Gerard Baden-Clay launches appeal against ‘unreasonable’ murder conviction (New Posters Welcome)

 Gerard Baden-Clay found GUILTY

Gerard Baden-Clay launches appeal against ‘unreasonable’ murder conviction



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Justice Byrne said it was likely Baden-Clay had smothered his wife and scratch marks on his face were likely to be signs of a struggle.

The former real estate agent has always maintained his innocence.

1. He has appealed against his conviction on four grounds, including that the verdict of murder was unreasonable, and that:

2. “A miscarriage of justice occurred because the jury should have been, but was not, directed that the presence of the deceased’s blood in a motor vehicle was only relevant if the jury was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the presence of blood was attributed to an injury sustained to the deceased’s body on the evening of 19 April 2012 or the morning of 20 April 2012,” the application reads.

3. “The trial judge erred in law in not directing the jury that they needed to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant placed the body of the deceased at Kholo Creek in order to use such a finding as post-offence conduct going to guilt.

4. “The trial judge erred in leaving to the jury that the appellant attempted to disguise marks on his face by making razor cuts.”

Queensland’s mandatory sentencing laws mean Baden-Clay does not have a chance of seeing a reduction in his jail time.

Justin Quill, the director of Kelly Hazel Quill Lawyers, has previously said Baden-Clay may have “very good” grounds to appeal the conviction.

“Potentially there is an appeal on conviction – that could be on a whole stack of grounds,” he said.

“Those grounds could be the exclusion of particular pieces of evidence.

“It could be taking the judge to task on the precise wording of the charge or the answers to the questions. The answers to the questions are crucial.”


Wear Yellow for Allison Baden-Clay Day

On Friday 1st August it’s Wear Yellow for Allison Baden-Clay Day.  This day is not about raising money. Instead Allison’s friends and family asks you to wear some yellow and perform an act of kindness (big or small) in memory of Allison.


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224 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay launches appeal against ‘unreasonable’ murder conviction (New Posters Welcome)

  1. I just heard a legal expert on Channel 10 say the appeal has to go before the Court of Appeal and it decides whether there was a “substantial miscarriage of justice” during the trial. She said it’s a substantial test to determine if this occurred, so it’s not even a done deal that his appeal will be heard. Personally I think Justice Byrne would have been acutely aware of this, as appeals are common in murder convictions, and he would have followed the letter of the law to a T.

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    • The only thing that I can think of that might give grounds for appeal would be the testimony coming forward now post-trial, that of her cousin, who stated that Allison had been estranged from her family prior to her death; that links Allison with one more criterion for acute relapse of chronic depression and therefore adds another possible reason for suicide on the list. (See reasons for suicide on suicide prevention hotline). Although I believe Gerard murdered his wife, I do mention this for consideration in my book. The more ticks on the list we get, the more the likelihood of manslaughter following a violent altercation, as opposed to pre-meditated murder. There is simply no doubt he killed her, and from certain evidence presented to the court, it seems highly likely he wanted to do so, even that he fully intended to do so for some time. However, I think there could be grounds for believing that what eventuated that night was not planned to happen on that night; it might well have erupted following Toni’s phone call/text, which I believe Allison quite possibly found out about or overheard. Given that Gerard has denied all knowledge of what happened to his wife, I don’t see how he can back track now and say her death was a crime of passion; heat of the moment affair. If he had pleaded that right from the outset, he might have got away with manslaughter, but I don’t see how the verdict can be changed now. He was given the minimum murder sentence too.


  2. News reporter, “Kelvin Lloyd and Baden-Clay became cell mates.”

    Kelvin Lloyd, “I actually had some conversations with him and he came across to me as a …cunning, psychopath.”

    News reporter, “Lloyd says Baden-Clay convinced many in the jail that he was innocent and strutted the corridors with a confidence of a man who would soon be acquitted.”

    Kevin Lloyd, “Arrogant, cold hearted, kept to himself but with an air of authority that he was hiding something.”

    News reporter, “Kelvin Lloyd believes that he’ll need all the protection that is on offer now that he has been stripped of any respect that he once enjoyed as he played the innocent victim.”

    Kevin Lloyd, “He did kill his wife, mate, he will be beaten, bashed.”

    Reporter, “Police had suspicions that Baden-Clay had help to cover up the crime but the evidence never stacked up and they say the investigation is closed.”

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  3. I hope that this appeal doesn’t get a leg up into being accepted by the Court of Appeal. What a waste of public money this would be and is anyway since we are forking out for his legal aid.

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  4. 1. He has appealed against his conviction on four grounds, including that the verdict of murder was unreasonable, and that:

    Oh? Unreasonable? And what evidence will they provide to prove this being unreasonable?

    2. “A miscarriage of justice occurred because the jury should have been, but was not, directed that the presence of the deceased’s blood in a motor vehicle was only relevant if the jury was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the presence of blood was attributed to an injury sustained to the deceased’s body on the evening of 19 April 2012 or the morning of 20 April 2012,” the application reads.

    The blood, I would think, is not the the only piece of evidence. It is just part of the bigger picture. Plus, considering that the amount of blood appears quite large ( and Allison’s hair was embedded in the blood smear), it is beyond reasonable doubt that that blood smear was associated with Allison, though not necessarily the cause or consequence of her death. Considering also the amount of leaves in her hair, most of which were likely to have been collected around their home, it is also beyond reasonable doubt that has GBC dragged her body to the car, she could have sustained an injury to her head and that blood was smeared onto the inside of the car door.

    It is just one of many parts of the whole picture of circumstantial evidence. Even if that were pulled out of the evidence altogether, there is enough evidence left to indict him for murder.

    3. “The trial judge erred in law in not directing the jury that they needed to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant placed the body of the deceased at Kholo Creek in order to use such a finding as post-offence conduct going to guilt.

    Whether or not the judge directed the jury to the BRD issue in relation to the body at Kholo bridge, in the final analysis, how else could she have got to the bridge in the dead of night?

    4. “The trial judge erred in leaving to the jury that the appellant attempted to disguise marks on his face by making razor cuts.”

    Even if that were an error, would that truly amount to a miscarriage of justice considering that the real value of the scratches is not the attempt at hiding them, but the lies about how they were caused, that he told everyone and nobody truly believed.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I can’t see any reason in that list that would result in a re-trial and I can’t imagine that his murder conviction was too harsh.

    Are the above issues to be presented to the Court of Appeal sufficiently substantial? I can’t see how.

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  5. I am not getting excited about this latest appeal stuff. Why?
    It HAD to happen. It couldn’t not happen.
    And him being what he is, will never accept that he is in the wrong. Innocent and all.(….. According to words from his lying mouth.)
    His cell mate described his demeanor.
    Hmmmp! Never once did he say with his superior arrogant attitude any words like: “My wife was murdered. I want to find her murderer.”
    Nope. Not one word.
    My thoughts: :He’s got Buckley’s”
    I would hope that any appeal might add more years to his sentence.
    This mongrel murdering useless cur has cost a fortune already.
    It has apparently spent the last two years studying up on legal matters. How to circumvent the Law and be seen as innocent appear to be high on his agenda. Truth honour and justice are alien to his evil psyche.

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  6. I agree with you QCL, lodging a request for an appeal is par for the course. I also think he has Buckleys, if it gets past the Court of Appeal in the first place. As Dan said, the grounds for his appeal are weak. I think it’s just his defense team trying to boost his morale at a particularly low point in their client’s life (well it would be a little low now, and he looks like he’d been crying in his prison ID photo). But he’ll soon get over it, and tell anyone who wants to listen how it was all someone else’s fault (Allison’s and anyone else he can think of) and that he is innocent. Down the track he’ll be saying all women are evil. The man really scares me, and to think there are people like him who walk among us, date, entrap (and God forbid) marry our children… I hear that prisons are full of narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths – so he will be among his own company. Being a wife-killer in that system is only one rung below being a paedophile though.

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  7. Re Ger’s appeal blah blah, If you look at the “grounds” for appeal, it is almost ludicrous. Four supposed grounds, and each full of more holes than a colander.

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  8. Grounds 1
    The verdict was unreasonable.
    Grounds 2
    About the blood in the car.
    Grounds 3
    About reasonable doubt.
    Grounds 4
    About disguising the marks on his face by making razor cuts.

    His ground work is all done. Faulty footings. He has been found guilty. And sentenced.
    He is a disgrace to mankind.
    His next sentencing will be from a Higher Court. That Judgement is Omnipotent, all seeing, all powerful; It is his Final Judgement.

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  9. This is where you place your faith in the meticulous work of Justice Byrne, and his well considered words.

    The appeal won’t go anywhere.

    But those revolting Clays will have bled the law-abiding taxpayers out of even more Legal Aid dollars in their high and mighty ‘born to rule’ pursuit of the last narrow avenue to save their heir.

    I never want to hear or read “Baden” again. They are common or garden “Clays”

    And despicable ones at that..

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  10. This evil man still seems to think he can manipulate everyone and everything, including the legal system. I trust his application will be turned down swiftly and he will be told in no uncertain terms to settle in where he belongs for the long haul.

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  11. Hi again all – sorry I have been fighting my own little legal battles against some (who would guess) uncaring greedy sociopathic Brookfield scum trying to ruin our neighbourhood.
    Great result this for a civilised society and a slap in the face for those Brookfieldites who think money and lawyers and “contacts” can buy/talk/intimidate their way out of any injustice and crime.

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      • Let’s just say, someone who is a long established Brookfield family blah blah blah believes they have the right to plonk a construction industry in the middle of a rural residential community. They believe they are above the law and continue banging and sawing away despite resident protests and even council “show cause” notices. Then they employ a very expensive City Law firm to appeal the council refusal of their industry change application and attempt to buy their way through the injustice. sociopathic scumbags – greed first, people and community last.


        • Dear ICanCU

          Well, I guess that counts out the Clay family.

          Because apart from being MORALLY impoverished, I doubt they’d have the finances.

          By the way, where are Margaret de Wit and Bruce Flegg on this issue? And Jane Prentice (if I’ve got the correct politicians)?


  12. Hi ICanCU
    Oh dear, legal battles are never good! I hope the ‘injustice and crime’ you’re referring to has nothing to do with the BC family. It just sounds like the sort of thing they’d pull although I know his parents don’t live in Brookfield. Such a beautiful area, and such a pity that some spoil it for others.

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    • A huge amount of ‘news’ is canibalised from secondary sources, such as social media. There is very little actual fundamental research being done by journalists nowadays. It’s a dying profession.

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      • Dear Dan,

        It is a shame that journalism is a dying profession.

        Research, too, what is that? Such a shame. I guess one particular mogul has changed the world….


  13. Allison Baden-Clay’s parents were retired at Paradise Point on the Gold Coast when their daughter’s murder turned their lives upside down

    It has been an incredibly painful journey for her Gold Coast parents and sister Vanessa Fowler.

    The couple had been living the dream in a refurbished Queenslander in a quiet street at Paradise Point — just a short walk from the water and a stroll to the local shops.

    They lived a quiet life, heavily involved in Church and community activities. Each day would start with the same routine — a simple rising of the Australian flag on the flag pole in their front yard.

    The Dickies still own their slice of Gold Coast paradise.

    Hopefully, it will become a haven for a family and a place to forge a new but uncertain future.

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    • Thanks for that Moonlight. It is really great that the Dickies still have their home at Paradise Point, as it will be wonderful for them to retreat there and have some rest and relaxation from time to time. No doubt they will take the girls there as well.

      Apparently there are a large number of their extended family in Ipswich where the Dickies now live, so I really hope they do manage to have a break after the heart-break of the past two years and the incredible toll the trial must’ve taken on them. God bless them, what a loving caring environment they will provide for the three girls, but it must be exhausting for them at their age.

      I hope that once GBC’s ubiquitous appeal is rejected or finalised, they will be able to use the proceeds of Allison’s life insurance to assist them in raising the girls and make things a little easier for them financially.

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  14. There are two programmes on TV on Sunday night. “Sunday Night” on channel 7 at 6.30pm apparently reveals a letter Allison wrote to GBC shortly before her death which hasn’t been seen previously. Then of course channel 9’s “60 Minutes” is on at 8.00pm featuring Toni McHugh. I know which one I’ll be watching! The first one.

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  15. You are welcome, Sad for Allison.

    We have so many caring people here, genuine people, and you are a lovely, lovely, person.


    • I’ve just spoken to the lovely lady on reception at Wolston Correctional Centre.

      Apparently, it’s fine for residents to receive mail.

      I’m thinking postcards of Brisbane might be nice.

