Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial Days 19, 20 and 21 – Jury’s Deliberation – 11th/14th/15th July, 2014 (New Posters Welcome)

Days 19, 20 and 21

Friday, 11th July, Monday 14th and Tuesday, 15th July, 2014




 If you wish to donate money to The Late Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Trust Fund, you can do so using these details 

 | BSB: 084 737 | Account Number: 943 084 078.

Jurors deliberating Gerard Baden-Clay’s future, have been warned to not seek outside assistance after one jury member downloaded information on jury deliberations from the internet.

Justice John Byrne recalled jurors two hours after they retired to consider their verdict.

Justice Byrne, “What was done is wrong. I am however grateful that what has happened has been drawn to my attention,” he told the seven men and five women.  “However, I appreciate a juror’s job is never easy and you may look for assistance.’ That assistance must come from the court and only from the court and not from some expert source.  You scarcely need to know what some overseas commentator speaking about a very different system of jury trials happens to think,  the downloaded document won’t be returned to the jury room.”

The jury members already had a guide available to them when they retired to consider their verdict at 11:10am., Thursday, 10th July, 2014, the 18th day of Gerard Baden-Clay’s trial.
The Crown accused Baden-Clay of probably smothering his wife at their house and then dumping her body, rolling it from Kholo Creek bridge.
Our theory is that Baden-Clay, father of three, allegedly smothered Allison by placing his knee on her chest, due to bruising found at autopsy  by the coroner.  Allison’s chipped tooth and  subsequent blood in the car may be related to a mark on Baden-Clay’s left hand, that he claims was from a screwdriver piercing his hand (he is right handed) when he was changing a light bulb.
Before the jury retired, Justice Byrne advised that in order to convict Baden-Clay of murder, they must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt, that Baden-Clay killed her, and that he did so with the intention of causing grievous bodily harm.
Baden-Clay’s defence maintain that Allison, although not one to exercise,  having been reported as happy that day,  and planning a future, had her hair done for the third time to make sure the colour was right, walked 13km on a dark street after 1:48am (after she placed Baden-Clay’s phone on charger), the distance sporting very large hills, without footpaths and proper lighting, (which would have taken an experience walker at least 3 1/2 hours to walk on flat ground),  after depositing her blood in rivulets under the seat  in her two month old car, then  placing children’s toys in the back, then an empty packet of Zoloft at the front of the car, she then walked for hours, and threw herself off the low bridge at Anstead, landing under the bridge itself in the dirt, not beside the bridge, with her jumper over her head, and leaves through her hair with a bruised chest and chipped tooth.
Baden-Clay was so upset at his wife missing, he shaved himself with a razor, to make it look like fingernail scratches, with marks on his chest that appeared as an immaculate conception, the marks that he didn’t mention to police.  He was cool and calm, ringing all his friends and family, rather than looking for Allison, although he did do a drive around at Brookfield one stage, in the area that Allison’s phone was triangulated as missing.  Her phone wasn’t ever found.
Baden-Clay refused to give police subsequent interviews, in fact, he drove out of his way on the way to the police station the following Monday, and somehow, on a one way street, drove a car into a concrete upright, avoiding giving the statement, his bruises on his chest and scratches on his face, his own, for now.

The jury heard 75 witnesses, including Baden-Clay’s former mistress, Toni, whom he rang the night Allison disappeared and after Allison disappeared, from a pay phone, although Baden-Clay denied that he spoke with her, that she is a volatile woman whom he always agreed with.


Approximately 180 items were submitted as evidence, including photographs of scratches on Baden-Clay’s face and photographs of rivulets of Allison’s blood found in her Captiva.



  Any possible copyrighted material included is property of their rightful owners, no copyright infringement is intended.

 2014 All Rights Reserved

252 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial Days 19, 20 and 21 – Jury’s Deliberation – 11th/14th/15th July, 2014 (New Posters Welcome)

    • Yes Moonie , each and every word I understood , many hugs to you … you are an inspiration to us all … thanks for keeping Allison’s name up high while Scum n Skull tried to make out she was a bad Mother and wife to protect their poor excuse for a human from his actions , hopefully he never walks upon the soil of this land a free man ever again , none of you deserve the privelidges Australia gave you …. you are no longer wanted here .

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  1. Justice Byrne, scathing:

    “When you come to parole board, 15 years from now, when you come to parole board in 15 years hence, whatever you say hence, whatever you say will be taken with most scepticism, whatever you say, should not be believed.”

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    • Thank you Justice Byrne for putting this caveat within your sentencing remarks.

