Toni McHugh Claims, “Gerard Only Had Sex with Other Women to Test Our Love” (New Posters Very Welcome)


Toni McHugh, who now likens herself to the former US President’s paramour, Monica Lewinsky, said that she believed Gerard when he said that he had not ever had sex with anyone  except for Allison and herself and that she plans to write a book.

Toni McHugh, “I was furious, but I was still madly in love with him.  I remember after the police told me, Gerard called me from a blocked number and said, ‘I’m outside your office, I’m in a cab, I have to talk to you;”.

Toni McHugh, “The first thing he said when I got in the cab was, ‘are you wearing a wire?'”

Gerard Baden-Clay’s mistress Toni McHugh has given a tell-all interview to the Women’s We

Photo courtesy of Women’s Weekly.

Toni and Baden-Clay, in the cab, then drove to a unit at Fortitude Valley to talk.  Toni said, “He gave me all these reasons for having sex with other women.

He wanted to make sure what he had with me was real.  Like an idiot, I believed it,  but he’d also told me previously that he’d never been with any women besides Allison.”

As we know, GBC frequented, where he described himself as “average” and, “married, but don’t want to be, looking for some sex on the side!”.

Toni claimed with regard to Baden-Clay being responsible for Allison’s murder, “I’d been putting my head in the sand about that”.

Toni had been hiding in her apartment since her affair with Baden-Clay had become public, her mother phoned her on the 30th April, to tell her to come out of hiding.

Toni also confessed that she had driven over the Kholo Creek bridge just hours before Allison’s body was found, she said, “And that was the worst day because WE drove over that bridge.  We drove over the bridge and she was under there and later that day, maybe around noon, we heard a woman’s body has been found, and I knew straight away – instantly – that it was Allison.”

Toni McHugh on Allison’s children, “I need them to know that I’m very, very, sorry for what’s happened.  The future I was planning with Gerard, it actually included them.  It included Allison!  I thought we would all get to the point where we all, you know, shared custody, like adults, and got on.”

It has been reported that Toni McHugh was paid more than $200,000.00 for the interview with Channel 9’s 60 Minutes programme which aired on the Sunday after Gerard Baden-Clay was charged guilty of murder.

“Toni McHugh quotes of hardship” from what is believed to be another paid interview, this time with Woman’s Weekly:

“I’m still coping with the damage, emotionally and financially”.  (Toni is, of course, being paid for these interviews).

“I lost my job, which I loved, and which I was good at. And sometimes I feel like I’m Australia’s Monica Lewinski – like, what man is ever going to want to come near me?  So I have suffered, too.”

Toni McHugh on feeling sorry for Allison, “I’m so sorry that her life has been so painful – no woman should have to go through those feelings of inadequacy that she was feeling”.

“I can’t be held personally responsible.”

“I know that if it wasn’t me, it would have been another woman.”

“The marriage problems were pre-existing well before I became a part of Gerard’s life.”

Asked if she felt the murder happened because of her, she said: “No. It didn’t happen because of me.”





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113 thoughts on “Toni McHugh Claims, “Gerard Only Had Sex with Other Women to Test Our Love” (New Posters Very Welcome)

    • Thanks JJE, I feel an extreme dislike for Toni. Extreme.

      We know that the law in Australia is that those who perpetrated a crime will not make money from it, this should also extend to those involved, namely, Toni McHugh.

      Toni is a peace of work. An absolute piece of work.

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    • Comment is out of chronological order, but:

      The same bloke who asked: “Are you wearing a wire?” apparently didn’t know the meaning of “a crime scene”

      Sheesh…..and that’s putting it mildly.

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      • Are you wearing a wire?
        Same dude took Toni for a drive over the Kholo creek bridge on the day Allison was discovered, but before Allison found.
        Together, the “lovers” drove OVER Allison’s undiscovered body.
        What’s that stuff about returning to the scene, ……. sort of?
        Lovers is a stupid word IMO. Neither knew the first thing about love.

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        • I wonder if this was the area where they shared their moments of passion entwined between a head rest and a door knob , how sick is a person who drives his whore directly above where he left his wife after murdering her, was this some sort of power trip. Sick bastards !