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        • Mine will read:

          Mr Clay,

          You are a wife murderer and a person who has orphaned his young children..

          No remorse, no admission of guilt, and now an appeal at further expense to the emotions of innocent people, including your daughters and those who care for them?

          Well behind that callousness is the fact that your appeal will be funded, yet again, by law-abiding taxpayers.

          Your appeal may very well be the second biggest mistake of your life.

          Fellow ‘unhappy campers’ confined to Wolston will no doubt be gunning for you even more so now.

          You’ve thumbed your nose at justice yet again, and there is a badge of honour awaiting the lifer who has nothing to lose.

          You, and your family, are fools. And there will be no tears should others exact revenge.

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    • So there were preceding signs of domestic abuse suffered by Allison. I recall reading the statements made ( copies of these are on this blog) by former colleagues/employees of GBC. One stood out: the description of the girls being unusually quiet compare to other kids their age. I once knew such quiet kids. It turned out their father was very controlling of them.

      Looking at this video and the observations made that Allison had shown signs of physical abuse a long time before she was killed, just proves the point made that GBC was in fact a controlling and abusive husband and father.

      So, the killing of Allison by Gerard Baden Clay was in fact simply the culmination of a long term abusive relationship.

      Why oh why were none of her friends and family suggesting to her that maybe that relationship is not worth recovering?

      I know that so many people do not want to interfere in other people’s private life. However, I have been put in a situation where I saw a friend going down a path of destruction. It may not have been received well, but I did say that this is what I see and this is what could be done about it. And I emphasized that my advice can be put aside but I needed to say it so that I would not one day be in a position where I would regret having kept my mouth shut in order to be polite.

      It’s time to put politeness aside and speak up when we see something that doesn’t look right.

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      • Well said, Dan.

        I also think that a lot of people have blinkers on, and really don’t think, when they should think, they don’t offer a helping hand, when they should offer a helping hand, they don’t offer a shoulder, when they should offer a shoulder to cry on, either.

        “It takes a village to raise a child” is long gone. If more people, as you did, say, “hey, this isn’t right” then more people, including those who are the victims, will see that their situation isn’t good enough either, and reach out, instead of feeling they will be rejected as not having tried hard enough, or told that it is their fault. The “care” word is leaving and the “don’t care” is taking its place.

        Thank you, Dan, thank you.

        For anyone reading our posts, this book might be worth looking at:

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  16. Allison Baden-Clay’s family and friends have publicly suppressed their emotions for 18 long months, but one word summed up their view of her husband as he was convicted of her murder: “Bastard.

    Mrs Baden-Clay’s sister Vanessa Fowler muttered the word as her father, Geoff Dickie, spoke of ruing the day he gave permission for Gerard Baden-Clay to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.


  17. GBC’s Appeal will be heard some time towards the end of the year:

    Geezzzzzzzzzzzzz GBC has requested that he not be present at the Appeal.

    He has been convicted of murder, and yet, instead of manning up and being present at the Appeal, he may be able to sit and read his books. I hope that they make him sit through the evidence again.

    The sense of entitlement for this family is on going.

    The evidence that was withheld at Pre-Trial, will hopefully now be forth coming, ie. the chest injury and the doctor’s opinion that Allison was smothered.


    • “Get out of jail card” (NOT). My understanding of the appeal process is it will not involve bringing up the evidence again. The grounds of the appeal are on points of law, as in the Judge did not direct the jurors correctly etc. I feel sure Justice Byrne was fully aware of this and was following the law to the letter.

      It’s up to the Court of Appeal to decide whether there are grounds to hear the appeal or not, and the process is robust and vigorous. Let’s also not forget that an appeal hearing will be at the public’s expense while GBC is entitled to legal aid. But the process of the law will be followed as applicable.

      Knowing the BC family, if this is heard and is not successful, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take it to the High Court of Australia. This though, will cost them a few pennies, and they/GBC will be liable for paying the costs involved. It is so hard for the Dickie family, having to wait until the end of the year for the appeal to be heard. It just adds to their heart-break and ongoing grief at the loss of their daughter/sister/cousin/niece/friend.


  18. The ex Baden-Clay house, will be used as a caretaker’s home. Owned by the Church, with land of 1 hectare, the house will be part of the Child Care Centre.

    The front area of the house will be developed with native trees being planted along with car parking available for staff.

    As a mother, I cannot see that people will be wanting to place their children in that Child Care Centre, no matter how convenient it is to where they live. Although the caretaker’s house itself, won’t house the children.

    What does everyone else think? Would you place your little ones there? Of course the Centre would already have children being cared for; however, there is land and trees between the two buildings, now it will all be opened up.

    Apparently, members of the public, called the real estate agency saying that the ex Baden-Clay house, offered for rent at $460.00 per week, shouldn’t be rented as it is disrespectful.

    I also don’t understand how the owners managed a development application. This isn’t good for Brookfield, opening up more residential areas to possible developments. Granted, the church is on one side, the Child Care on the other.

    Does anyone know? Were there any signs up on the fencing, advising of a future development?



    The Appeal could be very interesting …….

    Excerpt of statement from plain clothes Detective Kellie Thomson:

    1. When I walked back into the dining area and sat down at the table where I observed a purse and a number of Suncorp credit cards spread over the table. Below the credit cards was a number of pieces of paper and I moved the paper so as not to place my book on top. As I moved the paper I observed a note that was handwritten which appeared to have been written by a child.

    2. I then had a conversation with the defendant about the note which was recorded on the digital recorder and the defendant informed me that the note was written by his daughter Sarah that morning.

    3. I then seized the handwritten note.

    4. I am able to produce the handwritten note that I seized from the kitchen table of 593 Brookfield Road Brookfield with Property Tag P1200161454. Marked and tendered


  20. Dr Flegg has released a statement, distancing himself from GBC.


    1. As per testimony, GBC asked for a great deal of money, from Dr Flegg, twice.
    2. Flegg allegedly gave GBC a phone.
    3. Flegg and GBC attended the Chamber of Commerce meetings together.
    4. Flegg and GBC attended an Eric Idle performance in 2007. Idle reportedly told gags in his performance. He also, reportedly, invaded a press conference to offer his services to the new Liberal leader.

    Some direct quotes from Dr Flegg:

    “Certainly a lot of the dark things that have come out in evidence were in no way apparent – to perhaps a surprising extent,” he said.

    He said he believed the two had never “shared a private meal together”, saying: “I didn’t know where he lived; he’d never been to my house, I’d never been to his.”

    “We did once go to a show together,” (Eric Idle)

    “I was at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and I had these two tickets and I thought ‘Oh well, it’d be a pity to waste tickets’ and I said to him ‘Why don’t we just go to the show?’.

    “So it’s probably the only real one-on-one thing that I ever did with him.”

    Dr Flegg, who lived approximately 1km from the Baden-Clay house at the time of Allison’s murder, was on the witness stand, attesting to screams heard on the 19th April, 2012.

    “Absolutely not, no – for a start, their home was really a bit too far from mine and as I said in evidence, I don’t believe for a minute that what I heard came from that distance.”


  21. Toni McHugh is reported to have said that she was “virtually unemployable for some time after news broke of the affair”.

    Reports are that Toni has received up to $200,000.00 for her interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday.

    However, the ex high school art teacher from the Blue Mountains, now has a secure job as a property manager (we shall leave out specific details of where, for obvious reasons).

    “Each day I pinch myself that dreams can come true. I feel I’m one of the lucky few who’ve been able to simply pack their suitcase and load it with over 11 years of Real Estate Sales and Property Management experience in Brisbane, unpack and utilize it at (edited).

    I thoroughly enjoy working within the Real Estate Industry. Each day is different, new people to meet and relationships to develop. I thrive on the day to day changes and challenges of Property Management and love the satisfaction of knowing that our Clients are happy with our services.

    I believe a lot of my success in Real estate has stemmed from my previous career in Education as a high school Art Teacher.

    I’m creative in approach, well organised, an excellent communicator but most of all I really enjoy assisting people.”


  22. Dear Everyone,

    Lord Baden-Powell documentary:

    Some interesting points made with regard to the family and the raising of a Baden-Powell.

    South Africa, August 21st, 1900
    A Painting by Sir Robert Baden-Powell


    • Thanks Moonlight, I have finally joined in the conversation there. Thank you for providing us with this much-needed space.


  23. Wolston Correctional Centre, adjacent to Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre at Wacol, accommodates 600 protection prisoners.

    Ferrous metal, steel fabrication, paint and powder coating are the major industrial workshops at Wolston Correctional Centre. Industries operate seven days a week, 12 hours a day.

    The centre takes an integrated approach to the delivery of services to prisoners through a structured day timetable, which enables half of the prisoners employed in industries to work in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.

    This allows workers to attend programs, education, vocational training and to use other prisoner services during the part of the day they are not required for work.

    Link to fact sheet:

    Click to access wolston.pdf

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    • Thanks for posting those images Moonlight, very interesting to see the inside of the prison. No wheeling and dealing in here methinks – apart from drugs and pocket money to buy special items from the prison’s approved list.

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  24. Honestly, this just makes me want to be sick. In this CM article it says that GBC was negotiating to earn up to $600,000 from the media if he walked free after murdering Allison. The absolute gall of it, that he was boasting in jail the day before his sentencing. No wonder he shook and sobbed on the stand – no conscience or remorse – and was looking to profit from this as well! I hope he’s still sobbing in Wolston Park.

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    • Yep – it didn’t go down quite how he was planning. I know I’ve said it before but the shaking and sobbing during sentencing was all for him. He has clearly never had to face up to any consequences in his life before. What a shock for him. Arrogant, entitled, stupid little man.

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      • I agree Sad for Allison and melbomartin.

        EBC, as she got up to leave said to herself, “we aren’t getting the money”.

        NBC slouched in his chair, said to himself, “we aren’t getting the money”.

        All together, “we’ll appeal, we’ll get the money.”

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        • Either way though, they would lose. For that family, appearance is everything. It doesn’t matter even if he HAD been acquitted. Their behaviour was strange. The facade they have kept up has been exposed for what it is. Nobody will want to know them or have anything to do with them. They might have to move countries and change their names.

          Oh hang on … they’ve already done that once …

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    • There is just no limit to the terrible audacity of that family. First he kills her and then degrades her in the court that tries him for her murder. Maybe this parents never committed a crime ( of which they were convicted) but they are not of good character, as exemplified in this article.

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  25. There’s an interesting article from the Daily Mail here which refers to GBC as a psychopath wreaking a path of destruction throughout his life. It goes into some detail about the women he used and abused on this path. There’s also a clear summary of his financial status done by forensic accountants. What a piece of work!

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    • Thank you, Sad for Allison. A very good article, with fine detail, the UK newspaper must be able to say more, due to being overseas.

      I gather NBC’s and EBC’s looks of disdain for everyone else, is due to the fact that they were waiting for their $600,000.00. Karma is a beautiful thing.


    • Dear SFA,

      A most intriguing article.

      Clearly Toni liked men with hyphenated names – Rob Mackay-Wood and then that man of Clay.

      There is something bugging me about Jackie Crane and her former employment with Amber Werchon on the Sunshine Coast.

      If memory serves me, Amber is somehow related to Toni and/or Jackie via marriage – brother or son?

      This fact came up ages ago, but I don’t know how to trawl through the archives to find it.


    • Max a labour of love for Amber

      Rae Wilson | 12th Sep 2011 2:00 AM


      Amber and Paul McHugh are first time parents to baby Max.
      Amber and Paul McHugh are first time parents to baby Max.
      Warren Lynam
      HE took more than 24 hours of painful labour to enter the world.

      But the moment Paul and Amber McHugh looked at Max Hayden, they knew they had fallen in love again.

      Amber Werchon – well known for winning a string of real estate awards and then opening Amber Werchon Property – married Thompson McNichol law firm partner Paul McHugh at Sunshine Beach about two years ago.

      The youngest member of the McHugh family arrived at 12.54pm on Friday, weighing 3.91kg (8lbs 10ozs).

      Paul described the labour to welcome their son as a marathon following minor contractions early Thursday morning.

      He said they became serious by lunch time but bub did not arrive until 24 hours later on Friday.

      “It’s hard work watching your wife go through that,” he said.

      “But he is perfect, gorgeous and he’s just getting better by the hour.

      “You could stare at him all day.

      “We were both expecting a girl so it was a real surprise.”

      Neither believed they could love another human so much.

      “Everyone says that when you talk to mothers but I don’t think you truly appreciate it until you’re in the moment,” Amber said.

      “He’s an awesome little man, so cute, chubby and a good size.

