Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial – Day 7 – 19TH JUNE, 2014 (New Posters Welcome)

Day 7



Dr George, ” I did not have any concerns whatsoever that Allison was suicidal”.


Dr Rene Kumar, GP from Taringa is called to the stand.

Dr Renu Kumar

Taringa Medical Centre

GBC visited Dr Kumar for a consultation with regard to his scratches on his face on 21st April, 2012 at 4.00pm.  One scratch was 4cm long x .5cm wide, the other was 2cm long x .5 cm wide.  Dr Kumar also observed scratches on GBC’s neck, which he advised was from a caterpillar.  A third injury was on GBC’s chest, which GBC said was from being itchy, that he scratched himself due to the caterpillar.  GBC said that the facial scratches were from shaving with a blunt razor.  Dr Kumar observed that GBC “looked a bit sad” as his wife had been missing since Friday morning.  However, he wasn’t crying, he wasn’t smiling, he looked sad.

The defence questioned Dr Kumar.  GBC visited Dr Kumar who said that GBC visited her for a consulation as advised by his lawyer, to have the injuries documented.   Dr Kumar said, “I asked him what it was from, that scratched him, and he said that a caterpillar had landed on it and he had scratched it.  The marks on Gerard’s neck and chest were from scratch marks”.  Dr Kumar asked GBC how there could be scratches on his chest like that, she said that he demonstrated for her.  Dr Kumar’s opinion is that the scratches on GBC’ neck and chest were self inflicted; however, the marks on GBC’s face seemed too wide to be caused by a razor, although possible.  She clarified that her opinion is that the cuts on GBC’s face could be caused by an old fashioned razor blade.


Dr Robert Hoskins, GP and former forensic medicine associate professor has been called to the stand.

Dr Hoskins specializes in interpretating injuries and their possible causes.

Photograph – scratches on GBC’s right cheek.

Dr Hoskins points out that there are three abrasions and some small scratches on GBC’s face and there are possibly four small scratches below the broader abrasions.   An abrasion is a “fancy name for a graze.  You can see very clearly that the edges are very raggedy in appearance and that they are not linear, there are notches and a skin tag, with a raggedy edge on the largest abrasion.  The smallest abrasion has a curved appearance, it isn’t linear.  The abrasions have the characteristics of fingernail scratches, they are ragged, the right size and approximately parallel.  I am unable to exclude other possibilities”.

Photo of GBC’s razor.

Dr Hoskins said, “I find it extremely implausible that the scratches were caused by a razor.  We are looking at a device that is designed to prevent such injuries”.

“I have performed shave biopsies, you would use a scalpel or an unexposed linear blade, a local anaesthetic and adrenaline to stop bleeding, then bunch the skin a certain way to biopsy.  You would not use a razor to perform a shave biopsy.  I have assessed dozens and dozens of scratch injuries and the large abrasions on Gerard’s face would have bled at the time”.

“The smaller scratches underneath the large abrasions could have been caused by the razor as they appear to have been caused after the large abrasions.  The larger injuries would more than likely have happened between six and 24 hours before the photograph was taken.  The smaller scratches more than likely happened less than six hour before the photograph was taken.”

Photo of the GBC’s chest with chest marks.

Dr Hoskins said, “There are two, possibly three marks at the base of Gerard’s neck.  The marks are parallel, top to bottom, or bottom to top.  The marks on the neck could be explained as scratches through clothing, other causes cannot be ruled out and they do not seem to be from repeated scratching.  The injury on Gerard’ left hand side of his chest have two features.  Some bruising and superficial scratching and red marks.  There isn’t anything that immediately leaps to mind to say what caused it.  The marks appear to be in different directions, I emphasise appear to be. Possible causes include repeated scratching, it is possible Gerard could have done it to himself”.

Prosecution:  “How could repeated scratching cause bruising as well?”.

Dr Hoskings said, “The bruising could be caused by falling against an object or striking an object”.

“The bruising and red marks to Gerard’s armpit has three possible causes.  Clothing being pulled backwards, a backpack strap being pulled, or fingernails through clothing”.

Photo GBC’s face.

Photo of Allison’s hands.

“Allison’s nails have characteristics likely to give rise to injuries such as this”.

Defence:  “The possible causes of Gerard’s injuries are complete speculation.  You cannot rule out other causes”.

Dr Hoskins, “I can rule out some”.

Defence: “Police initially asked Dr Hoskins for photographs of the fingernail scratches, they say he offered his opinion.

Dr Hoskins, “I was asked to provide a report”.

Defence:  “It’s impossible to be 100% sure on the cause”.

Dr Hoskins, “That is true”.

Defence:  “One of he causes that cannot be ruled out is a razor blade”.

Dr Hoskins:  “I am confident that they weren’t caused by a razor.”

Defence:  “But you cannot rule it out”.

Dr Hoskins: “Yes I can.  It is implausible that the scratches on Gerard’s face were caused by a razor.  I am unable to say whether one of the smaller scratches is joined to one of the larger abrasions.  The aging of injuries is not a precise science.  I formed my opinion from looking at the photographs.  If it is a skin flap at the top of the abrasions, it would indicate a bottom to top motion.   The injuries to Gerard’s chest area are essentially bruising with two or three abrasions, although I cannot say conclusively that they are abrasions”.

Defence:  “Another expert gave an opinion that he could not confidently identify the abrasions referred to”.

Dr Hoskins:  “I spent a lot of time examining the images, enhancing them and I feel I identified some skin breaks.”

Prosecution queries again with regard to the abrasions on GBC’s face.  Dr Hoskins said, “Whether the blade is old or new does not change my opinion on the cause of the abrasions.  In my own experience, I find it more likely that you would cut yourself with a new blade.”


Dr Leslie Griffiths, Queensland Health forensic medical Officer takes the stand.

“Part of what I do is interpret injuries.  I examined GBC at 7.15pm on 22nd April, 2012,which was later than when the photos were taken.   There were broad abrasions on GBC’s face with signs of advanced healing.  There were irregularity in the marks on the face.  The edges were irregular, not as distinct as you would see a cut.  I believe whatever caused the abrasions was in a down direction.  I cannot be sure if the injuries would have bled.  The first abrasion is 2.5mm wide, the second is 4mm wide and the lower one is 2mm wide.  A cut to the skin from a knife or blade has a defined edge.  It’s just a split in the skin.  The scratches could be caused by fingernail scratching, particularly due to the face that the direction is down.  There may be other explanations, but the impression I formed is that they could be caused by fingernails.  I have not ever seen an injury like that caused by a razor, it is highly improbable.  They were abrasions, not cuts, a razor would not cause an abrasion; however, you might look at it.  The smaller marks on Gerard’s face were not present when I saw him on the 22nd”.

