Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial – Day 6 – 18TH JUNE, 2014 (New Posters Welcome)

Day 6




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Dr Stark said that the “abrasions ARE NOT within the last couple of hours.”

GBC’s injuries are “not typical” of razor blades.

The smaller injuries, Dr Stark believes, are consistent with a razor cut.   Dr Stark agrees that the science is not exact.


Jury is hearing recorded interview, as per GerRED’s statement:


Photos of police attending the case:


Dr Margaret Stark, forensic physician from NSW takes the stand via video link.

Dr Stark assessed the injuries, from photos supplied, the injuries are scratches on GBC’s face.  The court is being shown photos ‘f the “Abrasion Injuries” resulting from contact with a rough surface.  Some of the three “abrasion inuries” are redder than others, suggesting two sets of injuries caused at different times.

The prosecutor is pointing to small “dots of red” under the big scratch marks.  Dr Stark suggested that the yellowing on the big marks suggests healing, the red marks suggest more recent injuries.   The “yellowy ones” maybe within a day or so, unfortunately it is an imprecise science, she said that the abrasions ARE NOT within the last couple of hours.  Referring to the wide, large abrasions, they are “typical of fingernail scratches”.  Dr Stark said that the scratches are very typical of fingernail scratches as people will pull away, as it hurts.  There may have been some bleeding, it wouldn’t be as much as a wound laceration.  Someone with nails would have to make the scratches, furthermore, Allisons’ nails would have been long enough to make the scratches, as I’ve inspected photos of them.

GBC’s injuries are “not typical” of razor blades; however, she can only say what is likely, as it isn’t an exact science and that using her experience examining thousands of victims of assault and suspects who have been injured gives her the ability of giving an opinion.  Furthermore, GBC’s razor blade is the incorrect width, and one wouldn’t keep going after the initial cut.  The smaller injuries, Dr Stark believes, are consistent with a razor cut.

Dr Stark is now being cross examined by the defence.

The defence is suggesting that the photos can be not clear due to the skill of the photographer, the ambient lighting, film exposure.  and that Dr Stark did not see the scratches in person, that she only inspected the photographs.  Dr Stark agreed that that could all be relevant.  Defence continues to say that there is nothing specifically, that says the scratches were caused by fingernails, Dr Stark agrees that the science is not exact.

Dr Stark said, “With injuries, the only people who know how they were caused a lot of the time are the people present and that a razor blade is less likely; however, she cannot rule it out 100%”.

Dr Stark has been excused.


Dr Candice Beaven, GP, from Kenmore Clinics now takes the stand.

Dr Beaven’s testimony is that, during the consultation with GBC, he advised that he cut himself at least three times with a blunt razor.  Dr Beaven said that there were three separate marks on GBC’s cheek and that she asked him whether he had noticed cutting himself the first time he shaved and why he kept shaving.  GBC said that he’d done them in one motion, Dr Beaven questioned him again, and he said, “maybe more than one motion and that he was in a rush and might not have noticed that he was cutting himself.”  GBC said that he’d been asked by the police to see a doctor to have his injuries documented.  Dr Beavean said she felt Gerard was in a rush and anxious, he wanted to get on with the consultation.

However, GBC was very friendly at the end, he handed her a business card and offered to  help her find a house.

The defence suggested that GBC’s lawyers, not the police instructed GBC to attend the doctor. “That is not what I recall” said Dr Beaven.  Dr Beaven said that the marks on GBC’s face could be similar to marks caused by a “shave biopsy”.


Senior Constable Cameron Simmons, a plainsclothes officer has been recalled to the stand.

Senior Constable Simmons said that Allison’s mobile phone triangulation was a 4 km radius directly behind the Baden-Clay house; however, they were unable to find the phone.  Senior Constable Simmons said that he located Allison’s journal when he returned to the house after it was made a crime scene and that he conducted a search of the house and didn’t find any medication.

Simmons stated that GBC did not become emotional during the recorded interview.  “He didn’t shed a tear”.  Simmons was back at the house 0n 21st April, while the SES was conducting search.  “There was nothing of interest located in the front or backyard”.  Allison’s journal was on the opposite side of the bed to where the covers had been pulled back.  Simmons took possession of fingernail scrapings from GBC.  Simmons searched the cars. On 25th April, the computers and washing baskets were seized from the house.  There was nothing of interest in the computers or found on the clothing or anything else of interest that was seized.

On 13th May, Simmons returned to the family home of the GBC’s to issue a warrant, the house was no longer a crime scene.


Sergeant Julian Dash, a scenes of crime officer has taken the stand.

Dash stated that he took photographs of GBC’s injuries at 12:45pm in the interview room set up for photography on 20th April, 2012, GBC smiled slightly in the  photographs.  Photos taken of hands without visible injuries, photo of GBC’s palms of his hands, with a cut on the right of the palm.