      “It’s hard to believe he fitted in my stomach.”

      Max went three days overdue and was in a posterior position, meaning his spine was against his mother’s spine.

      “My plan and aim the whole time was to have a natural, drug-free labour,” Amber said.

      “But we got to the point where it just wasn’t going to happen that way.

      “The pain in my back was so excruciating and we had tried everything,” she said.

      “The next step was an epidural which was a hard to decision to make and then that didn’t work either.

      “So we had a caesarean in the end.”

      But the pain of delivery is quickly fading and the couple is already talking about the possibility of a brother or sister for Max.

      The new family expects to return to their Alexandra Headland home on Wednesday.



    • I can’t help but wonder why women, such as Toni, should be surprised that GBC was unfaithful to her by having a fling with Crane. After all, he was being unfaithful to his wife, Allison, which means that he was, quite simply, untrustworthy, and in the end, a killer. Toni should count herself as lucky because what happened to Allison, could have happened to her.

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  26. Good find GHS. So Amber McHugh is the wife of Toni’s oldest son Paul? I know that she had an older son from a previous relationship, and then the twin boys with RMcW. Yes, hyphenated surnames abound! I heard while waiting at court that Toni has lost custody of her twins to her ex, and the article above refers to them being at school in Brisbane, while she now lives and works on the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps all that she has left of her family is this son and his young family. Collateral damage.

    Just a reminder for those interested, channel 7 in Brisbane is broadcasting a programme at 6.30pm this evening which in part refers to a letter written by Allison to GBC shortly before her death, which hasn’t been released before. Perhaps it’s along the same lines of her looking into her role in her marriage problems, analyzing herself and looking for solutions. We all know where that led. Hopefully her family have had some input into this programme, giving their points of view but I’m not sure about that.

    At 8.30pm on channel 9 is the much-publicized interview with Toni McHugh on 60 Minutes, from the snippets we’ve been shown already we pretty much know the gist of that interview. Yet another fall-out in the destruction force which is GBC. I can’t help but think he can’t do too much further collateral damage while he’s housed at Wolston Park. Well that’s apart from him manipulating his charms on someone while in prison, marrying them, taking them for a (financial/sexual) ride etc. I’m amazed at the revelations that women on the ‘outside’ contact incarcerated men and throw themselves at them, prison wardens included. I am clearly naive and ignorant in many ways regarding this – way out of my experience and comprehension!

    I would hope that child welfare workers will be working with the three BC daughters and allowing them to determine what/how much contact they maintain with their father in future. This should, and hopefully will, be handled sensitively as to their own needs and not determined by the grandparents on either side. All three girls certainly have a long road to travel, but are in the best place they can be right now with Allison’s parents.

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    • Dear SFA

      Just want to urgently seek clarification about tonight’s TV programmes.

      They are listed as 8.00 pm for Sixty Minutes, and 8.15 pm for Sunday Night.

      But I know those TV guides are often wrong.

      Can you help, please?


  27. Ha! Love Detective Mark Ainsworth!
    In response to “would you trust GBC?”
    Ainsworth; quietly, grimly, seriously: “I wouldn’t trust Gerard Baden Clay to walk my DOG.”

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  28. Reporter: Re Gerard Baden Clay: “His life is a web of lies.”

    Jackson. Knew the scratches were NOT shaving marks.
    The house was all clean and tidied. That seemed off. Especially with wife missing….

    From Mark Ainsworth: Gerard Googled legal definitions; Right to silence. Mark Ainsworth: “Wife missing? Googling legal definitions?”

    My observations: (Ainsworth’s face doesn’t give away any emotions, but I thought I saw one eyebrow moving at one end, just a bit.)

    Re the search…. The police were doing every thing they could, but Gerard wasn’t.

    Sharkey. Close to tears, “please stop interview.” It was obvious that he was emotional, that he cared very much about the subject matter. He appeared unable to comprehend this unimaginable happening.
    Whilst Sharkey was continuing to search for Allison, Gerard was continuing to contact Toni McHugh.

    No blood on razor blade.
    Crucially, blood was found on captiva.
    Later the hair was found in the blood.

    Ainsworth; “Gerard has suggested a lot of things to protect himself.”

    Sharkey; After Allison’s body was found. It was his responsibility was to call the family.
    It was the hardest call he’s ever had to make in his life.

    Ainsworth; “He had lived a life of deception. The arrogance…. Thought he could get away with it”
    Ainsworth: “I believe it was premeditated”

    Botanist world renowned: Dr Gordon Gymer: leaf material matched matter from Allison’s hair to plant matter found on patio of BC Home

    Question: Any doubt about the right person being arrested?
    Ainsworth without hesitation; “None whatsoever.”
    “I think he’s one of the lowest life forms one could ever meet.”
    “He a lot to answer for to his children.”

    Allison’s friends, “My grief is a drop in the ocean. Unable to grasp how the children will be able to process this.”

    Toni McH: “I don’t want him in my life again”. (Plus much more.)

    TMcH recognises him as a killer. And a man for all seasons. More specifically, a liar. A “man” who, what you see is not what you get. A fraud. But she doesn’t use that word.

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  29. Not a lot of sympathy for the mistress from me I’m afraid. Minimising her contribution to Allison’s angst about the state of her marriage. I believe she was happy to stick the boot into GBC since she found out she was simply one of his many conquests. I don’t believe her expressed sadness for Allison is genuine.

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    • I don’t believe her expressed sadness for Allison is genuine either. FWIW. Moreover, she never ascribed to his innocence.
      No mention was made as to his other conquests firing her indignation as to fidelity.
      Mention was made however of the lady who, apparently enquiring re job application, was asked by GBC if she would kill his wife.

      The entire programme was well worth watching though for all the other material that was aired!

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    • I really don’t want to sound catty, but am I the only one who thought Toni was way more beautiful than she used to be?
      I know she’s had to change her name, her place of employment, etc.
      But has she also changed her face?


      • Dear GHS,

        I agree with you. Toni’s mouth is different, perhaps her lips.

        Looking at the photos, her nose looks different. Her hair is back off her face and even, with a softer hairstyle.

        Her eyebrows are thicker.


        • I must say I barely recognised her on the 60 Minutes interview on Sunday. She sold our house years ago and I had several meetings with her over a few months and she looked just like the bottom photo. She looks younger (perhaps the weight?) and as you say Moonlight has fuller lips and her nose does look very different. Perhaps she has actively tried to change the way she looks for obvious reasons? Very strange indeed.

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          • Dear Sad for Allison,

            The $200,000.00 payment for TMcH to give her side of the story, must have been very alluring for her, since she had already changed her appearance beforehand, without any concern now, for ousting her new appearance to the general public, and to potential clients.

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  30. Just thinking in the hard cold light of day or after watching 60 minutes ……..
    Not once did Toni McHugh deny that he Gerard was Allison’s killer.
    Not once did Toni McHugh say there might have been another killer.

    And when Detective Mark Ainsworth was asked about Toni possibly being Allison’s killer;
    “No, never” that was stated clearly, categorically and unequivocally.

    I am not in any way condoning Toni’s behaviour.
    I am thinking this interview was conducted after the Court case commenced.
    Don’t know if Toni realises that THAT creature that murdered Allison would have blamed Toni quick as look at her, in order to save his own miserable hide.

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    • Dear QCL
      I actually came away with the feeling that Toni finally accepted his capacity to murder – and that it could have been her, too. But Toni was only worth $100k when he came to her “unconditionally’ – not nearly enough.

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  31. Here is Allison’s letter to GBC which was covered on the ‘Sunday Night’ programme on channel 7 this evening. Very poignant indeed.

    “Dear Gerard,

    As 2011 comes to a close I wanted to write to you about the year that was and more. This is not meant to be a “put Gerard down” list neither do I want it to be a “poor me” letter. My aim is to start the New Year with a fresh start and no longer talk about the affair except in counseling. So I wanted to get as much off my chest as I possibly could. Also I just want to get my thoughts in some sort order for my own sake to clarify what it is that really matters to me.

    I started writing this document on September 17, 2011. Three days after you told me you had an affair. Some things are just snippets of thoughts, some paragraphs etc. You have heard a lot of it before and perhaps answered some of the questions before in the heat of the moment. But I have tried to limit my questions and really would like you try think about them before you answer on paper. I have tried to categorize some things but without much success I’m afraid. It is my hope that you will really read the following pages and where I have asked answer some questions for me (on paper) and with as much thought and clarity as you can. This I believe will truly help me.

    Well here goes…..

    …..3 days ago my husband told me he was having an affair. I get sick just writing the words and am shaking my head as I cannot believe it still. Tonight he has told me it has been going on for more than three years and that he lied to my face that it wasn’t happening. I am writing this to try and work it all out in my head. At the moment I am trying to work out what I have done to deserve it – I just don’t know. God I just want to be happy – one day I want to just be happy…..

    ……Well three weeks on and I’m still trying to work out what I have done to deserve it. After all I am just a girl who grew up on the outskirts of Ipswich. The daughter of two very hardworking parents who did everything in order for me to fulfill my potential. I was a gifted dancer and I worked hard to pursue my dancing. In fact I was a good girl that worked hard to please every-one around me. I was smart and found school very easy as I had only limited time to study as I was always studying after school. In year 10 I was still top of my class and mixing it with the best of the students who achieved TE scores of 990 and went onto being doctors. But for me when adolescence hit so did the fat hit my hips and my ballet went out the window in a very slow and painful fashion. In fact I don’t know if I am still holding onto that or whether dance is actually my passion that I wish to pursue.

    I have blamed my depression and subsequent treatment of Gerard as the catalyst for him going elsewhere but I also wish that when I was sick that he had acted sooner. I often think what if I had cancer would he have stuck by me or opted for the easy way out. If I had cancer he would have taken me to the right doctors etc. but because he didn’t believe that depression was an illness he just ignored it and for too long. I need him to take me by the hand and get help. I didn’t know where I was or what was happening to me and he keeps saying you don’t know what it was like watching you and living with you. Well no I didn’t and it was his job to help me and get me help!! I was sick!!…..

    ……..I read in a book the other day- as now I am studying coping skills to “surviving an affair”, something I thought I would never have to do. I knew that life wasn’t going to be clear sailing but I sure as hell didn’t expect this curve ball!! Anyway the book talked about commitment – that with-out commitment a relationship is doomed. It said that as soon as you are exposed to that choice their commitment to their relationship changes. Gerard was surrounded in his office by people that had chosen the easy way out to not fulfill their commitment so this became an option for G. Of course he also had her in his ear constantly encouraging him to forget his commitment…..

    …….Some days I look at him and think what a stupid little naïve boy who just wanted to try it with some-one else and when in the big real world got too hard and he took the easy way out.

    And then I think of her…the dirty bitch that she is – she knew me and she was sleeping with some-one else’s husband even while she was still with her partner-I can’t believe they both started fing when they were both still in relationships. It just makes me sick the scenes of them crying on each other’s shoulder about their fd up partners and it enrages me that he would talk to her about the intimate details of MY LIFE with some stupid bimbo even before they fucked…

    Unfairness of it all…I get a husband back who is physically and emotionally exhausted, the business is on the brink of bankruptcy and who is left now to support him and save the business-ME-the hopeless pathetic, fat, smelly wife that after 11 years he had enough of……….


    ………….Well I am trying to keep it together on a day to day basis-only to vent and question on a Sunday night. The reason I am doing this is because I don’t want to make his life too miserable and risk him looking somewhere else for fun AGAIN. This is the complete unfairness of this whole affair thing – the person who has been cheated on I she one that has to tread carefully in the fear that it will happen again………

    What hurts most.

    1. The length of 3 years and the 100s of choices you made and why you didn’t have the courage to end it??
    2. The depth of deceit. This is what I most shake my head about-when you see me having a flash back moment it is nearly almost because I am shaking my head in complete disbelief as to how you could have thought up so many excuses and told so many lied. You could say you are so much cleverer than me I know know???
    3. The complete destruction of trust I thought we had. I believed I could trust you with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and as I write this the tears start flowing which is an indication to me that this is definitely a key point for me. It really hurts me to think that I looked you straight in the eyes and asked you if you were having an affair and you liked to me! You didn’t even blink an eye.
    4. You weren’t and never will be the man I thought you were when I married you. You really really aren’t and I’ve got to get used to that. You are just a guy. A guy like every-one else who needs to get their rocks off (“relieve the pressure” as you call it) and likes to talk dirty with his mates. I don’t know why I thought you were different but I did but how wrong I was. Again I still shake my head at my complete misjudgment of character and my nativity that my prince charming would always be by my side.
    5. The effect you have had on my self-esteem and self-image. The complete lack of respect you had for me as you stripped me of any dignity I had. It is so ironic that for so long you were trying to protect me when I was sick and then when I was well handed me one of the toughest mental and emotional challenges to survive-your husband treating you so disrespectfully and then recovering after an affair. If you still think of me as “weak” then I hope that perception has changed because according to the statistics there are only a handful of couples that recover after an affair and I plan to be one of them.