      For all to see when the “remorseful, rehabilitated” new version of GBC applies for parole in 13 years.

      It would be a very brave Parole Board/Court that would ignore such pungent words from an esteemed Man Of The Law.

      Burrow in, Gerbil, you ain’t seeing daylight for many a decade, if at all, ever.

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  2. To Moonlight and all members here …….

    Diane and I would like to thank all of you for the support you have given Allison , her children and her family and friends …
    I am certain your words have helped with this finding … I personally gave a few cheers n tears as I heard the verdict via Kate Kyriacou who we also owe a debt of gratitude.

    Thank you All … RIP Allison . ….

    Gerard may your rotten body rot in jail and your soul forever in Hell ! you are nothing but a worthless oxygen thief … Toni , you too deserve hell … you gutter tramp lowlife.

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  3. Allison’s family will release a statement in a few moments, followed by a police statement, yellow balloons will be released.



  4. The evidence has proved that GBC is responsible for the murder of his wife, Allison, it has been a long two years.

    Today is not a win for our family, a closure in another chapter for our family. We have lost Allison, nothing here will bring her back.

    Memories tarnished as taken from us in horrific circumstances.

    Thank you police, scientific experts, public prosecution, experts, thank you to the police for compassion over the darkest of days.

    The family and friends supporting our beloved Allison, hope you find some support.

    Brookfield community have shown empathy and compassion.

    We appreciate efforts to protect privacy of the three girls, we will help them to build their lives, we ask for support to do this.

    Allison was kind hearted and a lovely wife, a devoted mother whose legacy will continue if we remember that life is precious, smile at those who pass you by, and live for today.

    We didn’t get a chance to say goodbye but Allison will remain in our hearts.

    Thank you.

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    The verdict has culminated two years of pain and suffering, we have been overwhelmed with how they have dealt with it, back to 2012, when officers attended when GBC rang, the police were suspicious immediately, the detectives from Indro CIB ramped investigations to a high level very quickly.

    Two Parts – Brookfield show looking for Allison.

    Search at Brookfield – lasted 10 and half days was relentless, we had SES volunteers, who gave up their time to search for Allison, 60+ SES volunteers. Police from other regions conducting search, which was relentless.

    We had police recruits, the whole duration of search the Dickie family were present, including the extended family, the support they gave us under the circumstances, I’ve never seen before, it encouraged us to conduct as we did. We gave up holidays, worked with SES, fire service, BCC, and other organisations, determined to find Allison.

    The disappointment was the time it took us to find her.

    Support from Brookfield community was incredible, food.

    Investigation never wavered, homicide squad, Indro CIB, metro south station, 60 plus detectives, brief of evidence 2000 pages, 150 witnesses. Community, professional people, doctors, scientists, came and did an outstanding job.

    Investigation centre should be acknowledged. The team’s untiring efforts and work, I’ve never seen such a committed bunch, unwavering.

    I wish to thank media, this investigation highlights getting the public message out there – letterbox drops, social media, thank you for working in partnership with us.

    Thank you to all police for their involvement and the community, it is a long time coming, we are very proud of the investigation.

    We never got to meet Allison but dealing with the Dickie family and their extended family, not just myself, but I feel we know all her, as summed up this afternoon by the Dickie family in court. Allison wasn’t anything short than a wonderful person, wonderful mother and daughter.

    Dickies to look after three little girls.

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  6. Evidence provided to court by biologist and hydrologist for critical evidence, acknowledge and thank you.
    Thank you to community for help.


  7. Police, “something about GBC’s version of events that didn’t sit.”

    GBC had “car crash’ at Indro when on way for forensic investigation. Photo of gbc and allison on wedding day in the car.


  8. David Murray @TheMurrayD · 24s

    Allison’s family and friends are taking a yellow balloon each. They were banned from wearing yellow ribbons during the trial


    David Murray @TheMurrayD

    An unforgettable moment outside court as family let go of yellow balloons. One says: ‘Seeya Al.’

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    Seven News will have exclusive pictures and information tonight, of GBC on the night of Allison’s murder.


  10. Great news – so relieved and I will be back later to chat more with you all.

    Going to find a yellow ribbon and wear it for the rest of the week. Rest in peace Allison. Justice has been done. Much love to your family.

    Thank you Moonlight and others for transcribing all this information and bringing it to us. Your patience and endurance is appreciated. xx

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    • It is great news, melbomartin,

      You are welcome and wonderful idea with the yellow ribbon.