Senior Sergeant Ewen Taylor has been recalled to the stand (Taylor appeared last week).

Photos of the inside of the Captiva, taken at Taylor’s direction, are being shown.

Photos of the main bathroom are being show.

Photos of the rear patio area of the house, the windows, and door frames are covered in fingerprint dust.

Taylor, on a professional basis has interacted with Dr Gordon Guymer who examined the plant species at the GBC Brookfield Road house and at Kholo Creek.

Photos of the rear garden area of the house.

Taylor stated that the family cars were both towed on 21st April, 2012 to be forensically examined.  Taylor attended Kholo Creek with a hydrologist to be shown where Allison’s body was found.

Inside the house was examine for blood and other  physical evidence, without success.  There weren’t any “obvious” signs of cleanup inside the house or signs of cleanup inside the car.

Defence asked Taylor if there was any botanical evidence taken from the car.

A photo is being shown of the back of the Captiva, in the boot area where the third row of seats of fold down.  There are baskets of toys sitting in the back.  A vacuum was used to collect any evidence from the car.

A photo of t he Captiva without the baskets of toys is being shown.

A photo is being shown of the rear driver’s side seat with the seat upright, the rest are folded down.

Senior Sergeant Taylor has been excused.


Senior Constable Carl Streeting, a scientific officer, has taken the stand.

Streeting tested the sinks, taps and vacuum cleaner for blood.  There wasn’t any blood on the vacuum brush.

The carpets were dirty with numerous stains but without blood.

There was  stain on a towel hanging over the shower that was positive for blood, it was sent to be tested further.

Kitchen taps gave a positive reading, most kitchen taps would show positive readings as the chemical reacts to bleach and rust.

Positive reading means that they will swab for blood

The bathrooms showed positive readings as did the sinks, all were swabbed for blood.

GBC’s razor did NOT give a positive reading for the presence of blood.

The Captiva was examined for blood, where the third row of the seats fold down, blood can be seen running down the side.

This is “transfer blood stain” from an object or a person who has come in contact with the surface and transferred the blood

There is a second “flow rivulet” of blood in the same area.

The defence will now cross examine Streeting.

The defence asks if it is possible to date how long the blood has been there.

The prosecution asked Streeting  if blood will degrade over time., Streeting responded, “yes”.


Sergeant Anthony Venardos, a scenes of crime officer takes the stand.

Sergeant Venardos took photos of GBC’s scratches and injuries on 21st April, 2012.

Photos of scratches on GBC’s face.

Photos of two vertical  scratches on the lower part of GBC’s neck.

Photo of large red graze-like mark on GBC’s chest.

Sergeant Venardos said that he and other detectives wearing coverall outfits, hairnets and boot covers attended Kholo Creek, they found a well used path down to the bridge.  Sergeant Venardos said that they took a path down to the bottom that had not been used much, it was fairly steep, with the embankment being very soft and muddy.  Due to the mud, Sergeant Venardos fell and injured himself, the Water police threw ropes to him and assisted in pulling him out.

The defence is cross examining Sergeant Venardos.

The day had clear weather when Sergeant Venardos walked down the embankment with his camera.


Senior Constable Paul Tatters, photographer, has taken the stand.

Tatters photographed GBC on 14th June, 2012.

Photo of GBC with greying hair and beard.  There is a section of beard that has been removed with clippers.  One can still see pink marks where the beard was shaved.

Court adjourned until 10.00am 19th June, 2014






























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Allison Baden-Clay disappearance in pictures:





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18 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial – Day 6 – 18TH JUNE, 2014 (New Posters Welcome)

  1. Blood in the car, blood on the towel, blood in the sink and the shower – chilling.

    No blood on the razor.

    This situation is so sad, horrible, imagine, just imagine, it looks like he did it, we knew it, but to me, it is still confronting.


    • Yep – it is very confronting. And when I read things about him giving his business card to the doctor, I just feel sick. What a cynical and self-serving creature he is.


      • I agree, melbomartin, lovely to see you here daily.

        How could anyone claim to be upset over their wife missing (or relieved, more like it) and be drumming up business at the doctor? He should be absolutely devastated. Drumming up business, days after his wife is missing? OMG!

        No, he was perhaps thinking, “my bills will be paid off, I’ll be with TMcH, I have a new life, have to sell more, my career, my career”.

        Perhaps he dressed up the morning Allison died, with his “happy” pink stripped shirt, suit pants and cufflinks, as he was looking forward to his new life?

        The opposite of Allison, as per the claim of NBC that she was depressed, as she wore black one time, GBC was wearing pink, with cufflinks, happy, as he was looking forward to his new made life?