    1. What you had with her was not REAL!!
      It was a boy’s fantasy with an adrenalin rush every time you were sneaking about. You never lived in reality with her! Never had to deal with her family issues, placate her toddler when they were having a tantrum, clean up her children’s vomit in the middle of the night. You were never with her when she had broken sleep for years on end as her children were little and she was breastfeeding. You only used her breasts for other f*****g reasons You only saw her when she had washed her hair, shaved her bikini line, put her good undies on and when she was ready for her lover!!!!! That makes me bitter!!!!! 2. The strength and courage of the woman you married and you call your wife!!! You don’t know how lucky you are!!! I am a fighter and I have been fighting for what I believe in while you had completely given up and taken the easy way out!! I have told one person and one person only about this affair and have conducted myself with dignity and strength. I walked straight into your world and had to handle everything that involved including the everyday humiliation of working in an office where every-one knows about your affair. 3. The unfairness of the whole thing. You are the one that had all the fun and is the one that has to now do all the hard work and work through all the emotional issues through counseling. Thank you for that gift!!! What you can do moving forward 1. The List: – Date night every week – Flowers x 1 per week – Lunch x 1 every week – One Saturday off per month – Week-end away every quarter (camping is FINE)
    2. Support me with my counseling and do “what-ever it takes” and until it takes time to get through this.
    3. Support my need for re-assurance and “attention seeking” especially about my physical appearance and “womanliness”
    4. Treat me with dignity and respect.
    5. Accept that I don’t trust you completely just yet and that you have to gain that trust back. I am working hard on getting things straight in my head and you have to do your part too.

    Finally G I want you to know how it feels for me and only way I can explain to you is if you consider your three beautiful daughters. How would you feel if our darling Hannah got very very sick with the mental illness of depression which caused her husband to go through some terrible times, certainly not what he had hoped for and looked forward to during his young marriage? And then that man cheated on our Hannah-lied to her, deceived her, constantly put her down and then she had to cope with the aftermath of her husband’s affair. What would you feel like?? Multiply that by 100 and you have my feelings today.

    Thank you for reading and writing your answers.



    1. Why did you do it?
    2. Why didn’t you stop?
    3. Now that you say that you love me, what would you do if I had an affair?
    4. What was your plan with her? What did you discuss at any stage?
    5. What would you have done if I hadn’t taken you back?”

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    • Is this for real? My God, what a tortured soul she was.
      This is the most distressing testimony of all.
      So much wish it could be included in the evidence before the Appeal judges.
      So much heartbreak in her words.

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    • Dear Sad for Allison,

      Thank you so much for posting this letter.

      Allison, with her high Emotional IQ along with her high intelligence, wanted to help GBC see himself.

      GBC didn’t want to see or face himself, it was all above him. He hated her because she caught him red handed in his deception, in the depths of his personality, his deception, his unfaithfulness, she was smarter than he, he couldn’t trick her, he couldn’t play mind games with her.

      He wanted to run the show.

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    • Very sad indeed! Clearly Allison took back some control of the situation,and GBC was not planning on dancing to the beat of her new drum…..If only she realised what danger she was in…..

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      • So true RIP, great danger which she would’ve been unaware of. Allison aking back some control was possibly the thing that tipped GBC over the edge. He had to call all the shots.

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  32. Thank-you for posting the letter SFA. Heart wrenching. This lady was indeed a Lady. Resilient and a problem solver.
    She married a Tramp. No, tramp is too kind a word.
    Cant find a word suitable to describe THAT piece of works she married.

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  33. Seems that gloves are off with regard to GBC and how he treated people.

    An article, thank you to the Courier Mail:

    GERARD Baden-Clay was a controlling husband who repeatedly used cruel words to demean his wife and prevented her from seeing her friends.

    The former real estate agent – and now convicted murderer – described Allison throughout his six-week trial as a woman so gripped by depression that she seldom left the house.

    But those closest to Allison say it was Gerard who kept her from her friends, denigrating her and leaving a once vivacious woman with self-confidence issues.

    They told how Gerard would often tell the busy mum and business woman she was “lazy’’ and once told her off for going along to a family fun day and embarrassing him with her presence.

    “It was a daily put down – a daily taking of her self-esteem. How dare he,’’ one friend said.

    “Her self-esteem over the years had changed – it was hard for her to keep her head up when he was constantly putting her down.’’

    Friends told how Gerard’s real estate business had sponsored a tent at a family event at the Brookfield Showgrounds.

    The event would have been in hearing distance of the Baden-Clay home on Brookfield Rd – but Gerard instructed Allison that she was not to attend.

    But she chose to go anyway.

    Allison later told her friends Gerard told her off for disobeying him, telling her “You’re not to be here – go’’.

    Friends said Gerard was a man obsessed with his own image but was too lazy to maintain the garden around their house.

    Instead he constantly berated Allison – busy with work, three children and keeping a house – for being too lazy to mow the lawns.

    He put her down about everything, the once bubbly woman having to suffer a constant stream of criticism.

    They said the picture painted of her as a woman who constantly lay on the couch was far from the truth. Allison was busy taking her children to ballet and other activities, wanting their three girls to have every opportunity.

    They said it was difficult to know what to say when Allison told them stories of how she was treated by her husband.

    “She put up with enough from him without having us lecture her,’’ one said.

    “She did love him and she tried everything to make it work. The friendship was important to us and we had to be respectful of her decision to marry him.’’

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  34. I can hardly say ‘you’re welcome’ for posting Allison’s letter, as they are her words and thoughts laid bare. It makes me sad, really, that such a private woman’s most innermost thoughts and painful personal struggles are there for the world to see. I think she would be mortified to know that they have ended up on a public stage.

    I don’t even know if GBC ever read the letter. But it certainly shows an extremely insightful woman capable of painful self-analysis and crystal clear perception. To me, she seemed to have been regaining some sense of her own worth again and her resilience and strength were amazing. She was giving GBC a piece of her mind and stating her boundaries clearly, not to mention the fact that her own moral values shone through loud and clear through her words.

    Not knowing any narcissists or psychopaths personally (wouldn’t it be great if a psychiatrist one day interviewed GBC to provide a report on him?), I do wonder whether Allison gaining the upper hand – telling GBC when he could and couldn’t go out, checking his emails and texts etc – wasn’t a catalyst for him. He appears to be an incredibly weak man to me, his life built around a pack of cards and lies. Perhaps Allison calling him out, and taking some control, was what he couldn’t handle and was the reason he ended her life? While I do accept that he stood to gain a considerable amount of money through her death, I’ve always felt there was more to it than that. I think Allison was threatening to blow his whole fake persona out into the open, and this was the real catalyst for her murder. He had to be the one in control.

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    • You have nailed it. That’s what I’ve suspected too.

      GBC was just one big facade – all of it hiding a weak, inadequate, pathetic character who used others as props for his ego. He needed her more than she needed him. And he knew it.

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      • I agree about who/what GBC is, but I’m not sure that he felt he needed her. That was his dilemma, Allison was the screen that gave him the fake identity of a married man with beautiful children living in an idyllic suburb etc. But he couldn’t deal with her demands on him, he couldn’t put her down any more as he’d already disrespected her in the worst possible way. Although he must have been an extremely nasty and unpleasant husband (to say the least), GBC had stepped way over the moral line for Allison and she clearly wasn’t going to put up with it if he continued to cheat on her.

        How he must’ve resented Allison and loathed being told what he could and couldn’t do, and he didn’t love her anymore anyway. He’d told her that back in 2010. It was getting more difficult for him to play the field and chase skirt, and he certainly never wanted any of his business associates, family etc to find out the sort of person he really was. It’s quite ironic that by his utterly callous and selfish action of taking Allison’s life, HE is the one who blew his own cover in the most public way! He did it all by his “silly little boy” self.

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  35. Allison’s Letter:

    Allison’s cousin, Mrs Jodie Dann, stated that Allison was beginning to stand up for herself and starting to say, “no”.

    Mrs Dann, “It is such an insidious thing, domestic abuse, that you can’t tell someone until they are ready to hear, and they’re ready to acknowledge that they can’t change someone.”

    Reporter, “Do you think Allison was ready?”

    Mrs Dann, “She was getting ready, and that is why I think she died, because she was starting to say no.”

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  36. Reporter, “On the day Allison’s body was found, her distraught mother rang Gerard asking if she could come over and comfort her three grand-daughters.

    Mrs Dann, “That was the most heartbreaking conversation I’ve ever witnessed because she just said (Mrs Dickie) can I come round and see the girls and I was just standing holding her hand and literally she was begging and he was saying (GBC) I don’t think it is appropriate as this moment for you to see the girls, you know they just need to be.

    And she was just literally begging this man to see her, she’d just been told her daughter is dead and he wouldn’t let her see the grand-daughters, which she just wanted to hold them, hug them and he said no, no, no.

    The cruelty of that alone on top what I’ve already thought that he’d killed her, I just couldn’t believe that someone would be that heartless.”

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    • To dear Moonlight, you and I must be reading the same stuff together!
      Mrs Dann’s words were heartbreaking.
      Gawd! How low is this ?
      Allison’s body is identified.
      Mrs Dickie called her son in law requesting that she see the girls, her own flesh and blood grandchildren. No doubt thinking about comfort for the wee bairns.
      The shit-for-brains Son in law, now convicted murderer, declined her request, as “Inappropriate”
      No words in the English language are fit to describe this low life scum.

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      • Sorry, not you GHS. I was responding to the story about his poor treatment of Mrs Dickie.

        WordPress plays games with comments sometimes. They don’t end up where you expect.


  37. The Sunday Night show, of 20th July, 2014, reporting on Allison’s murder, stated that she was more than likely smothered in the bedroom, then dragged to the car.


  38. We didn’t know Allison , however like the cops who got to know her after she was so cruelly killed , through hundreds of hours watching , listening and commenting I too have got to know her and in the true aussie vernacular she was ‘ a top sheila’ , someone any bloke would die to have as his ‘missus’ , no I’m not putting her down as I truly believe she was above my status in life but I know I am a better man than the fool she fell for and gave her life trying to please. She deserved so much better , raised by wonderful parents only to be treated so badly by this prick … I’d love just a few minutes with this effeminate , weak , gutless liar just to beat the crap out of him as he did so gallantly to Allison … I feel so much for that woman that i’ll never get over it.
    She deserved so much more …

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  39. Mornin All , I had a bit of a rough night so spent the time going over a few bits n pieces ..

    One noticeable thing is the change in Toni Mc Slut’s facial appearance which I must say is a vast improvement from her ‘ lets get it off in ya car ‘ days … gone is the gob that looked like she’d half swallowed a mouth organ along with her strange almond shaped eyes … I must say I’m impressed with the panel beater who’s actually made ice cream out of horse chit , he’ll probably win the ‘Head Job of the Year Award’ and have a plethora of top ten fugitives queuing up in droves … reckon I might join the line and get this weather beaten , time ravaged noggin of mine a touch up, but I worry I might end up looking like the male version of Phyllis Diller.

    Righto Super Sleuths lets find where she had that dial hacked up and re fitted , what sort of body filler was used and just how much reinforcing steel rod was inserted but lets not go into ‘private areas’ … ( the thought has ruined any chance of eating brekkie today)

    I found her quite unconvincing in her ‘tell all , tell bugger all ‘ paid interview which I was going to suggest she donate her ‘slut money’ to the children who’s lives she assisted in ruining , however I guess she had to first pay her panel beating expert.

    I do find it odd she had more careful reconstructing than a Macca’s promo pic of a Big Mac Burger … changes her name , moves up the coast then has her dial plastered on nearly every tv screen in Oz , I s’pose it shows her intelligence.

    I await who’s next with a paid yarn , I do hope it’s Det Ainsworth’s dog … LOL

    PS : I do apologise for XXXX rated words , but as you may have noted I don’t have nor want her on my Xmas Card list.

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    • Well Mike, ummm, yes.
      Sort of what I was hinting at.
      The face that looked like a twisted sandshoe has definitely morphed into something more palatable.