Police photograph of Gerard Baden-Clay's face.

Police photograph of Gerard Baden-Clay’s face. Photo: Court Exhibit


“There are two definite abrasions that are tapering on Gerard’s back.  The marks are from top to bottom, tapering at the bottom.  My impression is that they were caused by fingernails.  There is an area of redness above the two abrasions, the abrasions are linear.  A fingernail could have lifted off the skin half way down, applying less pressure.  There could be other explanations, I cannot think of any, but there may be.  I cannot be certain about the injuries above Gerard’s armpit.  It could be caused by a strap from a bag.  I would classify it as a bruise with a patterned abrasion.  The chest injury is a patterened abrasion.  It could be caused by fabric being forced against the skin; however, I cannot form a conclusion.  Whenever there is a bruise, the injury is generally at least 18 hours old.


Police photograph of injuries on Gerard Baden-Clay's chest.

Police photograph of injuries on Gerard Baden-Clay’s chest. Photo: Court Exhibit

Marks on Gerard Baden-Clay's neck.

Marks on Gerard Baden-Clay’s neck. Photo: Court Exhibit


I shaved part of Gerard’s beard to examine the injuries.  There was full healing for two months; however, there were still markings of healed abrasions.   The healed marks confirm my opinion that the injuries were abrasions, not cuts.”

Defence:  Dr Griffiths advised that there could still be signs of other injuries, injuries that were more superficial than the facial injuries.  Dr Griffiths stated that he cannot imagine any razor available on the market today that could cause those kind of abrasions.  He did not notice any skin tags during his examination on 22nd April.  He didn’t come to the conclusion that the abrasions were from bottom to top.  He agreed that the interpretation of the injuries can be imprecise.  Dr Griffiths said that the marks on GBC’s neck are much more superficial and that the abrasions seem to be caused from top to bottom, with less pressure at the bottom.  Dr Griffiths is asked about a report written by Dr Wells who said that he cannot indicate direction.  Dr Griffiths said,”Well, that is his opinion.”  Dr Griffiths said that he believes from seeing the abrasions in person, the marks were patterned abrasions.  He repeated that they were patterned abrasions with some suggestion of directionality.

The Defence said that Dr Wells’ report stated that it is a chest bruise.  Dr Griffiths said that that would involve a blunt force, “I think it is an abrasion.”

Photograph from the police examination of Gerard Baden-Clay.

Photograph from the police examination of Gerard Baden-Clay. Photo: Court Exhibit

Cameron Early has now been called to the stand.

Cameron met GBC through the school and local show society.  Mr Early said that he saw Gerard at 9:15am on 19th April, at the school cross country.  Mr Early said that Gerard pulled towards the left side of his neck and said, “Oh sh*t what was that”.  Mr Early said that he presumed GBC has been bitten, he also saw a welt about an inch long and red on the top of his neck.  Mr Early also recalled that GBC had a red eye, he said that he can’t say for sure, but he thinks GBC spent a “good few minutes” scratching his neck and later continued to be irritated.


Ms Susanne Heath has now been called to the stand, a close friend of Dr Bruce Flegg’s.

Ms Heath has known GBC since 2009, as she sold a property through GBC’s company.  Ms Heath has not met GBC’s family or wife.  Ms Heath said that in March 2012, during the election period, she phoned Gerard.  Ms Heath said that Bruce Flegg asked her to call Gerard as he was having financial problems and wanted to know if Bruce could lend him money.  She said that she felt quite sad for him and that she thought he’d been quite successful in business; however, she didn’t think they would have “that kind of money”.  Gerard told her he would go broke if he didn’t get some money, and that he needed $300,000.00, she thought that he was under a lot of stress.

The defence suggested that Ms Heath was not told by Gerard that he could go bankrupt, she agreed.

Ms Heath said that she was on the phone to Bruce Flegg on 19th April and that he asked her to turn her TV down because he heard a scream.   Ms Heath said that she didn’t have the TV on.


Professor David Wells, from Perth, is on the stand via video link,  Professor Wells is a forensic physician.

Professsor wells specializes in injuries relating to allegations of interpersonal violence.

Professor wells was sent photographs and reports from doctors on GBC’s injuries.

Photo of GBC’s facial injuries

Professor Wells, “The abrasions are linear abrasions, the injuries are due to a form of blunt trauma where an object has come into forceful contact with skin and lifted a layer.  The object would not have been smooth, it would have had some irregularity, implements such as fingernails, or a claw from a domestic animal would fulfill the  type and arrangement of the injury”.

Photo of disposable razor

Professor Wells, “I cannot reconcile that type of razor producing such an injury.  I cannot see a mechanism whereby the blade could cause those sorts of  injuries in normal use.  Below the abrasions there seems to be some fine linear marks.  Conceivably those could have been caused by a razor.  Injuries from shaving are more likely to occur at skin protuberances, pimples or moles.”  There is a difference between straight cuts and raggedy abrasions.  Furthermore is is an “unusual site” for a shaving injury.  Professor Wells said, “There are wide areas of abrasion, a razor will produce fine marks.  It would have taken more than one motion to cause those abrasions, if caused by a razor.  The abrasions were  not caused by a sharp object they were caused by something with an uneven edge.  Fingernail scratches are rarely exactly parallel or involve all four fingers marking the skin”.

Photos of GBC’s neck and upper torso.

Professor Wells, “I believe the injuries on Gerard’s neck are bruises, at least two broadly parallel bruises.  The marks could have been caused by objects moving across the skin, for instance two fingernails dragged across the skin could have caused the marks.  The injury could have been caused by fingernails over the top of clothing, more likely to get a bruise than abrasion.  The injury on Gerard’s chest has an area of bruising, that appears to have a patterned feature.  Fingernails applied through fabric could have produced such an injury, but so could an impact, like a fist.  The injury above Gerard’s right armpit is an area of bruising due to blunt trauma.  There isn’t any way to comment on the timing of the different injuries.  It is quite likely that there would have been bleeding associated with the facial injuries.  It is difficult to tell how old the facial injuries are, some hours, a day, the surface of the injury is dry”.