          • Oh Mike
            There have been some spectacularly appropriate turns of phrase throughout this sordid saga but GHS, QCL and now you have contributed some outstanding pearlers.
            ‘Moments of passion entwined between a headrest and a doorknob’ will stay forever inscribed in my Gold Collection….


  1. I am not trying to express sympathy for her; she is in a mess of her own making. But I like prosecutor Fuller’s sum-up of McHugh that cynically mocked Gerard’s business skills:

    “She fell for the Baden-Clay product and she fell hard”

    I thought Fuller nailed that one; her being duped by the Baden-Clay fantasy. And without sympathy or making her a victim, I see her as another sucker who was dudded, conned and smashed by the Baden-Clay wreckingball.

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    • JJE, I felt the same as you to a small extent, for a flash, as I want to believe the best from people. However, a married man with three little girls, who hugged the office staff (Toni from the LJ Hooker would have known that) to the point that the staff felt it inappropriate; GBC who big noted himself for hours on end, surely she could have held herself back and not gone there. One just doesn’t do it. She did, and I think Allison’s summary of her is perfect.

      There is a product, I agree, and Fuller said it perfectly and succinctly, and I was thrilled with his work.

      If Toni gave some or all of the money she is making to the girls, I would think more of her.

      HINT TONI!!!!

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    • “She fell for the Baden Clay product, and she fell for it hard.”
      Good words, by Fuller.
      The Baden Clay product was nothing, but hot air.
      The Baden Clay product was in effect, Bull-dust and fantasies.
      All Smoke and Mirrors.
      With a high price tag attached.

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  2. An observation, Toni has had some very good lighting here, and perhaps some photoshopping, unless she has lost weight since the Channel 9 interview, ready for her 15 minutes of fame of writing her memoirs.

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  3. How can a woman in her 40’s not know something of being manipulated?

    Not know something, as having been a real estate agent, of people lying to you?

    I think she is protesting too much, perhaps she now has PR staff and writers to change the public’s perception of her.

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    • She is equally manipulative. She is in a profession which attracts “image” people. Now she’s out making money out of this. She hasn’t learned. If she really wanted her life to go back to normal, she’d keep out of the press and resist all requests for interviews.
      But … you know … there’s money on offer.

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      • I so agree with you melbomartin. Manipulation, image, self-awareness. She doesn’t appear to have an ounce of common sense.


  4. Toni McHugh, “Gerard Only Had Sex with Other Women to Test Our Love”

    It is a pity that the above wasn’t mentioned in the court case – to prove GBC’s character..


      • Well, that is a very good question. The statement she made about GBC testing her love by having sex with other women, shows her rather screwed perception of love. To say such a thing is extraordinary. She likes to be dominated? She considers this to be part of a normal, loving and trusting relationship?

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        • Yes Dan, or else she is a gullible airhead incapable of independent thought. Perhaps TM has no concept of a normal relationship and perhaps had a big sticker on her forehead stating as much when GBC first ‘counselled’ her and then got her in his sights. There would always, always, be something he would get out of it for himself. Adulation, running around like a naughty little boy, potential money, sex and the rest…

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          • Dear Sad for Allison and Dan,

            I agree, I think GBC’s running around, “like a naughty little boy” titillated him. I also think he enjoyed TM’s controlling behaviour. She kept questioning him, I think he liked that as he was raised with strong women.


    • I understand that under the Australian Uniform Evidence Law, it is only permissible to adduce evidence in favour of the accused’s character. In other words, it is not permissible to adduce evidence that would demonstrate bad character. The law is different in relation to the character of witnesses, but even there the judge must tell the court that there is a first time for everything. I do believe that the judge in GBC’s case did tell the jury that just because GBC had no prior criminal record, it does not mean that he would never commit a crime.

      So, in essence, only evidence of good character of the accused can be given:


  5. I am fed up to the back teeth with this woman. Honestly! Does she not have a decent bone in her body? Go away Ol’ Tone and finally leave this family in peace. She needs to think about her sons and the impact this is having on them, let alone Allison’s children. I completely agree with you Moonlight. . .she IS a piece of work.
    You are not the victim here Tone, and nobody in their right mind is buying any of the tripe you’re dishing up.
    It is time for Tone to do us all a favour and leave the stage now. Step away from the limelight, there’s a good girl.

