MR. TODD FULLER QC – THANK YOU – Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial

Mr Todd Fuller QC

Todd Fuller QC – Prosecutor


  • Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC: One of Queensland’s top silks, Mr Fuller is an assistant director of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. He studied law at the University of Queensland and was admitted as a barrister in 1989. Mr Fuller was appointed principal crown prosecutor at the DPP in 2003. In recent years, he has successfully prosecuted cop killers Phillip Graeme Abel and Donna Lee McAvoy and triple murderer Max Sica.



Dear Mr Fuller – this is our page, dedicated to you, to thank  you.

We appreciate you and your team’s  hard work.

Thank you, you have made a difference.








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6 thoughts on “MR. TODD FULLER QC – THANK YOU – Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial

  1. Mr Fuller and team,

    Thank you so much for all the hard work.

    I know that people in court, after listening to you today, will also be wanting to thank you,and your team.

    I am truly grateful.

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  2. Applause, Mr Fuller.

    Today’s “nitty gritty” performance outshone yesterday’s “crap game”.

    May Messrs Sica and Clay enjoy each others company for many a long decade.

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  3. Well done Mr Fuller, you brought home the goods. There was a point during the trial when evidence was being presented where I questioned you and your soft approach, but you kept your eye on the ball and drew GBC onto the stand. Then it was game on, and I loved your cross-examining of the accused, now convicted murderer Gerard Baden-Clay, where you showed you knew your stuff.

    Best of all, in your summing up last week, you were Allison’s voice from the grave. I applaud you for stating the truth and presenting to the Jury who Allison Baden-Clay really was. A strong, resilient, loyal woman, a loving mother who put up with no end of negativity from her murdering husband during their marriage.

    I think you picked GBC’s narcissism from the get-go and highlighted these qualities to perfection during the trial. Good on you! Allison and her family really needed you, and you delivered what was required to nail the NPD crazy man.

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