      Looking forward to chatting 😀


  11. Thank you so much Moonlight for your dedication and the time you have taken to support seeking justice for Allison. You must be utterly exhausted! What an emotional day, but with a great outcome. I think the Dickie’s and Allison’s daughters’ journey is just beginning, there’s no real joy in the verdict, but a great sense of justice being done. Their victim impact statements were so moving, brought so many to tears. The wide-reaching suffering that one selfish unemotional man can cause.

    I do hope that people suffering abuse (whether physical or emotional) in their relationships can talk about it more freely and ask for help, and we can start to support those around us by listening and caring. Hopefully someone’s life can be saved. Apparently Allison wouldn’t listen to any criticism of GBC, and paid the ultimate price for staying with him. But I really think this is Allison’s legacy, she will not be forgotten and has created such a huge wave of connectedness among people who never knew her.

    I really loved the way Vanessa came out to set the record straight about who Allison really was after so many awful untrue things were said about her during the trial. Justice Byrne’s words when sentencing GBC were fantastic. I thought he’d pegged him for who he is, calling his acts despicable.

    There will apparently be a special programme on Allison on Channel 7 this evening at 8.15pm. I think her parents are being interviewed. I’m not sure if it’s only airing in Brisbane.

    There is an interesting article in the Brisbane Times which details what the jury didn’t know about GBC here

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  12. If the following sentiments appear twice, I apologise. An attempt at an earlier message seems to have disappeared into “the cloud” (see what I did there? pretended to understand technology!)

    I wanted to say that – despite their grief and inherent dignity from Day One – the Dickies really served it up to GBC in their impact statements this afternoon. Right between the eyes.

    Their heartfelt words would have resonated with any person who has a mother, father, sister, brother, child, friend….each and every one of them delivered a telling blow to Gerbil, while maintaining their absolute class.

    Still can’t work out why “Oh Danny Boyle” went missing in action, but full marks to Todd the Terrier.

    While he scared some of us witless with his initial gentle treatment, it was clearly a strategy that worked when he left an indelible image of the real GBC in the minds of the jury.

    I suspect there has never been a better legal example of the old adage:

    “Slowly, slowly….catchy monkey” (Mike will understand, you youngsters might have to google)

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  13. Dear Suncorp,

    Could you please now release the monies to the Dickes for the girls?

    Suncorp bid to freeze Baden-Clay payout
    Date: October 6, 2012

    Insurer Suncorp is seeking to freeze a life insurance payout that was due to go to accused Queensland murderer Gerard Baden-Clay.

    Suncorp has applied to the Federal Court asking it to hold a $350,000 payout ‘‘pending determination’’ of the rightful recipient, the Courier-Mail reports.

    Federal Court documents say the insurer also asked for ‘‘a declaration as to the person or persons entitled to the proceeds of the policy’’.

    The money was from one of two life insurance polices held by Baden-Clay’s late wife Allison, according to the paper.

    Baden-Clay, 42, was arrested in June and charged with murdering his wife and interfering with her corpse at Kholo Creek, in Brisbane’s west.His lawyer has said he will vigorously defend the charges.


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      • G’day Captain!

        I note that Toni of ‘The Face Like a Twisted Sandshoe’ seems to have morphed into a Dunlop Volley in advance of her appearance on 60 Minutes.

        But the better bit is when one of his “dalliances” admits that he actually asked her to find someone “to kill my wife.”

        He’s even worse than we knew…

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          • Dear Sad for Allison,

            We’ll have to try and watch this blonde woman’s face, on upcoming commercials, to see if we think she is genuine or not.


            • Mmmm … all these people coming out of the woodwork now. Interesting.

              So Toni is going on 60 Minutes … nice. I wonder what slant they will take with the story? I have a feeling they are going to make her look bad. I thought she was trying to start a new life for herself. Seems like a counterproductive move really, going on a national television show.

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              • It is “interesting” melbomartin.

                It shows to me that Toni is still about Toni and hasn’t learnt anything from her behaviour…


  14. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Baden-Clay, 42, was arrested in June and charged with murdering his wife and interfering with her corpse at Kholo Creek, in Brisbane’s west. His lawyer has said he will vigorously defend the charges.


  15. Let us hope not:

    Court of Appeal

    The Court of Appeal is a division of the Supreme Court and hears all appeals from the Supreme and District Courts, and many tribunals.

    The court does not hear entire cases or have a jury, and deals only with the subject of the appeal. It is made up of three or five judges of the Supreme Court who consider the grounds of the appeal and make a judgment.