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  6. “Toni McHugh on feeling sorry for Allison, “I’m so sorry that her life has been so painful – no woman should have to go through those feelings of inadequacy that she was feeling”.

    This woman is truly unbelievable.

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  7. Lost her job? What a lie. She is still doing the same job, just up the coast and under another name. She is as much of a con artist as GBC is. Now she’s milking her affair that led to Allison’s death for all she can get out of it.

    She is a sales person par excellence. I do hope nobody will buy her book of lies.

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  8. Toni McHugh on Allison’s children, “I need them to know that I’m very, very, sorry for what’s happened. The future I was planning with Gerard, it actually included them. It included Allison! I thought we would all get to the point where we all, you know, shared custody, like adults, and got on.”

    Oh I love this, I really really love it. What a complete tosser.
    Old Tone. . exit stage left.

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  9. Oh my. Proof positive. And from her own mouth. No shame, no blame, no brain.
    And now she wants to be Australia’s Monica Lewinski?
    Is she attracted to the Limelight?
    She doesn’t seem to GET it. Any of it.

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    • Yes, no empathy or common sense. Her words are really galling. She’s already lost her sons, created a new name (and what looks like a new face) and then blown all that out of the water as well for the price of a few interviews! It sounds like she and GBC really deserved each other.

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      • I agree with you all – it is astounding that the moment the prison door banged closed behind her lover she was out there telling the media a very unconvincing Me-Myself-I story for big $$!! What the heck!! What has she said or done to deserve such pay-offs???

        I find it quite offensive that one of the main players in a brutal murder (yes she did help precipitate the outcome with her relentless pressure on GBC to dissolve his marriage!) is rewarded like this by the media! They are selling out on ethics for the sake of publicity – It is shameful!!

        I do not know of anyone who is interested in hearing anything from her. She has not added any useful public knowledge, and not done herself any favours by trying to become a ‘celebrity adulterer’.
        She comes across as yet another self-centered user of people and circumstances, right in the BC mold…no wonder she got on well with them. No doubt with these attributes it will not take her very long to ensnare her next victim. Hope it’s not someone else’s husband again that she puts her sights on next.

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        • Absolutely, RIP.
          I feel as though she enjoyed being the mistress. That photo of her in the Weekly, posing on the floor in an attempt to be some kind of glamour puss. What’s with that?
          I know I sound totally bitchy but it takes no special talent to be the other woman and I certainly wouldn’t be proudly publicising it.

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          • My thoughts too. Is the photo on the floor supposed to exude some sort of sex kitten message?
            (Being a female, the message doesn’t wash with me)

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            • She certainly looks very different! If she had half an ounce of sense, not to mention morals, she’d slip under the radar never to be heard from again. Actually RIP I read on another site that AD (Antonia Denman) was unavailable from her position at Peregian Beach PRIOR to the verdict, as she was otherwise occupied recording the 60 Minutes interview. Let’s get our heads around that! She knew he was guilty and that he’d be convicted (or else the station was going to can the interview in the off-chance that he walked?)

              If you check the LJ Hooker contact list she is no longer there. Either they’ve deleted her temporarily for fear of repercussions, or she’s just ‘lost another job’… I really feel so much for her sons who are only 16 and attending a high school in Brisbane. Their mother is plastered all over national television as the mistress of a man who killed his wife, now the Women’s Weekly article and then God forbid a book! I can’t imagine what it must be like for them, but she clearly considers no-one but herself.

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  10. This is so good to hear, an online site being set up by Allison’s cousin to support those in domestic violence situations.

    “ALLISON Baden-Clay’s cousin wants to create an online community for people to talk about one of society’s least talked-about problems – domestic violence.

    Jodie Dann of Ipswich Women’s Centre Against Domestic Violence plans to set up the site to help victims connect with others and reach professional help.