Defence, asked if examining the photos is the same as examining in person.  Professor Wells agreed that fingernails over the top of a shirt are more likely to cause a bruise rather than an abrasion.

Professor Wells has repeated that there isn’t any correlation between the razor blade and facial injuries, that the razor blade will not produce that pattern of injury.

Professor Wells, “If a razor was damaged in some way, it increases the likelihood of it causing a skin injury”.

Photo of the palms of  GBC’s hands.

Defence:  “are the marks on the hands consistent with being caused by a screwdriver?”

Professor Wells, “I’d be very surprised if I used those words”.

The defence read from his notes, “I could have misquoted you”.  Professor Wells, “You did, but I won’t hold that against you”.

Defence, “Were the injuries from a damaged razor?”

Professor Wells, “The pictured razor did not seem to be damaged”.


Sergeant Kathryn Denny from police photographic has been called to the stand.

Sergeant Denny photographed the bank at the Kholo Creek bridge.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was left of one of the bridge pillars, below the bridge and not to the side of the bridge.  This was found through a process of overlaying a number of images.


Police examine Allison Baden-Clay's car.

Police examine Allison Baden-Clay’s car. Photo: Court Exhibit


Dr Tom George, psychiatrist has been called to the stand.

Dr George, “I first saw Allison in September, 2003 and then periodically until July, 2009.

Dr George has 36 years experience.  He said that Allison was 26 weeks pregnant with her second child.  Allison described having a panic attack in the car and had avoided for fear of another panic attack.  Allison’s confidence levels had dropped, she wasn’t sleeping well and was less energetic.  Dr George had a lengthy consultation with Allison with regard to treatment options during pregnancy and prescribed Zoloft.    Dr George said by the time Allison delivered, she was virtually symptom free by the time she delivered, in fact, within a few weeks, there was a vast improvement, a significant improvement.  The situation was resolved.

Allison contacted him again in 2006 when she fell pregnant with her third child.  Allison very quickly responded to the Zoloft, the dose had been increased at 28 weeks of pregnancy, which is normal for the increase in blood volume.

After the birth of Allison’s third child, Dr George said that he reduced Allison’s Zoloft back down to 50mg.  “She was doing extremely well, without any problems whatsoever in 2007 and 2008”.

Dr Geroge said, “Allison and her husband came to see me in 2009 about difficulties in the marriage.  They were both together throughout the consultation.  They both spoke of difficulties from their own perspectives.  Gerard was frustrated that Allison left the decision making to him.  Gerard said that Allison was capable and made decisions while he was away but was so dependent on him when he was home.  Gerard also complained that the business was under financial pressure and Allison had spent money on an expensive treadmill.  Gerard was contemplating ending the marriage but was concerned about the impact on Allison and the children.  Allison did not want the marriage to end.  I told them to see a marriage counsellor”.

“When I saw Allison on 26th June, 2009, she didn’t have any depressive symptoms.  When I saw her again on the 29th June, Allison said that she and Gerard were living separate lives under the one roof.  When Allison arranged a weekend away for their wedding anniversary, Gerard could be involved in the plan if he chooses.  Allison was depression free at this consultation.  Allison was extremely fond of her children and very proactive with helping them.  I did not have any concerns whatsoever that Allison was suicidal.  Beyond the first one or two consultations, Allison was fine.

Defence:  The defence is going through Allison’s symptoms.  Defence said that Allison had her first panic attack while she was driving.

Dr George, “Allison was more suffering from depression that anxiety at that time.  The anxiety was secondary.  She was an anxious sort of person at the best of times, it affected her depression.  Allison had experienced anxiety as a child.  Allison had a bad reaction to an antimalarial medication and hallucinations and now that drug is discredited.

Defence:  “In February, 2006 Allison told  the doctor that her symptoms were returning and that she wanted to return to the Zoloft.  Anxiety seemed to occur during each of Allison’s pregnancies.”

Dr George, “It is not unusual for any medical condition to return as a pregnancy advances.  Gerard called me when Allison was pregnant for the third time concerned that she would be disappointed that she was having a girl.  Gerard told me that they both wanted a boy.  Allison was disappointed initially but recovered very quickly.

The Defence has raised the subject of an email in 2005, which was at the beginning of Dr George’s treatment of Allison, that  Allison sent Dr George, asking him to write a letter explaining her history with regard to  not returning to work.    The Defence said that it is not at all uncommon for someone to commit suicide without professionals being aware it was a risk.  Dr George agreed.  The Defence said that a doctor, no matter how conscientious, cannot guarantee that a patient is free from the risk of suicide.  Dr George agreed on principal; however, he insisted that after six years in his care, Allison had not ever self harmed.

Prosecutor:  With regard to t he email that Allison sent, she had worded it that she had been unwell in the past and that the letter related to capital gains tax.


Stephanie Apps, a resident of Brookfield, has now been called to the stand – a surprise witness

Ms Apps said that on 19th April, 2012, she arrived home around 9:40pm with her teenagers bickering in the car, and by the time they arrived home, the bickering was explosive.  Ms Apps shouted at them to get inside the house.  Ms Apps’ daughter knocked over a pot, she then ran to the top of the driveway and shouted loudly at them.  Mrs App’s daughter  then ran into a spider’s web and screamed very loudly, so loudly, that she was worried that the neighbours might hear it.  Later, when she went to see the police, she told them about her daughter screaming.  They took down her details but did not make a statement.  Ms Apps was then approached by a private detective, acting for GBC’s defence team last Sunday, she was asked to provide a statement.

Defence:  Mrs Apps agreed that her neighbours who are across the road, back onto the BC residence.  “I was telling my children to be quiet and to get inside.  She was a mother having an hysterical fit at her children.  Her daughter gave a shrill, startled scream, when she ran into the spider’s web, as her daughter is terrified of spiders.

Court is adjourned until Tuesday at 10.00am.



























































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  1. Seems that GBC shopped for doctors, to see if they could get the “best consultation” to agree with GBC’s claim that he cut himself with a razor…


  2. “I find it extremely implausible that the scratches were caused by a razor. We are looking at a device that is designed to prevent such injuries”. Bravo!