    The judges listen to the arguments by the opposing sides and decide whether an error of law was made or some crucial fact was overlooked in the original hearing.

    The Court of Appeal can:

    dismiss the appeal and uphold the decision of a lower court or tribunal
    allow the appeal, set aside the decision of the lower court and make a different order in its place.
    If the appeal is dismissed, nothing changes. If the appeal is allowed, the judges can order a retrial or make a different order in its place.

    If the application is to appeal against a sentence, the court can increase or decrease the length of the sentence. If the court is considering increasing the sentence on appeal the court will inform you of their intention so that you may withdraw the application. If the Attorney-General appeals, the sentence may be increased.

    The following legislation may assist you:

    Supreme Court Practice Direction 3 of 2013 (PDF, 67.4 KB)

    Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (particularly Chapter 18)

    Civil Proceedings Act 2011

    Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991

    Criminal Code Act 1899 (Qld) (particularly Chapter 67)

    Criminal Practice Rules 1999 (particularly Chapter 15)


    • I think there are two chances of an appeal.

      “Buckleys” and “none.”

      The Judge has been ever so circumspect in his summation, then so very careful in assisting the jury in their deliberations.

      The jury has shown its resolve to consider all matters over an extended period of time before coming to a unanimous conclusion.

      I’m not a lawyer (although sometimes known to wear silk). But I believe the defence knows it would be flogging a dead horse to go down the appeals track.

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  16. Shame on you Olivia Walton!!!

    You defended your brother, along with your father, telling lies to get a murderer off.

    Shame on you!

    How dare you say what you did about Allison.

    Friend? What type of friend are you?

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  17. Gerard Baden-Clay told the court that he had a brief affair while at a real estate conference in Sydney with former Sunshine Coast property agent Jackie Crane while he was still involved in an affair with Toni McHugh.

    Dream that died: Nigel Baden-Clay brought his family from Zimbabwe to Australia for a new life. But his son Gerard became deeply in debt and killed his wife

    Well-liked: staff at the real estate agency where Elaine Baden-Clay (pictured) worked liked Mrs Baden-Clay senior before she and husband Nigel retired leaving it in the hands of their son, Gerard

    Fatal: Gerard Baden-Clay was handsome, fun and well-liked by some and considered a potential future Liberal Party politician. Little did his admirers know that he was deceitful and untrustworthy

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    • Don’t know about you, but Gerard’s smile always seems way too wide, and there is just something about those eyes that gives me the shivers every time I see them. EBC looks nothing like this photo from what I saw of her in court during the trial. I think she’s heavily medicated, and heavily in denial. Nigel? Well who knows about Nigel, he seems to be the ultimate patriarch, dictating left right and centre about everything. I did hear he ‘crumpled’ in his seat when his first-born was delivered with a verdict of guilty of murder. It seems that the pack of cards is crumbling…

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      • I agree, Gerard’s smile is false, he thinks he is charming, and it shows in his facial expressions.

        I gather that nothing will happen to any BC family members? Not culpable?

        I wonder if he is still shaking? I wonder if he thinks how Allison felt………

        Do you know, Sad for Allison, of EBC left the building as soon as the verdict was given? It was reported that she left, but only that.

        I wonder what GBC’s family’s facial expressions were?

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        • Yes, I don’t know what GBC’s family are feeling. I think it was reported by Shields as “devastated”. Devastated that their son was found guilty, devastated that he is a murderer, devastated that his version of the truth wasn’t believed? Who knows?

          I think GBC’s reactions at the verdict were interesting. He was unmoving as a stone sitting in the dock during the weeks the trial unfolded. He cried a few times when giving evidence, perhaps crocodile tears, but certainly tears for himself. That he shook and was short of breath, and actually interrupted Allison’s mother in doing so while she was very bravely delivering her victim impact statement speaks volumes.

          I don’t believe for a moment GBC would ever consider what Allison felt. It’s not in his makeup. He was shocked that for perhaps the first time in his life he was being held accountable for his actions. No-one to cover up for him and smooth things over this time. I think his breathlessness, wiping his eyes and rocking when the Judge asked him to stand to receive his sentence were genuine. Perhaps one of the few times in his life he has been genuine. He was not processing what he had done to his wife and his children, but processing what the implications of the sentence were for him. Showing a physical reaction to what he knows will happen to him. Thirteen years without parole.

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      • The police have been absolutely driven by the truth in their investigations, resolute in their intentions, and integral in bringing a mongrel to justice.

        Their hard yards will have absolutely included collecting vital information about accomplices.