          • You are right in all your first comments, melbomartin. I don’t think the BC family know what real feelings are. They can’t feel, as anyone else, is not about them. I agree, GBC treated Allison as a “princess” until he caught her, and then, he treated her as his property as he went along trying to stroke his own ego, collecting more women. I still maintain that there is something more to his “preferences” due to how he treats women, and also what he said to Allison; he has something to prove to himself, and to his family, as men like women and from his comments to Allison, that she noted in her diary with regard to her “naturalness”, he didn’t seem to 100% like women, so there could be built up anger and disgust within himself as he isn’t being true to who he is.


  2. Yes Moonlight, it is indeed!! And all those injuries he sported the next morning are ones sustained in a life and death struggle. It’s clear as day to me. Hopefully to the jury too.


  3. Interesting that there is a ‘well used’ path down to the bridge. This is not a pedestrian area, so I wonder who ‘well uses’ it…scouts perhaps, since it borders their property??

    I always felt there would be an obvious way down. Not one that a person who does not know about it would find in the middle of the night, but one which a person who does (scout?) would be able to use quite well at night to deposit something under the bridge, out of sight from helicopter search teams and pedestrians….

    I see at that it was new moon on 21 April 2012, so it would have been very dark, no moon visible really at that time. Good for under cover activities, minimising being seen. One wonders if this was factored into the plan or if it was coincidental??? Nothing will surprise me…


    • Hi RIP,

      The scout groups would walk along Kholo Creek, they said it was cursed. This was before Allison passed away.

      I didn’t know, until I read today, that there is a track down there, you can’t see it from the bridge, you can’t see anything really, when driving over the small bridge.


  4. The man is going to stick with the shaving cut story come hell or high water. He is so used to deception and getting away with it (an ongoing and undetected affair for years, this takes some doing).
    He walked into his daughter’s bedroom that morning with shaving cream on his face. The daughter claims this was not a usual occurrence. Boldly mentioning blunt razors, the fact he was in a rush, shaving cuts, ‘people say it looks suspicious’, to all and sundry. The man must hammer this point home and he will be believed, damn it. He claims he hadn’t bought a new razor for 6 mths and yet he further claims he likes to shave his face smooth. Hmmm. It’s a pity that the blunt razor cut his face on this particular morning, in a style so frighteningly similar to fingernail scratches. His wife is missing but he MUST have his smooth face. As you do.


    • Hi Reality Bites, good morning! 😀

      Well said, then yet, he grows a beard after Allison dies.

      So, he has to have a smooth face, rather than looking for her, but then she dies, and it suddenly isn’t important anymore to have a smooth face, as he has to hide those scratches.

      When our horses got out, I didn’t bother about my appearance, I didn’t make sure that I wore jewellery, as GBC wore cufflinks, and shaved under my arms and legs, as GBC shaved his face. I got in the car and looked, how I was dressed in that moment, until I found them, calling and calling and calling and people heard me. I stopped people on the side of the road.

      No-one has come forward to say that they saw/spoke to GBC looking for Allison. Same as OW. If she spoke with a local, asking after Allison as she claimed in her testimony the other day, the rumour mill would have said so.

      The other thing I wonder about, is if he cleaned the house, got himself all “beautiful” expecting “visitors”. Good for business to look your best, good for business having a nice clean house. Good for business to go to the doctor and try and sell her house for her days after your wife disappears.

      That thought is so terrible, I hate it.



      • Moonlight, clearly you loved your horses hence the difference in appearance and attitude. His lack of empathy is astounding.
        It’s interesting isn’t it that the rumour mill hasn’t mentioned any locals who were approached in the quest to find Allison as claimed by OW.
        Interesting too that his response to the sudden news that Allison’s phone had been triangulated to an area behind their house was a simple “ok”.
        And yes, giving the doctor a business card is callous under the circumstances. Cold, cold, cold.
        I personally don’t believe he ever intended to make happy families with the mistress. I believe he would have preferred to have his cake and eat it too, telling those involved what they wanted to hear. Unfortunately for him both of the women in his life (that we know about) were not accepting their situation and wanted commitment. Commitment! Perish the thought.
        Wasn’t he at one stage being touted as a potential politician? For impression’s sake one needs to have a stable family environment. Running off with the mistress is not a good look.
        Bring on Day 7. . .


        • Reality Bites – you hit the nail on the head! This is why GBC may not have left Allison, in our view, his upcoming political career! You added the puzzle piece that makes sense (besides GBC wanting all the money, and the children). What he did, he wanted it all, mistresses, as you say, and I agree with you, the children, a clean slate with monies owed and a political career. He joined Brookfield’s school’s P&C to try to make contacts for his political career.



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