  3. “The smaller scratches underneath the large abrasions could have been caused by the razor as they appear to have been caused after the large abrasions. The larger injuries would more than likely have happened between six and 24 hours before the photograph was taken. The smaller scratches more than likely happened less than six hour before the photograph was taken.” – Dr. Hoskins.
    Uh oh.
    I imagine that this shaving cut story is the hardest sale this real estate agent has ever had to make.


    • Isn’t it chilling Reality Bites?

      I thought I’d feel differently to how I feel. I feel teary for Allison, upset that someone could, allegedly, have done what he has done, and the support he is getting from his family.

      Will they all go down for a fall? OMG. Chilling.


  4. Yes the face scratches are HARD indisputable evidence – they weren’t caused by shown razor as 99.9999% of shaver users and hopefully the jury would agree.

    Hmm – Look like finger nail scratches consistent with your dead wife’s finger nails.
    Hmm – They happened within the timeframe that your wife went missing later found murdered.

    Hmm – methinks your goose is cooked liar.


    • It would be wonderful to watch GBC’s face during the testimony, ICanCU.

      His goose seems pretty cooked to me. If on the jury, I know which direction I would be going towards thus far.


  5. It’s all so disturbing Moonlight (hugs). Begs the question, what is justice? In my mind it isn’t just putting GBC away for a long time – it’s also exposing others for who/what they are IMO. I had placed OW in the ‘undecided’ basket, pending more info. But her little unnecessary comment about ABC supposedly wetting herself while unwell during an outing did it for me. I had hoped under the good Christian cloak there lurked some decency, but I think (as QCL would say) “Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing” could very well be the case. When I need cheering up Moonlight, I just imagine we have fast forwarded a couple of years and Rowena Wallace is playing EBC in a telemovie & making an excellent mockery of things.


    • LOL, Spy Hop, thank you so much for the hugs, you made me laugh with your casting, what a wonderful decision! Rowena Wallace – perfect!

      QCL is very wise.


    • Yes Spy hop, it is disturbing. I found the photo taken in the car (above) with blood running down the side and a hair stuck in it somewhat confronting… the harsh reality of what happened.

      I wonder if they did not sit and ‘talk’ in back of the car (arguing won’t wake the kids here), and this is where he got all his battle scars and sadly Allison was killed…

      I felt very strongly the minute I saw that initial GBC & OW interview on TV that he had killed her and OW knew. She was literally biting her lip constantly in fear of her or GBC saying the wrong thing. Their whole body language screamed murder to me. I still am not sure what her role was and if she was in Brisbane deliberately that weekend to fulfill it, or if she was a bystander, but I suspect she knew.

      Something seems fishy with the family….they could very well have assisted with the planning and execution of this horrible murder. NBC was very involved with taking out and claiming the insurance money. He and GBC could have done the disposal (voices were heard and 2 cars seen near the bridge), and EBC could be the one who baby-sat, cleaned and tidied the house and put out the tea cups for all the visitors expected the next day…time will tell….


  6. Sorry to steer off topic…
    I think this was discussed a long time ago in another realm, but can anyone enlighten me on the circumstances in which the BC clan moved out to Australia? Was it due to political unrest in certain parts of Africa at the time? What immigration rules applied back then – I’m assuming it wasn’t a case of ‘Hey kids lets pack up and try Australia on for size’? What box would’ve been ticked to land on our shores? (can it be reversed? Lol).

    When all is said in done, the name BC has become soured down under. Would they be arrogant enough NOT to sell up and move abroad do you think? (to somewhere not so familiar with the ‘grand BC name’). Where could it possibly go from here? (assuming they don’t end up in jail). Correct me if I’m wrong, but the seniors are both drawing an Aussie pension – not self funded retirees, yes? On the bones of their arses you could say. Unable to feed themselves without help from the Australian public purse & unlikely to find employment. Must be getting harder to pull off a convincing act of ‘superiority’ here IMO….. especially if #1 son gets convicted of murder!


  7. Dear Spy Hop

    For some unknown reason (possibly related to indignation and fingernail nightmares), I found myself thinking of the peerless lineage of the Clays (UK, Africa, Oz).

    Wondered why Nigelaine hadn’t availed themselves of the chance to be associated with one of the world’s finest – Cassius CLAY (for the youngsters, aka Mohammed Ali).

    That idle thought prompted memories of his famous line:

    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

    After retrieving my Zoloft from the car, I realised why they have stayed well away from adopting an even greater CLAY as a relative/forebear.

    They could hardly trumpet “Float like a cannonball, sting like silk” could they? Oops, I forgot about the caterpillar..


  8. Stephanie Apps, a resident of Brookfield, has now been called to the stand – a surprise witness

    Ms Apps said that on 19th April, 2012, she arrived home around 9:40pm with her teenagers bickering in the car, and by the time they arrived home, the bickering was explosive. Ms Apps shouted at them to get inside the house. Ms Apps’ daughter knocked over a pot, she then ran to the top of the driveway and shouted loudly at them. Mrs App’s daughter then ran into a spider’s web and screamed very loudly, so loudly, that she was worried that the neighbours might hear it. Later, when she went to see the police, she told them about her daughter screaming. They took down her details but did not make a statement. Ms Apps was then approached by a private detective, acting for GBC’s defence team last Sunday, she was asked to provide a statement.”

    “Defence: Mrs Apps agreed that her neighbours who are across the road, back onto the BC residence. “I was telling my children to be quiet and to get inside. She was a mother having an hysterical fit at her children. Her daughter gave a shrill, startled scream, when she ran into the spider’s web, as her daughter is terrified of spiders.”

    However, with regard to the above statement, every single witness also heard a huge thud, like a bag of horse feed or a bag of cement. The timeline is also off, as the above screamed at approximately 9.40pm.

    The prosecution should do a test of the scream from the above neighbour’s driveway is heard just as well as one from GBC’s house.


    • This testimony may well explain the differences in times that different people heard different screams. It may well assist the prosecution to differentiate who heard whom scream and when.


      • This kicking the pot and running into a spiderweb event would have been over with in seconds. It would not have repeated an hour or so later or kept dogs in the neighbourhood barking all night.


  9. “Allison spent money on an expensive treadmill” said GBC.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm mistake? Said treadmill, surely, would have been used rather than walking.