    “Nobody wants to talk about domestic violence – it’s too ugly. But that is how people die,” she said. “We have to start talking about it and get it out there.”

    Ms Dann said her cousin’s death at the hands of a controlling and domineering husband had sparked much talk online from people sharing their own problems.

    She hoped an online community moderated by domestic violence advocates – with links and information on professional services – would encourage people to seek help Ms Dann said abuse did not always have to be physical.
    “It’s the psychological abuse, the control, the isolation, the slow erosion of your self-esteem,’’ she said. “The ‘If you loved me, you’d be wearing what I want you to wear’ or ‘It’s so much better when it’s just you and me and nobody else’.

    “When you look at many domestic violence victims, isolation plays such a big part. It stops you from having friends who say ‘He said what to you’?”

    Figures show one in three Australian women will experience domestic violence, the leading cause of premature death in females aged 15 to 44.

    Ms Dann said she hoped to have a Facebook page soon.”

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    • Yes, really good and very relevant. It looks like the FB page has been set up yesterday, it’s called ‘Dear Allison’ and I’m pretty sure it’s Allison’s cousin’s site as I found her on FB as Jodie with a different surname, but her face is the same as the article Moonlight posted. They are letting people know about an event tomorrow evening in Brisbane, I’ll paste it here:

      “Welcome everyone.
      We would like to launch this page by inviting you all to a Yellow Day Event for Allison.
      The admins of this page are hosting this Event Friday 1st August.
      The Venue is Fridays Riverside 123 Eagle Street Brisbane 6pm onwards
      Come along and join us to see the Storey Bridge light up Yellow for Allison
      And help us to light up Brisbane Yellow shining the light brightly on
      Zero Tolerance to domestic violence
      To everyone who has shown compassion, an interest or just wants to stand beside us on this
      Special Yellow Day please come join us.”

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      • I’d love to see the bridge lit up in yellow. Saw some ladies today wearing yellow ribbons pinned to their jackets, northside of Bris.
        I wonder what happened to GBC’s yellow ties he wore in court. Very touching. . .

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        • I agree Reality Bites, I’d have loved to have seen the bridge. I wore a yellow ribbon today but not on the north side of Brisbane! 😉 I did have lunch with two very lovely ladies though, who are also very concerned about this case. I saw a delivery van travelling in front of me with a huge collection of yellow ballooons and wondered where they were heading.


  11. There’s a lovely article in the CM today on ‘Yellow for Allison’ day today:

    “Mrs Hudson said yellow was Allison’s favourite colour and the day served as a “living scrapbook” for her three daughters.
    “A lot of the time, love is the solution, and they (daughters) are surrounded by lots of love with their family, extended family and close friends so they are doing well despite the circumstances,” Mrs Hudson said.

    “It’s been such a public exercise for the family and they are looking forward to moving forward and seeing the positive things happening in the community in her (Allison’s) memory.

    “For the children, it (Wear Yellow Day) is more like a living scrapbook of their mum and it’s really focusing on the positives.”

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  12. Much as I don’t like to admit it, I am becoming of the opinion, Give her enough rope ……
    That rope has allowed a couple of wee clangers to date. “He killed for himself.”
    That is an admittance that he is definitely a killer. No questions asked.
    Who or why he killed is another matter.
    Next, he had to take his “lover” over the scene of the crime, before a crime scene was declared.
    There are plenty more next bits, mainly to do with withholding information. Or lies by omission.
    Next, I say, let her speak more. (Before discarding her completely)
    This is the same person that NBC described as volatile. She was, as he alluded, someone unpredictable.
    Well, her “volatility” might yet see any “appeals” undone.
    Circumstantial evidence may yet be altered to something more, say, “concrete.”

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      • So true QCL, that’s a very good point, especially TM not denying that GBC is a killer! I wonder what she might actually say given the opportunity… GBC will be stewing in his tiny cell wondering what she will do next, without any suggestions or input from him. She is definitely a wild card now so it may become very interesting indeed.

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  13. I’ve just been reading the Queensland Times which seems to be an Ipswich newspaper and there are some interesting articles on the GBC case there for anyone wanting to have a read. There’s one by a criminal law expert which states:

    “Baden-Clay, 43, cannot appeal his sentence because murder carries mandatory life imprisonment.

