusmore/Norwood/Leabrook/Glen Osmond.
                  If you were born at the Queen Vic, that’s where my parents now live.
                  Dare I ask where you went to school? And whether you have any association with Second Valley? (feel free to respond in code!)


                  • LOL I was born in NZ so you can breathe a sigh of relief! An army brat, so lots of OS schools but ended up close to home at Saints.
                    So I have a double accent handicap: NZ and SA!! I also follow the All Boacks and the Crows, so there is no hope for me whatsoever lol


  9. LOL Tishy, you must be depressed according to a certain authority on the topic! I just had another thought – maybe NBC had his nose put out of joint over Allison’s preference for colours of clothes to wear, because she did not like the gaudy mustard jackets!


    • I agree, Tishy “must be depressed” that is why we always laugh when she visits and have a great time – not, lol. Good one Tishy and RIP.

      Allison may have felt overweight, going on her statement that she was wanting to lose weight for Jer-RED, black can also be slimming, that is if anything NBC says is true.


    • Mate those jackets are a travesty. The new Comm Games ‘Hipster’ style uniforms are only things I’ve ever seen to potentially rival them lol
      Tonight my sartorial splendouriferousness is yoga pants (without the yoga of course), sweatshirt and uggies. And yes they are ALL black lol


  10. Well well well, so this is where you’re all at! Greetings, great to see familiar names here.
    My favourite person TMcH and her anger at GBC cheating on HER. Outrageous.


  11. Front page of the Courier Mail is very telling, I think (once the State of Origin team poster is removed). “SHE WAS NOT SUICIDAL”.
    Slam dunk!


    • “Not Suicidal” sure is telling – OMG read the updates now, Reality Bites, NO blood on the razor, yet in the bathroom sink, shower, and towel.


  12. Interesting that the hapless Gerard discounted any thoughts of suicide in his interviews with police.
    Pertinent that all medicos agree that scenario is a furphy.
    Damning that friends and acquaintances find the suggestion laughable.
    The Hyphens look particularly lonely in pursuing this line of thought, embellishing with anecdotal “evidence” of their own imaginings.
    Clearly, once Gerard was housed within the confines of Arthur Gorrie, the debriefing sessions had to cease.
    The Skull Owners look increasingly like shags on a rock. And ripe for picking off, one by one.


    • Yes GHS – he certainly stuffed up day one at his house, if I may dabble in astrology which I never do, there are 2 planets in this case – Planet Earth and Planet Clay


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