    • In one of TM’s statements there was a comment along the lines of ‘Gerard was very generous, he once bought me a camera. Gerard also bought himself a camera’.


        • LOL, Reality Bites.

          You know? I can’t help but think, that razor, perhaps he doesn’t use them normally, GBC grabbed the razor or his father gave it to him, thinking they had a good prop for the crime scene. It just seems to me that as they have lied so much, once a liar always a liar, you can never trust a thing they say.

          Anyway, it is mute, I just had to get it out.




    (1) Fiona White, the Kenmore Hills resident said she heard two loud screams in the distance on the night Mrs Baden-Clay disappeared, between 9pm and 10pm.

    “For me, it was high, quite high scream … it was like … someone was falling off a cliff, being pushed,” she said.

    (2) Susan Ann Braun who lived at Brookfield Rd at Brookfield

    “It was after 11.30pm at night, I was woken to what sounded like someone calling out. I went to sleep and then I was woken up a second time with someone calling out,’’ she said.

    Ms Braun said she heard the dogs next door barking around 10pm and 10.30pm.

    She said she heard someone calling out after 11.30pm.

    (3) Anne Marie Rhodes who lives at Deerhurst St at Brookfield. (Moonlight’s note: Anne’s home is slightly down from the GBC home, sound travelling down).

    She said she heard fighting and a scream after 10pm.

    “Fifteen to 30 minutes later I heard a loud thud and quite soon after that I heard car wheels scream and a car go back, in my mind, towards Brookfield,” she said..

    “I just heard an argument, I couldn’t make out what was being said and I didn’t pay much attention to it,” she said.

    She said the noise was “moderate” and she couldn’t tell if there were two people involved or distinguish a man’s or a woman’s voice.

    “Once again, it was just a female scream and it was fairly short in duration and there was only one,” she said.

    “I heard a dull thud and wondered whether a car had had an accident initially and I was just about to get out of bed and get my husband…,” she said.

    Loud and dull. It was like a sack of horse feed falling onto concrete or something.”

    Ms Rhodes said she was sitting in bed reading and estimated the time between the scream and the thud as being 15 minutes to half an hour.

    (4) Kim Tzvetkoff described hearing a “loud exclamation” on the night Mrs Baden-Clay disappeared. “It was a loud exclamation, I can’t describe it as a scream. It was more of a startled, cut short, exclamation,” he told the jury.”It didn’t last very long at all. It was an abrupt, cut short, type of thing.


    (1) David Jenkinson who lived at Karalee said he heard a noise around 10.30pm on April 19, 2012. “The first thing that we were alerted to was the dogs barking, that woke me up. After that, the noise that I heard was initially two heavy thuds, one straight after the other,” he said.“The only way to describe it was like a cement bag or something heavy being thrown onto the ground. “Probably not too long after that, maybe half a minute, I heard what sounded like a car door close


    • Thanks Moonlight for all of your hard work 🙂
      The noises heard at Karalee appear ominous but how close is it to the persons of interest? It isn’t near Kholo Creek according to my friend Google.


      • Hi RB,
        Yes Karalee is across the river from the bridge where Allison’s remains were found.
        We live about 1km east of the bridge and had a very unsettled evening that night (19th).
        Found out next day Allison was missing, kids came home from school saying “he (gerb) did it”, Gerb lawyered up and the rest is history… If we had only known to look under the bridge .. I have seen people fishing down there which may be why there was a track….


  11. “Ms Apps was then approached by a private detective, acting for GBC’s defence team last Sunday”.

    Umm… private detective… is that a normal part of the Legal Aid package? Who paid for that??


    • They must be desperate for some shred of evidence that may help their case, considering there is such an overwhelming amount against the person they are trying to defend.


    • What the hell? Private detective last Sunday? I think that would fall under the category of “tampering with a witness’?


  12. No, not exactly GHS. Were there coincidentally two sets of screams heard on the night of 19 April 2014?
    Actually starting to clarify events.
    PS Coincidentally is stating to get a get monotonous.
    PPS Actually on second thoughts, “Used” does come to mind, yes. Apologies GHS.


    • Dear QCL, lovely to see you.

      I think there were too screams. There is also a difference between a blood curdling scream and a fright scream. There were also different descriptions of the screams from different people.


  13. No offence meant to Normal people here;
    but this matter seems to have more kinks than a rattle snake.
    Especially by those who profess innocence.
    Not necessarily by those who profess to want justice, or those who care a fig, or those who care for the living.
    But by those who appear to be “Above the Law”‘ whoever they may be.


  14. Wondering if Mr Tax Man might have a look at Nigelaine finances in view of the ‘not working just helping out with odd jobs’ status vs the apparently significant and active roles mentioned by witnesses.
    And yes, who is paying for a private dick?!


  15. I am still a little confused as to why GBC sporting a blue eye too after Allison’s disappearance is seemingly not mentioned. Remember he took to wearing dark glasses for some time? I suspect it was to hide this blue eye, and it appears it was successful – it looks as if it has been missed…???

    I am NOT talking about a ‘red eye’, ie the whites of his eyes being red at all.I am talking about an external injury – being bruised around his eye.

    See around his right eye, but especially on the inside next to his nose at

    Looks like a slight shiner to me – how can this be missed???? Or am I seeing things?


  16. Something is niggling in the back of my mind.

    GBC claimed he had cut his hand while changing a light globe the previous day/evening at a friend’s house.

    Who was said friend, and why has he/she not been called upon to verify this statement?


    • I thought I read somewhere that he claims the injury was caused by a screwdriver (whilst changing the light bulb?) but that theory has been debunked as highly unlikely.

      Another thing. . he wears shoes when he irons. That evening his daughter noticed he was wearing pyjamas and shoes, unusual enough for the daughter to comment on it to which he responded that he was going to do some ironing and he always wears shoes when he irons.


  17. GHS I remember the ‘friend’ were with him at the property but said she had no knowledge of the said incident, he did not mention or complain to her at all about having been cut while they were there.So yet another fabrication…..I think it was caused by a fingernail digging into his hand ferociously.


  18. I still wonder where the murder happened? In the yard? – if so why didn’t the kids hear anything. Did they go for a drive together? Did they go for a walk together? Did she go for a walk alone and he pursue her?