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  40. Detective Ainsworth’s dog is having nice walks with proper Trusty people, I’m sure.
    Yes the panel shop deserves some recognition.
    Unrecognisable. She might have gone incognito. Except for the reported six figure sum.
    PS Allison’s letter from “Beyond the Grave” besides showing her strength, courage and dignity, also highlights the vast worlds apart difference from Toni (Antonio) McHugh (Denman).
    They aren’t in the same class, or anywhere near.

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    • How very true , Allison was blessed with an abundance of intelligence and extremely dignified , a trait obviously acquired from her parents.

      I find it hard to fathom what GBC saw in Ms Mc Slut , she certainly was hiding behind the door when the grey matter was being distributed and without the renowned Panel Beater’s efforts was not what one would find attractive , Gerard must have been horrified when he found her beauty was only valued at 10% of Allison’s.

      I can see her asking after rearranging her clothing and demisting the car windows ” Ohhh Gerry , do you want fries with that ?? ”

      How a bloke can get in so much financial strife , drag a cat that looked like it’d been hit by a Kenworth around from car park to car park then prance around like he was a success when that was only a figment of his imagination is way beyond me.

      The fool had a wife way above his league and for some unknown reason she was prepared to make sure she did everything possible to ensure their marriage was given every chance to work.

      That makes me wonder what if she’d married someone who appreciated her , we’d probably have never have heard of her . To see the faces light up on friends at the mention of her name shows the love and respect they had and still have for her.

      Toni says he killed Allison but that had nothing to do with her , c’mon Sunshine , you started an affair knowing he was a married man , then as soon as he was sprung he gave her the flick both as an employee and as a ‘car park bang’ , only to resume window fogging as soon as Gerry requested ‘ pressure relief ‘ as he described it … and after asking for a date to split by July One was chosen , na you had nothing to do with her death, not a thing … is Toni that stupid , oh … well maybe … at the very least her morals are as low as a Defence Barrister doing what they do best …. smearing dead peoples names , don’t be surprised to see Toni hanging off the elbow of some Lawyer real soon.

      A Hollywood script writer could never have written a screenplay with such characters , producers would have chucked it in the bin being to far from reality.
      And i’ll say it again , it’s not over yet , we still have the residents of Skull Manor on the loose …… for now !

      There’s no one there Superintendent Ainsworth could trust to go wandering with his mutt … go get ’em Rover.

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  41. Welcome to your new world Gerard, and your new ‘housemates’. Brett Peter Cowan who murdered Daniel Morcombe and was sentenced in March, is your neighbour in Wolston Correctional Centre. By all accounts from the photos he is ‘porking it on’, probably because he doesn’t dare to venture out or exercise and is living on stodgy prison food. I thought it was interesting because it says “Cowan is kept in solitary confinement for his own protection in the Wolston Correctional Centre, where he is jeered and heckled every time he is moved around.” His appeal was filed in April and still hasn’t been heard so this may give an indication of how long Gerrred has to suck it down until his appeal is heard and hopefully quashed.

    I wonder how the lilly-livered white-handed man with a silky voice who thinks he can talk his way out of anything is feeling right now. Perhaps he truly has come home, and is among his own. Playing with the big boys with no parents to help or bail him out.

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    • My feelings also Mike!

      She may not have foreseen that he planned to kill Allison, but she sure played the adultery game hard and and put as much pressure on GBC as she possibly could in the end to ensure THIS TIME he keeps his commitment to her that he would come to her a free man by 1 July.

      Due to the route he took, he will not be a free man for many 1 July’s.

      But she contributed to the outcome all along, and most definitely played a part in fixing the date of Allison’s murder due to her insistence that Allison was NOT to attend the conference the next day.

      She is lucky to have come off a free woman. I would nevertheless find it in very bad taste if she was paid for that interview in which she revealed no more than everyone already knew. For a woman who seeks a new identity she seemed very keen to show her ‘new’ (botox/surgery?) face on TV. Almost looks like she wants the publicity…or not but it was it worth the $$ she got paid???

      If it is true that the media would have paid the BC’s big $$ if GBC got off, that is disgusting and they really need to take a serious look at their modus operandi. I can only hope this rumour was not true.

      And if the name that has been mentioned is true, I wonder why she would have chosen her new initials to be the same as that of Allison Dickie (AD)… coincidence….?

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      • I’m not sure about Toni choosing her initials RIP, I’m guessing Denman may be her maiden name and she wouldn’t have arbitarily chosen it, but who knows? I agree she played a huge part in Allison’s death with the pressure she was exerting. While it doesn’t absolve her, I also think there’s a grain of truth in her saying “if it wasn’t me it would’ve been someone else”.

        Personally I think GBC was livid that Allison was dictating the terms and regaining some inner strength and in his view, power. He was seething in anger – in his world, that wasn’t supposed to happen. He was thwarted somewhat in sleeping around the suburbs of Brisbane and beyond with women, and doing what he liked when he felt like it.

        I think GBC would have ditched Toni in the blink of an eye if she wasn’t of any use to him (narcissistic supply, money etc). She seems to have realised this over the past few years having had time to digest it (and yes, count her ‘lucky stars’ she’s alive.) He probably hatched a plan to get rid of the thorn in his side (poor Allison), and benefit financially at the same time. Win win for Gerard! What a clever boy he thought he was.

        I also think it’s ironic that Toni’s facial appearance has changed SO much, as I’ve met her personally several times, and that she has gone on national television and broadcast to all and sundry what she now looks like. Quite ridiculous. She now has no hope of going under the radar, which would’ve been the smart thing to do.

        As it’s been widely reported in the media that she earned $ for the interview to the tune of several thousand, and they have their legal advisors as to what they can report on, I’m assuming this is what occurred. Likewise with the BC’s lining up the cash cow should GBC have been found innocent. The fact that the media had dug out that ‘one or more’ BC family properties had been mortgaged to pay for GBC’s defense in the early days, I’m guessing there is some truth in this as well.

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            • Toni Mc Fool has done it again …

              Firstly we had Toni playing around with a married man .

              It’s determined she too was in a relationship.

              Her children are now in her ex’s custody.

              Then we find out she n Gerry found true love in the back seat of a car.

              After a couple of years Allison is informed of the affair.

              Immediately Gerry fires her and ceases the back seat romps.

              At this stage Tone has lost her bloke and kids , knows Gerry has no coin and cant even afford a motel room , she must by now realize he’s a failure , but soldiers on alone until Gerry calls needing as he put it ‘Pressure Relief ‘ so I guess it was back to arms n legs flailing all over the back seat again .
              (the mental pic just ruined any chance of enjoying my corn flakes today )

              Allison is devastated but wants to save her marriage.

              Allison is ‘ over the moon ‘ as Gerry kindly offers to go to a Relationship Expert.

              Allison also shows enormous courage and begins working at ‘ Useless Gerries House Sales’

              Tone at this stage has picked up work elsewhere and has a conference to attend , Allison too is to attend this event.

              Gerry the liar may well be caught out if they meet head on.

              Allison now has the upper hand and Gerry knows this … he believes if Allison goes ‘ missing’ he wont get caught out and there’s a pot of gold in the form of a $Mill in life insurance.

              He puts his heinous plan into action and even though Allison lost her life she valiantly left her calling card in the form of scratches.

              The cops find out about ‘Back Seat Tone’ and she’s interrogated , during one of her chats with police Gerry calls to ask if ” they know about us ”

              Dear ol Tone is now caught between the devil n the deep blue sea.

              Next stop , the taxidermist and get a ‘head job’ , a bit of botox here and a camels nose there and Walah the new Tone emerges , changes her moniker and back to work while lover boy is now banged up enjoying Bubba’s company.

              The new formula Tone covers her derrier (aka fat bum ) by testifying and saying bugger all.

              Ch 9 offer her a quid to spill the beans , typical of her intelligence a few shekels thrown her way and up pops the ‘ All New Tone ‘ complete with the free steak knives and a few kgs of Avon layered upon the ‘New Face’

              The whole land sees the new additions and I must add whoever did the deed certainly knows a few tricks as she scrubbed up well for an old duck.

              So up the Sunshine Coast she pops and lands a gig with “Hookers” , (how apt is that )

              She makes it to their ‘Most Wanted’ list under the new name of Antonia Deadhead or some such alias .

              Very quickly spies notice her out n about handling rental properties and her new identity is uncovered .

              As I began with , yep she’s done it again and disappeared .

              I wonder if the next change might be from Antonia to Anthony ….

              I wish her all the luck in the world …. bad luck that is.

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      • Sick woman, RIP, Toni and her rehearsed answers. That is very interesting with regard to the new initials.

        I wonder if it is a way of sending a message to GBC?


    • Thanks Mike, the article says it all.

      I hope that most people steer clear of TMcH, you never know what she’ll do with someone’s partners.

      The threesome that GBC asked one of his employees to be involved in (as per Channel 9) I gather Toni was one of the three for that proposal.


        • I am getting overly upset about the “threesome” that I’ve not heard about. Can someone please provide the relevant Channel 9 reportage? Because I have a feeling there are certain adjectives still available to my commentary that have not yet been used.

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          • LOL…you are on a roll GHS!! ☺
            It did not happen but GBC suggested it – his fantasies knew no boundaries. I believe it was in last Sunday night’s 60 minute program. I have taped it but not watched it yet – has been a tad hectic in my world…. maybe tonight….

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            • Maybe I am wrong and it was in the channel 7 program…..I’m not so certain all of a sudden…. blonde moment! Moonlight will know!


              • No RIP You’re not wrong. No blonde moment either. Was in the 60 minutes interview. A prospective young female employee was being interviewed by GBC. Perhaps that should read, was propositioned by GBC.

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          • ROFL oh GHS I cannot, simply cannot believe there is one canny adjective which has thus far managed to evade your beady glare….I have a picture in my mind of any that are left running like cockroaches scuttling into safe, dark corners bahahahaha 😳


      • Ohhhhhhhhh My …

        Now if number 3 was to be Dear Ol Tone in her previous life and prior to the major reconstruction it begs the question .

        Which car could they all fit in ?

        And if it were after the lengthy surgery.

        Would the thousands of tiny titanium screws be screwed tight enough for one more screw cos if not they’d all be screwed !

        PS : It’s ok , Diane says she have me back at the home shortly ! … lol.


  42. Diane and I have an agreement that is pretty simple and one we all should have ….

    If either of us feel the need to go looking for greener pastures , go fot it , do it , but before you do simply leave the relationship you are now in before doing so …

    If only GBC had done that he would have spared so many lives from the torment they’ve endured just because he couldn’t keep his trousers on.

    He is going to do his time very hard as other inmates will be forming a queue to punish him , many will hear him calling for his Mummy time and time again just as his own children are doing , this did not have to be , GBC chose it and I try not to be bitter but my thoughts are with his girls and the Dickie family and those fortunate enough to be in Allison’s circle of friends as I know there’s another bashing around the corner for him , he will bleed and bruise just as Allison did and for what ? For trying to be a good wife …

    I feel no remorse for wanting to see him suffer … all I have to do to justify my feelings is look at any of the family or friends and see the pain this mongrel has inflicted on them.

    Allison’s Mum n Dad have had their Golden Years stolen from them by this ‘thing’ who had the audacity to try and smear their daughters name as he , like his wedding speech bored the court with a series of fanciful tales of his so called achievements , none of which impressed me one little bit , infact they made me realize just how well adjusted my own kids are and how proud I am of them .

    I did note much of his boasting could never be verified and his stupid little ‘ add on’s ‘ such as ” naturally I obtained a high paying job and Allison a pittance” did nothing for his cause.

    In the criminal world I believe the worst name one can be called is a ‘dog’ …. to use that terminology is reserved for very few and I found it apt that the copper who charged him said he ” couldn’t trust him to walk his dog” …

    In the QLD prison system GBC will be the most hated inmate and I for one hope he retains his title for the rest of his worthless , wasted life.

    Who knows , one day he may be joined with his hyphenated Daddy in the cell next door , and I do believe his odds are better than my lotto ones proved last night when I failed to trouble the adjudicators at all.

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  43. An interesting article from the Courier Mail with regard to GBC’s body language, Joe Navarro elucidates why our radars all went off in April, 2012:

    Former FBI agent Joe ‘the human lie detector’ Navarro gives his opinion on Gerard Baden-Clay’s body language in Channel Nine interview about Allison’s disappearance

    Now one of the world’s foremost body language experts confirms what people may have instinctively felt when they watched the TV footage – that Gerard’s interview raised more questions than it answered.

    Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent known as the “human lie detector’’, watched the interview for The Courier-Mail .