    Mr Field said the ultimate question for the appeal court would be whether there had been a miscarriage of justice.

    He said Baden-Clay’s lawyers could argue the verdict was contrary to the evidence or that the trial judge misdirected the jury.

    Mr Field said he doubted either of those would be successful, but the jury’s questions about manslaughter and circumstantial evidence could help the lawyers form their arguments.

    He said the appeal court, if they find a problem with the way the trial ran, could set the conviction aside and order a retrial or they could let the conviction stand.

    “If they think there has been a legal irregularity, such as trial judge misdirecting a jury, but they think there is no miscarriage of justice they can uphold the conviction,” he said.

    Mr Field said the appeal court also had the option of substituting murder of manslaughter if they found there was no evidence Baden-Clay intended to kill his wife.

    “But they are more likely to send it back for retrial,” he said.

    Baden-Clay – who is housed at Wolston Correctional Centre, west of Brisbane – faces a 15-year non-parole period.

    Mr Field said the Queensland Parole Board did not have a good track record in following directions from supreme court judges on recommendations for release.

    He said they were notorious for keeping prisoners in longer than their parole terms.

    Baden-Clay is housed in the same prison as Daniel Morcombe’s murderer, Brett Peter Cowan, who has been in protective custody since he was convicted in March.”

    It’s not looking good for GBC in terms of the appeal. I found the comment on the Queensland Parole Board interesting, that they are “notorious for keeping prisoners longer than their parole terms” which I hadn’t heard before. I think it’s time to knuckle down for the long haul and do the hard yards Gerrrred!

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    • I hope you’re right SfA. I hadn’t heard that comment about the Queensland Parole Board either. By the sounds of it they’re tougher than some other states in this regard. Still, I won’t rest easy until the whole appeal process is done and dusted, with the perp still in prison.

      I’ve just been up to Townsville and heard many negative comments about GBC and Old Tone. Also that the Pastor has a minor role in the church. He is not THE pastor of the church.

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      • Ah, that’s interesting RB regarding the negative comments about GBC and TM in Townsville! I wonder what OW thinks about her beloved big brother now? The Judge was uneducated, the jury got it all wrong, blah blah blah. That her hubby has a minor role in the church isn’t surprising. I do wonder how their marriage will hold up with all the stress and fallout from the conviction, but perhaps they both live in lala land?

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        • The judge was uneducated? Gee, that’s rich.
          I’m very interested in what Livvie’s husband honestly thinks of it all. What it’s like to be an in-law to that family (it appears Allison didn’t have a close relationship with them). How do you get past all of the negative publicity about your in-laws? How many times can one turn the other cheek?
          And are any of them looking over their shoulder????


          • I was trying to think of the most absurd concept I could come up with regarding a reason and the Judge RB, haha! Yes, being an in-law to the BC’s wouldn’t be for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure and no wonder Allison didn’t ‘warm’ to them – cold fish that they are.

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  14. Sorry if I’m off topic here but I’m not sure if others are posting on the appeal thread still? This, I believe, GBC will have a HUGE problem with when he is able to apply for parole:


    1. Explain the offence you committed which resulted in the present incarceration.
    2. You may also discuss your criminal background and other offences you have committed if applicable.
    3. Outline your responsibilities of those offences.

    Under this section you have to reflect on your offence/s since commencing your period of imprisonment.
    You have to show the board that you are not the same person who came into prison and that you have changed for the better. You may include information such as:

    Your thinking patterns then and your thinking patterns now.
    What do you think of the offence you committed?
    How do you feel for your victims?
    Identify your primary and tertiary victims.
    Tertiary victims include anyone else affected by your crime such as the victim’s family, colleagues, witnesses to the crime and the impact it has caused on the community.
    How do you feel if the same offence was committed by somebody on you or your loved ones? (Victim empathy)
    Why do you think you committed the said offence?”