    We know he transported Allison’s body in the back of the car to the bridge. But from where?

    Why didn’t the kids hear anything when the rest of the neighbourhood heard several screams early in the evening? Doors and windows shut with air con on maybe?

    Were the kids “scared” to say anything apart from what they had been told to say by gerb, dead eyes and nige?
    Would they tell a different story now?

    questions, questions – a lot still doesn’t add up.


    • It is baffling about the screams. I know when my windows and doors are shut I can barely hear anything. Others in my house can have the tv blaring and I can’t hear it in my room, let alone dogs barking or neighbours having a domestic. The only thing I can hear are the burnouts by the local hoons.


    • There are lots of questions still unanswered ICanCU.

      I am beginning to wonder if they did not make a habit of sitting and discussing things in the car after the children’s bedtime. That way if voices get raised the children will not be woken up or exposed to this discord. Could explain the kids’ belief that their parents don’t argue.

      Perhaps the final discussion led to her telling him she’s had quite enough and will be seeing a divorce lawyer in the morning.She may even have tried to get out and run or call for assistance, which could be when her phone was thrown some distance away in the dark, when she screamed and they fought tooth and nail on the back porch, getting her hair full of dirt.Possible?

      She may have been choked or suffocated till she was unconscious, he may even have thought she was dead. Perhaps she woke back up after she was dressed in her walking clothes and put in the car for transport. It may be that she was killed in the car eventually – remember this also happens to be where her blood was found, and there has been rumours of the sighting of 2 people in a car fighting with a 3rd moving object….???

      The next few weeks will likely answer some of these questions…


      • Hey RIP,

        Nice to still be talking after all this time.

        There still seems to be some established facts which should have the jury wondering.

        1. Gerb is a liar, cheating on his wife for approx 3 years before she found out. This would lead to a conclusion of a person used to practicing deceit in his home and work environment on a daily basis, so any statements made by him would have to be discarded as unreliable.
        2. It is clear from the forensic experts that the facial abrasions are most likely finger nail scratches and definitely not caused by his razor (no blood). Then why would he lie about them? And why did they occur that evening of all evenings?
        3. It is also clear Allison was not suicidal given the testimonies from psychiatric specialists who had been treating her for many years. Then why did Gerb’s family emphasise her depression if there was nothing to hide?

        Crikey if wearing dark clothes makes one depressed then I have spent most of my life on the verge of suicide. What a stupid juvenile dumb ass thing for Nige to imply.

        So far if I was on the jury – GUILTY!!!! And from the judge: life with no mirror or cell phone and only a blunt razor!!!!

        All the best all ….

        PS .. Thanks Moonlight for your wonderful coverage…


        • Dear ICanCU

          I want to echo your gratitude to Moonlight for such dedicated work over the past few weeks – not a job for the faint-hearted. So well done, and deserving of the highest praise.

          I’m trying to get my head around the outcome of the past two weeks of the trial.

          For some reason, I feel unsettled.

          Yes, there is ample forensic evidence of fingernail scratches and little weight regarding razors/shaving.

          The mad Hyphens have made their pitch about Allison’s state of mind/clothing/blinds drawn etc etc (to little avail, I would have thought)

          Plenty of witnesses attesting to screams/thuds/anxious dogs on the night in question.

          General medical consensus that Allison wasn’t deemed a suicide risk.

          Growing proof that GBC was unfaithful, in dire straits financially, an unsupportive husband.

          Chilling testimony that Allison’s body was placed with deliberation.

          But still, I’m uneasy.

          I’m praying that the Crown comes out with all guns blazing and perhaps some surprises over the remaining days of the trial.

          From my distant past, I recall something about the value of “primacy and recency” being the most pivotal in the minds of those receiving information and coming to conclusions.

          The foundations have been laid, but I sincerely hope that the jury will be blitzed with factual information towards the end of their tenure.


          • Like you both, ICanCU and GHS, I’d like to warmly thank Moonlight for her tireless efforts on the site during the trial process, not to mention her fantastic enthusiasm throughout! It is greatly appreciated and really wonderful to see there are still caring individuals in this world.

            Regarding your comments as to feeling unsettled GHS, I think generally most of us feel the prosecution isn’t driving a hard line to make a case to prove GBC’s guilt. They seem to let witnesses ramble on at length, but at times do redirect the evidence to make a particular point.

            I think we are roughly half way through the trial now. So as you summarised we have Allison’s body, found where it was with no determined cause of death. Much testimony has taken place as to her depression/anxiety throughout her marriage, and the state of their marriage in the years prior to her death. All along a picture of GBC is also emerging, that he is a consummate liar and a philanderer. The jury will make of that what they will. GBC has also stated to a psychiatrist back in 2009/2010 that he wanted to leave the marriage, but Allison did not.

            Thinking ahead, the evidence yet to come relates to GBC’s financial circumstances at the time of Allison’s death. I’m sure there will be much attention and detail given to this in court, and the balance sheets will not be positive in his favour. The state of his financial affairs in itself creates a motive for murder, in the jury’s minds, given further evidence that he questioned the insurance company regarding Allison’s life insurance cover prior to her death (or maybe his ‘financial advisor’ did that = NBC?) A notification of a claim is made on Allison’s policy, from memory before the body was identified, but evidence on record will confirm that. GBC no longer wanted to be in the marriage, he was in financial debt up to his eyeballs, and stood to gain a signficant amount from Allison’s death. As an aside GBC also managed to sell a property of his and Allison’s at Paradise Point while he was in his new lodgings at Arthur Gorrie, but the proceeds of the sale were blocked in court by Allison’s parents, pending the outcome of the trial.

            The phone and computer records are also still to come. Exactly what these will reveal and how they are interpreted, we will soon discover. At the end of the day it IS all circumstantial evidence, and the jury has to weigh up all the facts that have been presented. The jury will have to question how Allison came to be under the Kholo Bridge where she was found, as no family vehicle was located at the scene (big mistake for GBC and his case, in my opinion.) Not enough Zoloft was found in her system to kill her as per post mortem findings. Due to the state of decomposition of her body, the jury could potentially question whether she slashed her wrists or died by some other means, but again, how did she get to the bridge? She did not jump from the bridge, as if she was alive, the forensic experts have stated she would have broken bones being a drop of some 10m.