    “There’s about two or three things here that tell me there are issues,’’ Mr Navarro said.

    Baden-Clay spoke briefly to former Channel Nine reporter Alyshia Gates outside his parents’ home on April 24, 2012. It was four days after he reported Allison missing, but he walked away without making a public appeal for help to find his wife.

    . “He walks away,’’ Mr Navarro said. “We call that distancing.”

    . There are moments when Baden-Clay closes his eyes while speaking and does a hard swallow, which indicate he doesn’t like what he’s talking about.

    . Baden-Clay pauses to compose himself but there’s no sense of loss.

    “We don’t see any of the behaviours that we should see consistent with loss. So we don’t see any neck touching, we don’t see the downcast eyes. What we do see from him is he’s in the alert mode. I often see the alert mode in individuals who have done something and are on the alert for being caught.

    Mr Navarro said the question was: How far do non-verbals take us? “They take us to the point that we can at least say there are some issues here, there are some serious issues, and that he is unconvincing.”


    . Quick to walk away from the camera

    . Doesn’t retrieve any photos of Allison or provide any information that may assist finding her

    . No sense of loss. No neck touching, no downcast eyes.

    . On alert. Trying to convince, not trying to convey.

    . Closes eyes and has a hard time swallowing at points where he’s uncomfortable

    . High-pitched tone

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    • Interesting that so many of us picked up extremely strongly on GBC’s body language in that famous interview of his with lip biting sis. And we know nothing about the ‘science’ of body language, are no experts on the topic. Yet the non-verbal communication was so clear he might as well have had a label on his forehead saying “I killed her” while he was talking….rather fascinating….we definitely have a 6th sense, don’t we? Maybe it does not always kick in, and maybe it kicks in for different scenarios for different people. But it sure is there!!

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      • So true RIP, the tone of voice, mannerisms, where the eyes are looking etc. We pick it all up and aren’t aware why. I’ve noticed in this interview and listening the the police recording the day after Allison was “missing”, he never once calls Allison by her name, or even my wife. It’s always “she”. If you listen here he sounds very calm and his voice almost seems to be slurring.

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        • Dear Sad for Allison,

          The police tapes are a find.

          You are right, Sad for Allison, GBC does sound like he is slurring, he also sounds, as well, very measured in his tone with every word. Distancing himself from his wife, with saying, “she” as you say. He should be saying, “Allison” and being loving and reflective, with a broken voice and heart – OMG…

          You are right, his voice is slurring ……. geez.


      • Dear RIP,

        We do have a sixth sense, and what is interesting, is the pull from so many of us to have to talk about it with each other, as a community.

        OW’s lip biting, her eyes, I remember them, were so dark in the light of the interview, and they were darting, as if she was looking for an escape. The way she walked up beside GBC, seemingly protective, she had his back. She wanted him to leave the interviewer, now!

        He was lost in his own little GBC world of wonder and love of himself, “I’m hurt a little bit but I’m O.K.” after purposely driving into the post at Indooroopilly and then laying down on the ground, insisting he stay in hospital overnight, although the hospital wanted to discharge him.

        GBC wanted to talk about himself in front of those cameras, he wanted PITY!

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  44. I didn’t word accurately how the threesome conversation was raised by GBC:

    Reporter, “Gerard asked you if you’d ever had a threesome, do you think that was appropriate?”

    Cheryl Kelly, one of GBC’s female staff, “No, I didn’t, um, I just said to him, um, I think that’s inappropriate, and I’d appreciate it you not asking me that again.”

    Next photo in story is TMcH .

    Interview from 9.49


  45. Hmmmm wonder when the Peerage records will be updated:

    Looks like they have the following about Allison, last updated in 2012:

    Allison Dickie1
    F, #534052, b. circa 1969, d. 30 April 2012
    Last Edited=9 Jun 2012
    Allison Dickie was born circa 1969.1 She married Gerard Baden-Clay, son of Nigel Gerard Arden Baden-Clay and Elaine Isobel Nora Hughes.1 She died on 30 April 2012 at Kholo Creek, Anstead, Queensland, Australia, murdered.1
    Her married name became Baden-Clay.1

    Hope it will be updated soon that she was murdered by her arrogant, greedy, lying, cheating BADEN-Clay husband.

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    • I agree RIP! I wonder whether the girls will ever change their names from Baden-Clay? I can’t see the honorable (not) GBC allowing that, but I wish they could. There’s so much stigma around the name now.


  46. A matter that has been playing around a bit in my head:
    GBG (allegedly under instruction …. words tailored to suit) from his father, contacted the Insurance the day a body was discovered at Kholo Bridge. A body that was not identified until the following day.
    How did the Clay’s know that body belonged to Allison?
    Why, the “Internet”, of course! According to Clay.
    Well that has to be one big LIE.
    And I rather wish the Clays had been pressed to elaborate.
    The ONLY information that would have been available on the Internet would have been pure speculation.
    A lady was missing. True and as reported in MSM.
    A body was discovered. True and as reported in MSM.
    Her identity unknown. Except to her KILLER.

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    • This is something well worth considering QCL. Very sound reasoning and I have pondered the same myself. I believe GBC lied on the stand during his murder trial about this. He insisted that QPS advised him when they notified him a body had been found, that they believed it was Allison’s body. I’m sure QPS could dispute this, but not much was made of it at the trial. As you say the body wasn’t identified until the next day. Perhaps the prosecution knew GBC was digging holes for himself all over the place, and the outcome was that the jury wouldn’t believe anything he said. I was concerned during the trial about matters such as this, but at the end of the day things panned out… well, the way they should have.

      GBC blamed a lot of things on other people (nothing new there in his world). Some that spring to mind are his father for telling him to engage a solicitor the day he reported Allison missing, his sister for advising him it wasn’t too early to call QPS at 7.15am on 20th April (how dumb was that?) and his father for pressing ahead with notifying the insurance company the day after Allison’s body was found. His father did not say on the stand that the claim on the insurance was lodged the same day as Allison’s death was reported, which I believe was the case.

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      • Dear Sad for Allison,

        I feel that we all may feel that the entire scenario smells of premeditation.

        GBC, including precious mummy and daddy, where keen for the money.

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        • Premeditation on GBC’s part yes. More like it pure hatred for Allison. He was the one supposed to be in control, she was never supposed to call the shots (especially when it came to his own wants and desires). I think he thought of topping her way before it happened. I’m just not sure it was supposed to be that night, but he certainly had the rage within to carry it out.

          I think his parents have much to answer for, their own genes for a start, and then the way they raised him with his sense of entitlement. There may well be psychological/personality disorder issues within the gene pool. I think his parents were utterly deluded, money-grabbing yes. Whether they knew of the murderous intention before, I doubt that, but they did everything they could to cover it up and “believe” in their golden boy, for sure.

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        • Something tells me, there was a very good reason that the Judge suggested the murder was not pre-meditated, even though everything about the entire matter reeks of pre meditation.
          It was important to secure a unanimous guilty charge. And this indeed occurred.
          The other part re “pre-meditated” would need a lawyer to explain.
          Might even be to do with the request for appeal that had to happen.

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  47. Dear RIP,

    With regard to the peerage records, it will be interesting to watch to see if anything is changed.

    Thank you for the details, it is very interesting.

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  48. true life stories

    Gerard Baden-Clay’s colleague tells: ‘I was working with a murderer’

    From the moment Allison went missing, I thought, ‘oh my God, what has Gerard done

    A long time business partner of Gerard Baden-Clay has broken her silence about the 43-year-olds long and deceitful past.

    In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, Jocelyn Frost described the accused wife killer as a “serial offending con man and a pathological liar”.

    The 68-year-old worked at Century 21 in Kenmore with Baden-Clay for four years and says during that time, she too fell victim to his lies and depravity.

    In fact, the Brisbane resident was tricked out off hundreds of thousands of dollars by the now convicted murderer.

    “I read up during his trial on character traits of a sociopath and he ticked far too many – he’s without conscience and a conniving control freak,” Jocelyn says.

    “For Allison and those little girls, for her parents and everyone destroyed by this monster – all of us can now be grateful for a justice system that saw right through him and got an insight into how rotten he is.”

    Related: Gerard Baden-Clay found guilty of murder

    Jocelyn also spoke of the first time she heard of Allison’s disappearance.

    “From the moment Allison went missing, I thought, ‘oh my God, what has Gerard done?” she recalls.

    She also details the haunting phone call she received from Baden-Clay’s mistress, Toni McHugh soon after.

    “We were colleagues and work friends and she asked me if I’d heard the news. I said ‘what news?’ and she said Allison had gone missing the night before – I couldn’t breathe,” Jocelyn said.

    A panicked Toni would later call again.

    “Gerard had called ahead to warn her police were on their way to question her. She was sobbing and I told her to calm down, knowing her two twin boys were with her.”

    Ten days later, Allison’s decomposed body was discovered lying in a creek bed not far from her home in Brisbane’s west.

    Related: Gerard Baden-Clay’s secret life of betrayal revealed

    “I was shocked, but not surprised when he was arrested,” reflects Jocelyn, who had picked Gerard as a “bad egg” within months of doing business with him.

    A few days after her funeral, Jocelyn confronted Gerard about the money he owed her.

    “He was so cocky and arrogant and made this strange comment that the police should be able to find Allison’s killer soon – that cold and calculating look in his eyes — it scared me,” Jocelyn said.

    Read the full exclusive interview in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale July 21, 2013.

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    • “Ticked far too many” for sociopath. “Cocky and arrogant”. Yes, Jocelyn. I’ve no doubt GBC could be very scary, I for one have always found it very difficult to look at his eyes.

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  49. Hi everyone. I just found this blog!

    And I realized the majority of everyone from 2 years ago is here! RIP, SFA, GHS, ICanCU, Dan, QCL, Moonlight, Capt Stuggles, Mike… long time no chat eveyone!

    And I like the idea of a blog entirely devoted to justice for Allison and the Dickies.

    This case may have progressed far. GBC may have been convicted. But there are appeals to be heard. And in the very distant future, there will be parole applications to be heard. I for one will be keeping everyone I can alerted, educated and informed about this whole saga, especially for years to come, so, if and when GBC comes up for parole – assuming he hasn’t been shanked in Wolston by then – public pressure will still be there to persuade the powers that be that this man should be kept in the slammer for much longer than 15 years….

    That is why it is imperative to keep the fire burning. And I know people in here will keep stoking that fire.

    JJE (formerly RedBack1)

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  50. Dear Everyone,

    Jocelyn’s responses in her interview above, are chilling.

    “He was so cocky and arrogant and made this strange comment that the police should be able to find Allison’s killer soon – that cold and calculating look in his eyes — it scared me,” Jocelyn said.

    I suppose GBC was telling her to back off, using all his cards?

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    • Well he was right about one thing for once, although he didn’t quite realize it – that police “should be able to find Allison’s killer soon” – which they did 😉

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      • Welcome JJE/Redback! Lovely to see you, and looking forward to your well thought out posts.

        I missed you and thought about you when we were talking about Flegg, lol 😉

        Now, that is a can of worms. What do you think, on reflection, is his real “working” relationship with GBC?


        • Flegg is a bizarre, accident prone character, much like his mate Gerard. I’ll give him credit for not making a mess of himself in the witness box. But in subsequent media interviews he has heavily played down his friendship with GBC, even though we had a new admission from Flegg that they went and took in a show together. For example, we know that Flegg used to give GBC bottles of wine, for whatever reason.

          Now consider this, Flegg is divorced and living a batchelor lifestyle. He is also a reasonably successful businessman (although cronyism in QLD politics has a role to play in his success). Flegg ironically had the attributes that Gerard craved for; to be rich businessman, the professional qualifications, the batchelor lifestyle, the political connections, maybe even a poltical career. Gerard had something that Flegg craved; the womanizing lifestyle which he wasn’t able to quite pull off, except for his taxpayer-paid assistant and visits to “gentlemans establishments”… I honestly believe Flegg saw something in Gerard – the womanzing – and admired it… many in the Western suburbs LNP social-set saw the same thing in GBC, perhaps not realizing what a sham his business was. Elitist businessman boast about their sexual exploits when not talking shop, if you know what I mean. Fleeg, I am sure, was secretly envious of GBC’s exploits. What I am saying is, I am certain that Flegg has never fully come clean about his relationship with GBC. Seriously, you don’t go hitting people up for $300 grand plus loans without more sunstantial chemistry at play. How many people get loaned a phone by their local state MP, let alone a well-publicized house visit ? Not to mention the loan of a phone that contained sensitive recorded politcal discussions… Nigel emailed Flegg not long after Sue Heath gave GBC the phone on behalf of Flegg and inquired, in typical Baden-Clay fashion, what government support GBC was entitled to – a free handout at our expense. Offers of a spare room to stay in, phone calls about CCTV cameras at the Kenmore roundabout… Something just doesn’t add up with Bruce Flegg’s recent media interview in which he played down his relationship with GBC, and feigned ignorance of his marital infidelity.