    I just cannot see him admitting to killing Allison, ever. This includes having any empathy for “primary and tertiary victims” who after all include his own three daughters, Allison herself, her family and his family. I’m sure many prisoners lie to Parole Boards to obtain their freedom and GBC is capable of this. I just really wonder how convincing he would be able to be. Having heard him on the stand during the trial, he has a very unrealistic expectation of other people, expecting them to believe his lies because HE does.

    Click to access Parole%20Application%20Handbook.pdf

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    • He is obviously a convincing liar and that’s a worry. But I am comforted by the thought that the people he was lying to liked him or loved him and were more open to believing him. Others will not be so easily fooled.

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    • The series of questions he would have to answer is very interesting indeed. Thanks for posting these.

      They are all about the ability to reflect on his actions and the level of empathy he may have acquired. It does go back to testing him for degree of psychopathy. Which is good, because he will probably spend a very long time in prison.

      GBC has a very skewed view of the world, and rather unrealistic. I wonder. Surely others who knew him would have become aware of his views and attitudes. These behavioural traits would have been evident for all of his life. And yet, so many of us accept them, and some pay the ultimate price: Allison, her three daughters, her parents.

      The question therefore turns back to us: what are we willing to accept in a fellow human? Part of that answer is to be found in the title of this page: “he was testing our love for him by having sex with other women”. Please explain. This is supposed to be normal behaviour? It clearly is for some, and it is these same people who let GBC run the show… until it ended in tragedy.

      I honestly do not understand some humans.

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      • I agree Dan, I too don’t understand some humans. Perhaps this is what makes humans like GBC so different from the rest of us. He is capable of lying, and would admit it himself. I just can’t see him having the ability to show empathy and acknowledging that what he did was wrong. He can show emotion only when it applies to him. I’m sure parole boards deal with the like of GBC all the time. As to TM’s statement “he was testing our love…” these are just the excuses GBC gave her to encourage her as a form of narcissistic supply. As a community we clearly DO NOT accept someone like GBC in our midst as it offends our collective consciousness. I’m not sure that anyone “allowed” GBC to run the show, just that this is the way he operates. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that his parents played a huge role in the development of whatever the disorder he has, occurring. There must be similar behavioural patterns in them, they have encouraged his sense of entitlement with very little to show for the ‘award’ they have offered him. He has never been accountable for his actions, his family have backed him up to the hilt, always. Their behaviour before and during the trial is evidence of this. They appear genuinely shocked that he was found guilty of murder, which in itself says a lot about their concept of reality and community tolerance/expectations.

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        • Dear SFA
          When I was growing up – in what in hindsight I would consider initially a struggling household which eventually moved into middle class – people like the Hyphenated Ones would have been considered to have some kind of right to “A Born To Rule” mentality.
          And sadly, my family and our like-minded neighbours would have fallen for their superiority “hook, line and sinker.”

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          • GHS, I’d love to know what your mother thought about such things!
            She might surprise you.
            FWIW, my father had strong thoughts about Rolf Harris, but didn’t want to burst our absolutely innocent bubble. (His thoughts were not not exactly positive. But he refused to elaborate.)

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        • Speaking of being genuinely shocked at the guilty verdict; that mugshot of GBC says it all. It made me quite sick to see that he’d finally shed a bucket-load of tears. For himself.

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  15. Someone who has playing in my mind these past few days. Her name, Olivia Baden Clay Walton.
    This female life form had the audacity to get up in the Queensland Court and sprout about Allison.
    She sprouted high, she sprouted low. and she sprouted sideways.
    She sprouted about Allison’s supposed depression.
    She sprouted about Allison’s incontinence of urine, failing to supply details of pregnancy at the time. Bladder type stuff was what she thought necessary to discuss at the time.
    Depression type stuff was also what she thought necessary to discuss also, failing to elaborate the stuff that Allison was being forced to cope with at the time. Stuff that would test the sternest character.
    This Olivia Baden Clay Walton has a LOT to answer for, in my opinion.
    Then, she has the audacity to say words like living authentically for Christ.
    This woman is an Anathema. An Anathema to Jesus Christ. She needs learn the meaning of that. This condemnation is far greater that that of the Queensland Court of Australia. Or her convoluted twisted family.