        Let’s hope that Nigelaine have had their passports removed from their possession this afternoon.

        And that a paddy wagon is on its way to Skull Manor sooner rather than later.

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  18. Finally, a huge thank you must go to the:
    – Detectives
    – Prosecutor
    – Judge
    – and last but certainly not least, the jury who had a tough task and finally allowed justice to speak.

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  19. Dear GHS

    I agree, with you, “But the better bit is when one of his “dalliances” admits that he actually asked her to find someone “to kill my wife.””

    Will be interesting…………

    Appeal? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😀


    • This is crazy Moonlight!! Why would someone not have admitted this before? Will be good if this sort of thing and any additional info that may come to light would keep him safely on the inside for a very very long time.

      It does make one wonder….if he was brazen enough to mention such a thing to one of his casual dalliances, surely he would have discussed the same with his long-time lover???? Makes me wonder how honest she was about what she really knew of his plans to settle his debts and come to her a free man by 1 July….

      Hmmmm….and I still have a lingering feeling of unease about the influence and/or involvement from persons who were staying at the house adorned with symbols of death on that fateful night….time will tell…..


  20. Holy Toledo – this day just gets better.

    Just read that after the verdict, GBC told a court orderly that he was having trouble breathing.

    Poor bloke. Someone should have advised him to take a Zoloft and go for a long walk.

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  21. Apologies for monopolising the conversation – today’s events have clearly recharged my batteries.

    I’d like to thank Moonlight for her unwavering passion and dedication on behalf of Allison.

    It’s been fraught with difficulty from time to time, but she has been determined to see justice for Allison achieved.

    Thank you, Moonlight. What a champion you are!

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  22. oooooooooooooo there was a snippet of a commercial for the 60 Minutes programme on GBC next Sunday night, with a blonde being interviewed, whereas she said that GBC said, “I am looking for someone to kill my wife.”

    Going on the snippet, she looked away from the camera, she wasn’t emphatic…..

    We’ll see…..


  23. “Mr Lloyd said Baden-Clay wasn’t the biggest or toughest in the prison, but had an air of authority about him. Now that Baden-Clay has been sent to Wolston prison, he could face having ‘the cr*p beaten out of him’, Mr Lloyd, a fellow inmate, said.

    GBC did buy the sausages for the girls for dinner at his parents:

    Gerard Baden-Clay played racket ball and read sci fi novels while on remand awaiting trial for the murder of his wife. But now he has been locked up in Wolston prison (pictured) he will be placed on strict isolation so as to avoid being beaten up by other inmates


  24. It was also reported, when GBC purposely drove into the concrete post at Indooroopilly on the way to the police station (as locals know, one doesn’t drive that way, as GBC would be driving in a loop and then to arrive at the police station, he would be unable to do so, as the road won’t allow him to arrive from the direction he was driving).

    GBC had a wedding photo of he and Allison on the seat beside him.

    Any other information we can add on that day? Mike?


    • I never like to speculate or gossip but I do have it on good authority that Gerard was not driving on that occasion but the Newspaper Editor didn’t approve of the story headlined ….

      ” Mr Baden Clay Driving .. The Dingo was at the Wheel .. ” … lol


  25. Last post, I promise.

    My elderly mother had an operation today. After being in the recovery room, she found herself in one of those resting seats where you get a sandwich and a cuppa.

    Next to her was a young bloke who’d just gone through his own op.

    The TV was on.

    Young bloke said: “Well, they got him!”

    Mum is struggling to understand.

    Young fella says “Baden-Clay, gone. Rolf Harris, gone. Only one left now.”

    My Mum (weakly) “And who would that be?”

    Answer: “Bloody Oscar!”

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  26. Interesting comment from Police Spokesman and lead Detective Mark Ainsworth on GBC ……. ” he’s an arrogant man who thinks he’s above us”

    Well Mr Arrogance here is a fact for you …. Gerard you will meet men who will delight in inflicting pain upon you many times during your time in prison, crims have a code and a serious dislike for those who hurt kids and women , well you fit both catergories and as such will have punishment dealt out to you regularly , those employed to watch over you also have wives and children so will be looking in other directions as your unofficial punishments are handed down.
    The jail population will be in 2 sections , those who have beaten you to a pulp and those that will do so in the future , an important part of their underworld CV will be a tick in the Q & A box asking ‘ have you bashed Gerry the Wife Killer ? ”

    Your arrogant nature will pass as you get used to the fact you most likely will never be set free….. and never is a long long time.


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