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  51. I am mighty keen to hear from people like Jocelyn Frost, business associate. And good on her for speaking out.
    He screwed a lot of people over. (In the name of business)
    I hope they all come forward.
    Remember Rolf Harris? Well it took one brave soul to come forward and report an un-reportable matter.
    Oh and BTW, (yawn), I am still waiting for that one person to come forward and say what a fine upstanding character is Gerard Baden Clay. Knew him or even any member of the Clay family, and he or they did this or that (citing some altruistic event)
    And as the good book says, “Let another praise you, not words from your own mouth.”

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  52. BrisbaneTimes have posted the police interview the day after his wife was reported “missing”

    It makes me laugh listening to this guy UMMMM and ARGHHH his way through his mangled explanation of where his wife is or may be… this is the notorious “shit-shower-and-shave” interview… Also note the he says “and that’s not unusual” when explaining his wife wasn’t “there” in the morning, exactly as he did in the 000 call..

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    • I am catching up on 200+ posts since my return from interstate – but the tape of the police interview caused a sharp intake of breath at the end.
      When the copper comments on the fact they have three relatively young children, Gerard agrees and replies “She LOVED them”
      What’s PAST TENSE doing in that observation??!!!
      (Apologies if I missed this earlier, or if others have already made similar comments which I just haven’t got to yet).
      Welcome and thanks JJE.


      • OMG, GHS, your journalism background picks up these things. I can understand how your blood is boiling. Hahaha lucky for GBC that he didn’t go near the police search headquarters at the showgrounds, as some police may have found it very difficult to not do something to the germ.


  53. Note to JJE: A matter has been troubling me these past two years. And I didn’t want to make any fuss over it until GBC was safely secured behind prison bars.
    Your posts have always been incisive and well thought out. With plenty of backing.
    However you have made numerous references to a certain pasta as a …..well, a person who like kiddies …
    Please are you able to elaborate in this regard?
    I am happy to have this post removed if it is offensive. Or if it may cause wrongful condemnation. Or if it may cause GBC to have some or any grounds for appeal.
    I agree a certain pasta appears effeminate, speaks strangely, and appears to be a follower of powers beyond his control. (Not referring to God Almighty) But to suggest kiddy person? Beyond the beyond.
    Of course nothing in this entire matter sits right.


    • it’s just a hunch of mine, based on the Jonestown-cult-like setup of N.reach and their bizarre uniforms, their “youth groups” (look at their website), plus what you said ( he is effiminate, speaks strangely, looks like a bit of a kook etc), plus the recent revelations of church (and non-church) institutions Australia-wide, that have been exposed during the current Royal Commission into sexual abuse of children that is underway. QLD has a shocking recent history of sexual abuse – and the further North you go – Reach right up to the Burdekin for example, the worse it gets. Successive state govts have swept it under the rug.

      Us talking about the this important issue – the protection of children from adult sexual predators – cannot impact on GBC’s case (or appeal) in any way, shape or form.

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      • I agree QCL, that’s the last thing this world needs! What a smooth talker he is. It does make me wonder looking at his carefully constructed image that he could do with taking care of himself regarding his health/weight as his appearance is clearly so important to him. That Allison struggled with her weight and tried to please him is unbelievably sad. Her mother said “she tried everything for that man”. He clearly didn’t return the favour in this and so many other areas. He just thinks everyone will like him because he likes himself. There is absolutely no substance to the man.

        Some of the words he uses in this interview like “we operate as a team” takes on a whole new meaning when you know that he was having a long-term affair with one of his staff and propositioning another for a threesome! Perhaps he should have taken note of his own words “clear guidelines” and “minimum standards”.

        Liked by 2 people

        • In life I’ve found that meeting some people the instant you lay eyes on them you dislike them , Gerard Baden Clay is one of those that fit the bill
          He is so false , so effeminate , so arrogant , just a sickly annoying little man who wants to hope I never end up in the same institution as he as I simply would not be in control of my actions.

          Personally I’d like nothing better than to extend my right hand as a gesture of my friendship while lining up the left to smash his jaw as hard as I could and hopefully land him flat on his back.

          ps : I’m really not a nasty person but for Gerard i’ll make an exception… lol.

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  54. Seems that ol’ Ton cannot be trusted:

    20th March, 2013 at Committal Hearing:

    GERARD Baden-Clay’s mistress lied to police about a phone call to her lover after the disappearance of Baden-Clay’s wife, a court has heard.

    The committal hearing involving Gerard Baden-Clay entered its fifth day yesterday with fauna and flora experts and homicide detectives taking the stand.

    Baden-Clay is charged with murdering wife Allison at their Brookfield home on April 19 last year and disposing of her body at Anstead.

    Following on from Baden-Clay mistress Toni McHugh’s evidence on Monday, a homicide detective has revealed Ms McHugh lied about a phone call she had with her lover.

    Detective Sergeant Peter Roddick said Ms McHugh denied having contact with Baden-Clay when asked in an interview with police.

    Det Sgt Roddick confirmed “convert technology” meant police knew there had been a conversation between the two.

    Ms McHugh was then warned before giving another statement.


    • No doubt Moonlight, she was covering up for herself big time, and deleting texts and emails some of which were recovered by QPS. The fact that the BCs were assisting Toni and GBC to contact each other before Allison’s body was found and perhaps afterwards, is despicable. I’ve always wondered what happened to her fifth statement to the police as we never heard about that again.

      Liked by 3 people

      • It shows me, Sad for Allison, that perhaps we cannot believe a word Toni says. She was involved in a murder investigation and she was still “plotting” or whatever she and GBC were doing. I know wonder how complicit she was, certainly a lot more than she claims and perhaps her tears weren’t real during the Channel 9 interview, or they were tears for herself.

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  55. Hi Everyone,

    This is interesting, I have found some more withheld evidence from the 2013 Committal Hearing not presented to the jury at GBC’s Trial:

    UPDATE 3.45pm: REAL estate business partners gave Gerard Baden-Clay an ultimatum about his affair with fellow agent Toni McHugh.

    Former business partner Jocelyn Frost said she became aware of Baden-Clay’s affair with McHugh after a few months working with them in late 2008.

    “It was one of the conditions of the two partners that he must either leave his wife or leave Toni or we wouldn’t continue,” she said.

    Business partner Phillip Bloom told the court he confirmed there was an affair during a colleague’s engagement party in 2009.

    He said after that he could never be sure whether Baden-Clay was “with Toni, leaving Toni, with Allison or leaving Allison”.

    Mr Bloom said he was concentrating on the business and “really didn’t care”.

    He recalled a conversation between McHugh and Baden-Clay when they were in Sydney for a training course detailing their long-term plans.

    Mr Bloom said he recalled the pair talking about needing a bigger car to fit Baden-Clay’s three girls and Ms McHugh’s two boys.

    “He discussed future arrangements on multiple occasions,” he said.

    “It was confusing to me as to whether or not they were in the throes of an affair, had cooled off the affair or rekindled the affair.”

    Mr Bloom said he could not recall any specific conversations about Baden-Clay leaving his wife but there were many discussions about it.

    “We had many conversations but they changed, about the matter,” he said.

    Ms Frost said she allowed Baden-Clay a $200,000 loan to buy her out.

    But she said she had only received interest on the loan, never her share of the commission company.

    Ms Frost said Baden-Clay told her he was trying to organise a loan through Century 21 Australia owner Charles Tarbey.

    She said after Baden-Clay’s arrest, Mr Tarbey tried to sell the rental roll part of the business.

    But Ms Frost said landlords believed the company was “a sinking ship” and it had never sold.

    She said she was still paying debts from Baden-Clay’s business including a $30,000 printer and a $3000 Courier-Mail bill.

    “Gerard said he could afford to pay me the last two properties I sold, about $25,000,” she said.

    “I was very naive, I didn’t ask to see the spreadsheet with plus and minuses.

    “He told me he had paid me everything but later I thought about it and there’s no way I had been paid everything that was owed to me.”

    Mr Bloom said he too had put $50,000 into the business and the relationship with Baden-Clay had not ended well.

    “The man I knew and worked alongside for a great many years I did have a strong affection for,” he said.

    “But what transpired… ”

    Mr Bloom did not get to finish because defence barrister Peter Davis cut him off and asked him to answer the question, “did you like Mr Baden-Clay?”

    “The day I walked out of the business … the passing comment was that if we ran into each other I’d like to think we would buy each other a drink,” Mr Bloom said.

    “You’re here to sink the boot,” Mr Davis suggested.

    “No I’m not,” Mr Bloom said but admitted he had little to do with Baden-Clay after he left the business in September, 2011.


  56. A very good article, portraying Allison’s cousin, Jodie Dunn’s outlook on GBC. I have edited the story, leaving what is new information. The link, to the entire article, is at the end.

    I feel sorry for the Dickie family on so many levels, I am so sorry for the pain the public put them through, too.

    Heart wrenching:

    Why did Allison Baden-Clay’s murder case grip the nation?

    The Australian |
    July 26, 2014 12:00AM

    Trent Dalton

    IN her mind she’s making whirlpools in a backyard swimming pool with her cousin Allison Baden-Clay. They’re kids again. Allison’s laughter echoes across a suburban working-class home, a red-haired sprite raised by her mum and dad to be kind above all else, to love truly. Then they’re in ­Allison’s bedroom, inside a cubby house nook above her wardrobe. They’re playing with dolls and teddy bears, pretending to be mums and dads, pretending to be adults who live for ­nothing else but their children.

    Then the voice of the forensic entomologist snaps Jodie Dann back to a reality nobody wants to be in, courtroom 11 of the Brisbane Supreme Court. And guilt snaps back with it. Jodie has spent 10 years working inside courtrooms like this one as a domestic violence court advocate with the Ipswich Women’s Centre Against Domestic Violence, west of Brisbane. She has dedicated her life to saving women from life-threatening encounters with men. “It’s like the world has said to me, ‘Jodie, this is your job’,” she says. “And you mustn’t be doing it very well because your own cousin is dead. How could I let my own cousin die like this?”

    Day nine of the trial of Gerard Baden-Clay, the 43-year-old former real estate agent from the affluent western Brisbane postcode of Brookfield accused of murdering his wife Allison, 43, the mother of his three girls, on April 19, 2012. Today the forensic entomologist details the fly larvae evidence found on Allison’s body. The size of the larvae might determine how long her body lay on a muddy bank by the Kholo Creek Bridge in Anstead, western Brisbane.

    Jodie fantasises, on occasion, on the ways in which Allison left her home and disappeared that night of April 19. She’s settled lately on a preferred scenario of her cousin scratching her husband’s face and screaming “F..k off” as she marches out of the house, slamming the door triumphantly behind her. But she knows it didn’t happen like that.

    A woman in the back row of the public ­gallery whispers to a friend: “If you could sell these seats, how much would you sell them for?” The friend giggles. “I wouldn’t,” she says, nestling giddily into her seat. Any moment she might pull a box of popcorn from her handbag. Directly in front of them sit Allison’s aunt and uncle, Noel and Mary Dann, Jodie’s parents. Mary hears the women behind her chuckling. She shudders, prays for this macabre theatre to make a hurried end. “We have lived with this for two years,” Mary says. “These people turn up at the end but they couldn’t imagine what this family has been through.”

    Jodie has been the go-to person for the ­family during the trial, marshalling them through testimonies, saving and organising seats for relatives, being an ear for Allison’s ­parents, Geoff and Priscilla Dickie, from whose side she rarely strays. “We would have preferred anything to this,” Jodie says. “If it turned out to be the Boogeyman we would have preferred that. Then the girls wouldn’t lose their father. We desperately wanted it to be the Boogeyman because that would have been the best-case ­scenario for those girls. But that wasn’t to be.”


    It’s a courtroom divided. A row of Baden-Clay family members at the front left side of the gallery, sure of Gerard’s innocence. Rows of Dickie and Dann family members to the right, sure of something else. In between them are three absent young girls who watch the Disney Channel mostly to lessen their chances of seeing their mum’s face on television. Only one person in the room knows the truth: Gerard Baden-Clay, seated in the dock, fit and trim, neat hair, suit and tie, scribbling notes.


