In Sympathy, Guest Book – Allison (Dickie) Baden-Clay

As you danced in the light with joy, love lifted you.

As you brushed against this world so gently, you lifted us.   

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When we have enough messages, will send your messages of sympathy to Mr and Mrs Dickie.




On Friday 1st August it’s Wear Yellow for Allison Baden-Clay Day.  This day is not about raising money. Instead Allison’s friends and family asks you to wear some yellow and perform an act of kindness (big or small) in memory of Allison.

 If you wish to donate money to The Late Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Trust Fund, you can do so using these details 

 | BSB: 084 737 | Account Number: 943 084 078.

10 thoughts on “In Sympathy, Guest Book – Allison (Dickie) Baden-Clay

  1. Dear Mr and Mrs Dickie and family,

    I am so sorry for your loss and the heartache that you have had to endure.

    We think of your beautiful daughter, with love, every day.

    May the blessings of love be upon you, May its peace abide with you,
    May its essence illuminate your heart, Now and forever more….

    Sufi Blessing


  2. Dearest Person who will be leaving a message,

    If you would like to leave your condolences with a picture, please copy and paste the full entire link, i.e. “http:”, with that, behind the scenes, I shall turn it into the image you have chosen.

    Blessings to all, with love.


  3. To Allison’s family – my thoughts have been with you since I first heard what had happened. I’m so sorry for your loss.


  4. To Allison’s Daughters ,Parents , Family and Friends …

    You three young ladies can take comfort in that you had a great Mum who epitomized the word Mother , she lead from the front and loved you unconditionally, you only had her for a short period however she’ll watch over you forever, try to do her proud and always remember the bulk of Australians share your grief.

    Mr n Mrs Dickie , I only wish I could be as dignified as you are , you are very special people , the word hero is bandied about unnecessarily and directed at sportsmen etc , you are true heroes of the finest kind.

    My heart goes out to her family and those fortunate enough to be a friend , what a pity her life was taken so young , she was truly a wonderful lady , Mother and Australian , we’ll never know where her life would have taken her , we do know she a gifted and extremely talented at whatever she did.
    To all of you , I share with you your grief .. RIP Allison.

    Mike n Diane …. ( Country Victoria )


  5. To Allison — Got him sweetheart! RIP.- To Mr & Mrs Dickie – Allison’s Sister & Brother- Allison’s 3 beautiful girls – all your friends & family members – May God Bless each one of you – your strength & courage along with your the love you have for your wonderful Allison – words just can not offer enough – You are simply amazing! To Allison’s 3 little ones — Your Mum will ALWAYS love you & her guiding light will steer you on life’s journey. Rest assured the loving family that surrounds you – will always be on hand & share the love for your Mum. God Bless. xxxxx


  6. Tomorrow Never Came

    You dance no more for us, left behind;
    Heaven’s now your stage
    Empty shoes and empty hearts
    Page after empty page

    Oh my friend, your wicked laugh
    Echoes in empty ears
    The pain and grief, so raw and fierce
    Familiar, bitter tears

    You are so missed – and yet
    We feel you still, the thought of that sustains
    Strengthens us and keeps our faith
    Dancing through the pain

    Rest now, my friend – sleep
    In peace; earth’s justice has been done
    For those who hurt and slandered you
    The worst is yet to come.

    Your precious girls will know your love
    You’ll always be with them
    Loved, adored and treasured
    For in them, you live again

    They’ll comfort and be comforted by
    Those who truly loved their Mum
    In safest hands, they’ll dream of you
    Dancing in the sun

    You were a lovely person of fierce courage, dignity and integrity, just like your parents and family. You would have been so thrilled yet humbled at the amazing connections and friendships made because of you. How many lives and hearts you have touched.
    May your girls and loved ones be able to one day remember you with smiles through their tears.


  7. I never had the pleasure to meet this Beautiful woman Allison Dickie , but i wish i had of . You have touched so many lives and hearts that you will never be forgotten .
    To your 3 girls , Mum & Dad , Sister & Brother & there families , and your Friends , you are an amazing Family .

    God Bless you all .


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