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    • Well said, QCL- Olivia Isobel (“Isobel” being her new Facebook name, one of her mother’s middle names) Baden-Clay Walton lets womanhood down.

      She should stand down from the Church, immediately.

      I notice, interestingly, that Olivia’s husband looks like a Baden-Clay.

      It is ironic, on her Facebook page, that her favourite movie is, “Miss Representation”.

      Source and thank you – Sad for Allison 😀



      • Hmmph! I see no updates on the Peerage site to date.
        I was expecting something like GBC has been found guilty of his wife, Allison’s murder. Sentenced.
        Having said that, I have the utmost respect for the authors of such works. To my understanding, works such as this, and Ancestry works are put together with no renumeration whatsoever for the author.
        Must be a kick in the guts to have this wonderful family history work besmirched by a common con-artist. Worse, that smoke and mirrors creature comes from within the BC family.

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        • Dear QCL,

          GBC certainly has ruined the family name, it will be interesting to see if it is updated, perhaps after the Appeal, or they’ll just ignore it. I mean him, lol

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        • Dear QCL,

          I noticed on the Peerage site that one of NBC’s middle names is GerRED, so he, too, was insulted when he took the stand and his precious name wasn’t pronounced properly.

          Goooooo Bwanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you must be the master, as you think so.


          • How appropriate that Alladin’s Lamp picture appears magically right here right now.
            I think it was supposed to show at the Court House last month. When and where somehow, at sometime, a magical spirit appeared out of nowhere and disposed of Allison. Then returned to the home of the sleeping beauty (not) and gouged his face, with fingernail scratches.
            Apparently there is quite another story attached to Alladin’s Lamp. And it involves adultery, deception, rags, riches, and murder.

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            • A very apt analogy, QCL. Yes, either the genie out of Alladin’s lamp or the bogeyman did it. But since no defense counsel would allow such nonsense, GBC had to come up with the concept of suicide. As it turned out, it was just as unlikely.

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      • Do I remember something odd (which was perhaps lost amid the daily court evidence), or was it a dream in my troubled mind?

        Did Gerard say at one stage that he tried to set Allison up with his friend, Ian Walton?

        Only to win her heart himself, and conveniently slot his sister into marriage with his friend instead.

        Happy to be howled down if I am wrong.

        Because that would be truly even more bizarre than most of the hyphenated shenanigans we’ve already suffered.

        Can you help, Moonlight?


  16. Here is a very poignant and powerful letter written to Allison by her cousin Jodie on the ‘Dear Allison’ FB page on 1st August 2014.

    “Dear Allison

    I miss you, even though we didn’t see each other a lot. I can’t believe I have to write this letter to you.

    There are so many things I wish I had said to you. I wish it with all my heart.
    There are things I never did for you, for fear of putting you at risk of more abuse.
    Maybe I was afraid that I was just being suspicious because I didn’t trust Gerard.
    Afraid that you would not want to hear it and would avoid seeing me.
    Afraid that maybe I was right, and you were in a worse situation than everyone thought but were pretending everything was OK.
    Afraid that the family would be upset if you did decide to leave Gerard and blame the interfering cousin.

    And now I wish I had just followed my gut and told you all those things I thought were happening. Maybe things would have been different.

    I know I am not the only person who loved you who is thinking what if…

    I wish I could have told you the things that abusive men do and you could have told me what he was doing to you. I could have helped you.

    So I will say all those things now, those things I should have said when you were still alive, and maybe other women will hear them.

    Is he not letting you see your friends?
    Is he not letting you do things with your family?
    Is he saying mean things to you? Does he tell you you’re fat, ugly, smelly, that you embarrass him in public?
    Does he tell you that he doesn’t want you to do things at the school with the children?
    Is he lying about where he is and who he is with?
    Does he make all the family decisions and leave you with no say?
    Does he mislead you, letting you think something when he knows the truth – knowing this will keep you off balance?
    Does he take the children away and tell you to stay at home alone?
    Does he make you second guess everything you do until you think you are going mad?
    Is he hurting you physically?
    Does he force you to do things in the bedroom you don’t want to do?
    Does he threaten you, telling you if you don’t do one thing, he wouldn’t let you do something else?
    Is he listening to your conversations? Does he spy on you with the baby monitor?
    Does he watch the kilometres on your car?