    Gerard’s brother, Adam, tries to bridge the divide. He’s shaken hands with Geoff Dickie. He nods warmly to Jodie, sitting beside Priscilla again today, and she doesn’t know how to respond. So much water under the bridge.

    Jodie recalls how exasperating and puzzling it was for Allison’s family not to have Gerard join them at the search HQ at the Brookfield Showgrounds where hundreds of police, SES and neighbours were co-ordinating the search for his wife. She recalls standing beside Priscilla when she phoned Gerard in the days of Allison’s disappearance and discovery. “She wanted to see the girls,” she says. “And she was literally begging this man, ‘Can I please come around, I just need to hug the girls’. He didn’t think it was appropriate. [Towards the end of the search] the last thing he’d said to Priscilla and Geoff was, ‘I’m not speaking to anyone anymore because my lawyers told me not to speak to anyone’.”

    Jodie knew the defence would play the depression card, for the same reason she knew Allison could never leave Gerard. “We know she had anxiety and depression,” she says. “But she’s not the dumb wife who let her husband have an affair for four years. She was trying her damnedest to make her marriage work … She was ­terrified he would make her out to be a nutter and she wouldn’t have got access to the kids. What control would she have had? She was an intelligent woman. She would have known how it would play out. What more control do you need than saying, ‘You’re going to lose your kids if you walk’?”


    Jodie and her family walk outside the court, snapped by photographers, followed by TV cameramen. “Why?” wonders Jodie. “What the hell was it about Al that has captured the ­public? I think she’s everyone’s best friend. I think she’s everyone’s daughter. For some reason, they gave a shit about Allison. The Brookfield thing maybe. It’s the perfect suburb. Everyone would love to live in the perfect suburb. Which is why Gerard lived there. It was always image management with him. He couldn’t afford to live there. He was renting. But I think people just thought, ‘Oh, this doesn’t happen in these areas’.”

    An estimated 35,000 Australians are reported missing each year. To be in Brookfield during the search for Allison Baden-Clay was to be inside a Hollywood movie where a small town goes into ­lockdown as police and officials search for something, anything, that might turn the tide in the story’s drama. Each day, Geoff, a retired firefighter, and Priscilla would turn up, hopeful, to the search HQ tents with home-cooked food for the search parties.

    The dark rumours built with every fruitless day of searching. Whispers. Sightings. Assumptions. Lies. The city of Brisbane was superglued to the search, then the state of Queensland, then the country.

    “I literally had to drag myself out of bed this morning to come to court,” Jodie says. “But we come because of the same reason we all turned up for all those days at the search site. People had to see she was loved.” Jodie ducks into an alleyway cafe, orders a pumpkin soup before the next court session begins. It wasn’t lust or vengeance or deceit or desperation that killed Allison Baden-Clay, she believes. It was something far more common. “Control,” she says.

    She believes Allison was killed by the thing Jodie has devoted her career to ending, domestic violence that takes many forms; takes the lives of, on average, one Australian woman each week. “I had been saying very clearly for five years, to my mother, to my husband, ‘Look at her’,” she says. “The isolation. The lack of financial independence. Unable to make decisions for fear of making the wrong decisions. The fact she didn’t have many friends anymore. This was a girl who was highly social, had a great network of friends, was highly intelligent. But she was slowly eroded. Her self-esteem was eroded down to the point where she didn’t feel that she could do or say anything for fear of the repercussions. Psychological stuff.”

    She recalls Gerard disengaging himself at Dickie family functions; giving his wife and kids orders not with his voice but with his eyes, with a flick of his fingers. “It was so controlled in their lives,” she says. “If Allison came and spoke to me he’d be on me in five minutes. Our last Christmas I had five minutes to speak to her without him standing beside me. Because he feared what I might say to her. That’s why the only times we spoke was at a shopping centre or at a supermarket where he wasn’t around.“That’s how she was with a lot of her friends that she wasn’t allowed to see. Even with her best friends. She didn’t tell Kerry-Anne about the affair [between Gerard and Toni McHugh, which Allison knew about by 2011] because she knew Kerry-Anne would want to say, ‘What the f..k are you doing with this idiot?’ But she was probably thinking that would make it worse. She’s thinking, ‘I’m trying to handle this’. He’s extremely good at the pull-back. Every time she said she’d had a gutful, he pulled her back in.”

    But Allison was trying to get out at the time of her death, Jodie believes. “She was starting to try and get her own money. She was creating a ballet school. She was starting a business that she didn’t want him to know about. She never said she was going to leave but I do think she was getting strong and I believe that the strong Allison wouldn’t have put up with this. And she did stand up.”A thought strikes her and she pauses, her face grim. “If she didn’t stand up she wouldn’t be dead. She found her strength and she ended up fighting to her death.” She smiles when she thinks about the strength of her cousin that nobody ever mentions. The strength it took for her to walk, head high, into the offices of ­Century 21, returning to work to help save a dying business knowing full well the staff knew of her husband’s affair.

    But if Jodie could go back to the night of April 19, 2012, she would tell Allison not to be strong. “Play nice,” she says. “I would have said, ‘Play nice for as long as you can, plan your exit strategy and then, go hard. But until you’ve got a clear line of sight, play nice. Say, “Yes sir, no sir.” Wait for your moment and go. If you’re getting stronger, don’t let him know that. Still play humble, play dumb, play stupid.’ Her exit plan didn’t work.”

    She takes a spoonful of pumpkin soup. She checks her watch. The murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay will resume in 15 minutes.


    But for now Jodie spoons her pumpkin soup. Something makes her give a half-smile. “I’m ­forever amazed that Allison, who’d never fight or hurt anybody, fought,” she says. “She scratched his face. He will be hating her for that. If she hadn’t scratched him he would have got away with it. Police, everyone said it, that scratch. As soon as they saw that scratch, they knew.

    “She would never ever in her life physically have had a fight with anyone. She would never have done that. So the fact she did that, and marked him, and he had to sit there and figure out a way to cover up those scratches, I am just so forever impressed by the strength that it took for her to do that. He, who controlled everything, couldn’t control her hand.”

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  57. Wow, thanks Moonlight, powerful stuff. It confirms what we’ve been saying, that the shift in the dynamics of the relationship between Allison and GBC, is what ultimately contributed to GBC ending her life. What wise advice from Jodie, working in that field for so many years, she must have seen it all. But she couldn’t save her cousin. It was all about power and control, as she says. I’ve guessed as much, that GBC hated Allison for the change in her, for her regaining her strength and standing up to him. But how would Allison have known this was so dangerous? She didn’t have her family and friends’ support even though they were there for her and aware of his control to some extent, because her husband had isolated her. So very sad and frightening too. There are so many lessons we can learn from this. We all need to be aware of those in our own lives, and to support and talk about domestic violence if we see or sense this is happening to them.

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  58. Gerard Richard Baden-Clay seems to think he has a get-out-of-jail-free-card left over from his Monopoly-themed Cen21 publicity shoots from his imaginary Cen21 fantasy business-world.. and he seems to think that he can use this fictional card in the real-world of law, justice and punishment.

    Interestingly enough, his application says that he does not want to present while the appeal is heard. Odd for a “high-flying businessman” who tells everyone that will listen that he is innocent…

    I wonder how prison is going for GBC. Can’t be enjoying it. Hope they give him a packet of sausages for Christmas to cheer him up…

    This article is acutally a bit old, but includes some good facts about his appeal, including when it is likely to be heard.


    • Suppose his lawyers have to do what lawyers are supposed to do. Otherwise they wouldn’t be considered worth their salt type lawyers.
      They will have to do nit-picking and more nit-picking over stuff already presented. Unless someone comes up with a boogeyman story.
      Interesting that he doesn’t want to present.
      Did the penny finally drop?
      Does he realize that his control techniques aren’t working properly? Someone not playing his game?
      Is there a power greater than himself at work within the Court house?


      • Do we assume that the appeal automatically goes ahead? I guess it does as a matter of course. It seems like a waste of time and money to me, but as you say this is his legal representatives job to do. I had a bit of a laugh thinking about why GBC wouldn’t be present at the appeal. Perhaps he isn’t feeling as cocky and confident and thinks his mask might slip, or else he KNOWS that he just won’t able to contain himself and he will HAVE to speak for himself. What a disaster that was at the trial!

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  59. Thank you JJE for the link to the Appeal details.

    GBC always makes mistakes, doesn’t he? He hides. He hid when the police looked for Allison, he has requested to hide during his Appeal.

    If he was innocent, he should want to sit in front of his peers, and show that he is innocent, as a matter of pride.

    GBC is a bully, without substance.

    It should be a requirement that he attends the Appeal. How dare he get away with not attending.

    What are your thoughts? GBC’s Appeal won’t be allowed, as politically, it will be damaging.

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    • Moonlight my feeling is there are NO grounds for appeal and I think it will not happen so he needn’t worry about appearing at all. He won;t need to but not for the reason he is hoping!

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      • I hope you’re right RIP, I don’t think there are grounds either. A complete waste of everyone’s time and money.


  60. LOL, Sad for Allison,

    I do think that GBC must have thought that people don’t understand him, with his grandstanding on the stand, reminiscing about eating Tolberone, and how important he is, in comparison to everyone else.


    • Yes, he just doesn’t get it why no-one gets him! His reminiscing was very important – to him. You have to wonder if he had any concept at all of how bizarre his behaviour was to everyone else.


  61. GBC probably has not woken up to the fact he will probably never be released from prison, let me explain why .

    As we’re all aware the people of not only QLD but Aussies in general took a huge interest in this case and in doing so have made it political .

    The Motor Mouth Premier Newman even pulled his head in and has remained silent , the Libs quickly distanced themselves from the Baden Clays and Bruce Flegg threw up more dust than Wile E Coyote in his haste to not only pass GBC off as a former mate / i hardly knew him / Gerard Who ? to rush to the prosecution and beg to be a tattle tale , his evidence was of little value to the crown case but great for dear ol Brucey. No one would ever ask for a loan from a stranger infact you’d need to be very close to ask for a cash unsecured loan.

    Gerard has a minimum of 13 years before he can apply for parole , in 13 years he will be remembered by most voters and after the high number of parolees who have reoffended whoever is in power will know if he walks so do their election chances .
    Those who fought for Allison would only need to organize a rally and the Govt of the day would quickly realize if Gerard Walks we’re out but if we keep him in custody we’ll be seen to be working for the people.
    It may appear Gerry is doing it easy but he wont be , he’ll be in ‘Protection’ which means 23 hrs a day in a single cell and 1 hour exercise in a cage and he knows the instant inmates get a 30 second window he’ll cop a beating , not once but whenever the chance occurs and remember those watching him also have families and most likely detest him … remember how no guards saw Carl Williams meet his maker , funny that and no guards were as much as reprimanded.
    GBC has a long hard road ahead if he chooses to live , suicide must be constant thought.

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    • OMG Mike, would it really be that bad?

      Can the guards get away with allowing such brutality? You are right, Carl Williams is a perfect example.


      • If he’s going to survive in the jungle GBC better start using that gym and muscling up pretty quickly. He’s always appeared the weakest type of man to me (not just mentally.) Whatever type of mental persuasion he has tried in the past will be useless to him now.


    • Charles Walliams? Wasn’t he the murderer bloke that did some sort of $1m deal with authorities? Then he bludgeoned himself to death or something whilst exercising his bicycle wheel in prison? I heard it was suicide or something. Saved the tax payers heaps apparently, by reducing his sentence voluntarily.


      • Yep QCL that’s the chap , the one that headbutted a bicycle stem over n over after the local press reported he’d done a deal to secure his daughters future education , unfortunately those protecting him were busy playing a makeshift game of cricket , well they cant be expected to sit n watch prisoners on CCTV while there’s a chance to burn off a few calories hurling a paper mache’ ball about in the most secure unit in the Vic Prison System.

        Well done Officers you didn’t even get a spec of his remains spoiling your uniforms therefore saving the taxpayers the dry cleaning bill.

        Oh yessss , here in Vic we have staff absolutely determined to see these institutions run smoothly with just a minimum of weapons of choice made available.

        Another kind gesture was made available to this prisoner and of course his Daddy who was also incarcerated to ensure a family background was to move them from this hell hole to a motel on the Surf Coast where young ladies were paid to assist these chappies sniff away their sorrows with what are dubbed ‘recreational’ drugs and once again the taxpayers were saved any cleaning bills as the ladies cavorted about unclad.

        Now just how good are our pollies to approve a system previously only awarded to themselves , ohhh yes we applaud these fine pillars of the community for their brilliant foresight.

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