            Which direction the trial goes from here, who knows? The bottom line though, is that in our judicial system in Australia in 2014, guilt has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, with the defense having to ‘prove’ nothing, as we all know. As to any ‘blazing guns’ or new evidence, I’m not sure that is going to happen, factual evidence yes, I hope so.


            • Hi once again SFA,
              at least the “mad hyphens” as GHS so eloquently describes them are now trash in SE Qld and in many other parts of Australia.
              Whilst there are some great people in the Kenmore and Brookfield areas, they are a hellishly snobbish bunch and wouldn’t take too kindly to associating with a clan involved in this kind of scandal.
              I doubt Cr de Wit and Dr Bruce F will be so forward in offering assistance to the crazy sinister hyphens in the future even if the Gerb’s smart legal team and private detectives help him escape full justice.

              If Gerb is acquitted, do we accept he didn’t do it? I don’t think I would……


          • Yes, it’s that smoking gun we need. I’m hoping it’ll be Allison’s phone having been found and handed in to police. Also whatever came of the roundabout enquiries?
            I still recall the OJ Simpson case and the mountain of circumstantial evidence against him. For heaven’s sake there was live coverage of him driving with a cavalcade of police cars in pursuit. The slow-motion chase would finally end with Simpson’s arrest in his own driveway. After making the arrest, police discovered $8,750 in cash, a false beard and moustache, a loaded gun, and a passport. Never mind his history of domestic violence and jealousy. Still, no smoking gun. “Guilty!” I screamed. Unfortunately public opinion doesn’t matter to the justice system, and where there’s reasonable doubt in the jury’s collective mind, there simply can be no conviction.
            Very unsettling indeed.


          • Good evening GHS .. if the remaining evidence is mainly a rehash of what was revealed previously in the bail hearings then the summing up by the prosecution will probably make or break the case .. no pressure! I share your concern but am given confidence from the fact that the evidence we have seen before was enough to keep the Gerb locked up for 2 years …


        • Hello ICanCU, It is so nice to see you again. Thought I had lost you!
          Does anybody else get the feeling of being among friends?

          Regarding your post: There does indeed appear to be some established facts, which I trust the Jury will consider.
          1. Gerard is a Liar. Proven.
          2. Gerard is an adulterer. Proven by multiple mistresses.
          3. Gerard appears very “self” orientated.
          Based upon those facts alone, any utterance that has proceeded and does proceed from his mouth may be considered in the same light. A lie, an aberration, a self serving statement. Worth zero, zip, zilch, nothing.
          There is more, which I expect will be revealed in Court in the next fortnight.
          This should prove his common con-artistry skills. Evidenced by his successful financial fleecing of business partners.
          This should prove his financial status as something akin to being on the bones of his arse.
          (Doubt very much if he knows what being plain down financially means though, because he seems to expect money like $300,000 to be dropped in his lap, Whilst at the same time whinging about Allison buying an exercise machine. Whilst at the same time, closing a blind eye to his philandering activities would cost considerable dollars.)


          • Dear QCL

            Just the woman I need at the moment!

            Was it part of my troubled dreams last night, or did Bruce Phegm’s assistant (Ms Heath) actually use the phrase “Bless him” when giving testimony about GBC?

            Surely not….


            • Hi GHS (Cough, cough, something stuck in throat/craw.)
              Something I have been pondering ….
              It’s to do with the new mystery woman A who miraculously remembered something after two years.
              Around the time of hearing from Ms A, we were being fed a diet of lies, slander and mistruths.
              Even the NBC story of doing the baby sitting on the 18th, so that Allison and G could go out for coffee. First thought here was “Coffee” and going out etc, but with a more thought, I wonder if that is another deflection? What mean to say is this: Was it in GBC’s nature to take Allison out anywhere?
              Back to Ms A. Has she been certified checked out etc as a reliable new witness? Or is she being paid? Or she after a bit of fame? No doubt her name will henceforth become woven into the fabric of this sad story forever.
              The reason for this post is that in my mind, something does not sit right with this person coming forward at this time.
              Having said that, her statement does nothing to excuse screams and thuds that were heard by other people that same night at the same time when Allison was being murdered by someone.


          • Yes QCL, old friends now – I have made and lost a few since we have been blogging on this topic. It is refreshing Moonlight has been good enough to set up this more reasonable discussion site for us sensitive souls who aren’t looking to bite someone, just express some thoughts to share without being taken to task by bitter flamers.

            Look maybe he will get off on reasonable doubt given the evidence so far, but no-one has given a reasonable explanation or counter evidence about the blood in the car as yet. And the old toys being placed in there to try and hide the fact. Fingerprints on the toy boxes would be interesting to see who placed them there. The kids implied they hadn’t been placed in there to their knowledge, so it seems they were placed in there in close proximity to Allison’s disappearance. You could make a reasonable argument that whoever placed the toy boxes in there was the person who knew the blood was there, so therefore involved in the murder.


            • I had a tradie at my place a couple of weeks ago.
              One of his regular clients was involved in the forensics on this case.
              He admitted that all was “circumstantial”
              Let’s hope that “circumstantial” multiplied many times over delivers a clear message to the jury.
              And that the esteemed Judge points them in the obvious direction.
              Heaven forbid that the rodent is freed – there will be vigilantes everywhere.


  19. This also is puzzling and I don’t think discussed a lot.
    Two separate thuds.

    10.00pm Anne Marie Rhodes heard fighting, a scream and a thud and car wheels screeching.

    10.30pm (approximately) Anne Marie Rhodes heard a loud thud. Then heard car wheels squeal and the car go back towards Brookfield.


  20. I will be away for a week and may have little or no chance to log on and participate during this time. I have no doubt the new week will bring new revelations and interesting discussion. I am looking forward to catching up and picking up where I left off once I’m back! 🙂


    • Dear RIP – can’t believe you are leaving town at this time. If I were you, I’d be champing at the bit for updates. Will you have access to radio/TV coverage?

      You will be missed. Upon your return, you will be able to make sound observations about what has transpired in your absence…and put us addicts back on an even keel, perhaps!

      Here’s hoping that your sojourn is a happy and peaceful one.


  21. The evidence about Allison’s life insurance will also be damning to GBC’s case. Tommy Laskaris’ statement says the BC’s were contacted on 6th April 2012 saying the premium payments were overdue and the policy would expire on 19th May. Allison phoned the insurance company on 17th April (2 days before her death) to see if her life insurance could be reduced by $200,000, due to lack of funds to pay it no doubt. GBC had to act within that time-frame to claim the money, which he (via NBC) did pronto. This contributes hugely to motive, given the other financial strife he was in – whether he planned to be with TM after that is inconsequential.


    • Good point, SfA. It’s about the money, always about the money. The lack of funds was the most urgent matter to be dealt with. Mistresses and wives can be fobbed off with lies but that won’t cut it with the wolves at the door. Lack of money can make a person very stressed indeed, to take extreme measures.


  22. Yes RB, no doubt GBC was stressed to the max, his credit card was declined on 19th April at the supermarket, he couldn’t pay any bills… If the prosecution can prove motive, he certainly also had the means – he was the last person to see her alive. The injuries on his body are difficult to explain away and look very much like Allison put up a huge fight for her life, poor lady. There’s also her blood and a hair found in the back of the Captiva.

    I’ve heard quite a few people suggest that GBC will give evidence. Although he doesn’t have to testify, I can’t work out whether I think he will or not, but the implication is if he doesn’t, it makes him look so much more guilty. Now that is a day I would love to attend court, if he does take the stand!


    • I swing wildly from feeling certain there’ll be a conviction from so much circumstantial evidence (if it looks like a snake and acts like a snake etc) to feeling very unsettled about that same circumstantial evidence. Crazy.

      I do hope you’re able to be there if he takes the stand, if only to see him face Allison’s family and friends.


  23. Today, the jury of 12, with three reserves, are visiting Kholo Creek Bridge.

    Allison was discovered there, ten days after she was reported missing by GBC.

    We had had torrential rain, the creek would have been flooded and moving. A man who was kayaking found her, curled up on her side.


  24. The jury attended the crime scenes via bus, visiting Kholo Creek and the GBC house at Brookfield.

    The police had placed a road block, not allowing the media near.

    The defence arrived in an Audi Quattro, prosecution in a Mazda CX-5. They inspected the bridge area together.

    The jury walked around the bridge, gathered at the inbound left hand railing, and inspected the scene.

    Jury then visited the GBC house at Brookfield, which is under renovation. The jury looked through the house and explored the carport.

    Jury finished early for the day.


  25. Hp All I’m having all sorts of PC probs , back last Fri (21st) i began a message but could not see it however i see the “Hello” was posted so i dont know if this will appear or not … We have all followed this case from day one and i’ve often wondered what it was that made it different , for me i think it was that Allison comes across as a super mum and a wife who took her vows seriously , but on day one i was unaware of any of that . I do recall seeing the interview with GBC and OW and my immediate reaction was ” he’s bullshitting” , i then searched for the plea made by John Sharpe , the bloke who killed his wife , unborn child and daughter with a spear gun as i saw many similarities.
    So far in this trial i have tried to be unbiased and rely on testimony only , as of now i have the prosecution at 90 and the defence rating a 10 .

    Can anyone enlighten me as to whether a Juror can ask a witness questions ? If not , i wonder why not .

    My lovely lady (Diane ) asked a question the other day and i think it needs answering , Does GBC have a life policy? To her , and i agree , normal practice is that the bread winner is the one who’s life is insured not a ‘ stop at home Mum’ … if he is not insured , as an uncertain Juror that’d swing my vote to guilty.

    If correct that GBC had an ‘insufficient funds’ occurence on the same day Allison is supposed to have called the insurer asking to lower the cover the family were in dire straights.

    Olivia Walton testified several times that Allison rarely drove a car , that begs the question of why did they purchase the new Captiva 8 weeks before her death especially when money was tight and she did not or very rarely drove.

    Why did NBC mention time and time again “depression ‘ when qualified medical witnesses stated it was untrue, oh and if wearing black is due to depression Diane must be suicidal, best i tie a leg rope on her and keep an eye out when she grabs a knife to slice my bit of her famous Fruit Cake.

    Speaking of fruit Cakes I wonder if GBC will take the stand , i hope he does . Seeing the ‘suicide’ theory put forward by the defence has been shown to be a furphy , they have not as yet told us how she walked the distance to Kholo creek , she might have caught a bus … someone please ask him if he didnt , who did kill her ?

    Another odd one , we’ve heard testimony that Toni Mac lost it when she found out Allison was headed for the same meeting as she was , if she was so angry that Allison was to be there , why did she attend ? Did she already know Allison could not go ?

    Watching an FBI Files doco the other night a similar case was aired a father who’d killed his wife when found guilty, the insurance payout reverted to the children , does anyone know if that applies in Oz ?

    Early in the investigation we recieved daily updates from a copper who’s names evades me , after GBC’s arrest he seemed to dissappear and i dont recall him being called as a witness , he came across as a man on a mission as did the thw whole of QLD bar the Baden Clay Mob.
    I doubt any of us will ever forget those (including those here) who tried to find Allison and i for one thank them .

    With my computer ‘Gone to God ‘ and this lap top with a mind of its own i can barely keep abreast of the trial but when emailed automatically or linked by someone can still read this site. I have no F/book (probably a good thing) No Banking etc etc but emails i do get.

    Thank you all for keeping me informed,….

    Today Vic has been hit with gale force winds, and heavy rain so much so that part of our corrugated iron roof lifted and flooded our laundry and has wated damaged the plaster wall , ahhh Murphy’s Law … lol The wind was so strong the dog was blown off his chain and i found him at the Butchers front door.

    Cheers for now … Mike.


    • Welcome back, Mike! You and your lovely lady make some VERY valid points.

      How you can be so funny when your dunny door blew over is beyond me.

      At the risk of repeating myself Mike, get thee to Queensland!


  26. Dr Guymer, botanist and director from the Queensland Herbarium advised that there are crepe myrtle and cat’s claw creeper growing along side the carport area and also along the ground in the carport area. These plants were found in Allison’s hair.

    Photographs show fishbone fern and crepe myrtle leaf litter at the rear patio area, along with Chinese Elms including one at the rear patio area.

    Four of the plants found on Allison were growing at the rear patio area. Others along the carport and towards the front of the house.

    ****************BREAKING NEWS *************

    Dr Guymer, “I returned to Kholo Creek bridge on 19th July to complete another survey. Chinese Elm and Eucalypt only found”.


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