    Allison, you were so good at so many things and you always strove to do the right thing.
    You tried so hard to keep your marriage together and you didn’t know why it was failing.

    It must have been a relief to know “G’’, as he made us call him, was having an affair. You must have known then that it was not you, that it wasn’t your fault.

    Even when you tried to get marriage counselling, he was still cheating – and not just with one woman.

    G was never happy unless everything was about him. He had to be the centre of the conversation, always in the spotlight.

    Well, now he is, and he will shine a light on his behaviour.

    Love doesn’t hurt.
    Love doesn’t make you embarrassed or ashamed.
    Love doesn’t make you cry.

    I feel so sad that you always wanted to be famous and now, because of what he did to you, you are.
    This is not fair.

    I feel sad that you will never again see your family, see your children grow old.
    I feel sad that those three beautiful girls have lost the best mummy in the world.
    I feel sad that your family has to go through such a public nightmare with something so ugly.
    I feel sad that I have to talk about domestic abuse and use your name to get people to listen.
    I feel sad that you’re not alive to help me do this.

    I felt you growing stronger in the last year or so of your life. The shine had come back and I feel so proud of you for scratching his face and letting the world really see the true side of G.

    I feel so proud that without you we would not be talking about a problem that kills over 60 women and children a year and affects one in three Australian women.

    I felt proud when a woman said to me in court about five months ago “I came here today to get safe because my doctor told me I would end up like that Baden-Clay lady if I didn’t get a DVO’’.
    You saved her life.

    I feel proud when another lady said “my best friend talked to me about Allison and I felt like she was talking about my life’’. That’s why she asked for help to live without control and isolation.

    Allison, you are everyone’s daughter, friend and sister.
    I want people to see you and think if you fought to survive, they can too.

    I am so sorry that this had to be written, that I didn’t say these things to you. But because of your death, I truly believe you will save the lives of hundreds of women.

    Jod xxx”

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  17. Dear GHS,

    Here is an excerpt of GBC’s testimony with regard to how he tried to set up Allison and Ian:

    GBC is listing his community roles. He is talking about meeting his wife when they were working at Flight Centre. Allison was “Miss Brisbane”. GBC is talking about working as an accountant before moving to Flight Centre. “I have a Bachelor of Business degree with a major in accounting. My Flight Centre Office was the number one in Queensland,” He spoke about Flight Centre’s core values. He said that he progressed from a sales consultant. “I did very well. I was regularly a top performer. In 1995 Flight Centre opened a 24 hour division and I was asked to start that as a national manager. Allison was on the floor above, she was Qld human resources manager. I was quite good with computers, Allison had a problem with her computer and I helped her. She had more and more problems with her computer. I played match maker with my now brother-in-law Ian, it didn’t work. I was pleased. We started dating that weekend. Allison’s mother’s family is large and they have a big Christmas. I remember meeting her family that Christmas.

    I fell in love with her (he is crying, having broken down in the witness box).

    I fell in love with her pretty much straight away, I felt a level of emotional attachment to Allison, far deeper than I’ve ever experienced before, she was the one. I felt so in love with her, I knew I wanted to marry her.

    I spoke with my father about whether I should ask Allison or her father first, Dad told me to ask Allison. I proposed under the Eiffel Tower at Park Road at Milton. Allison was completely taken by surprise and asked for a week to think about it. She said “yes” after a week.


    • Geez, this says so much! First GBC tried to set her up with IW – WHY would he do this if he fancied Allison himself? Testing her perhaps?

      The fact that he needed his father’s advice on how to approach the marriage proposal is the story of his pathetic life, and a taste of things to come. Dad said I should call a solicitor on the day Allison ‘disappeared’, Dad said I should lodge a claim on Allison’s life insurance the day after a body (not yet identified) was found. Come on GBC, grow some for once in your life! But you won’t will you? But where you now find yourself in a maximum security prison, you can’t ask Dad for advice can you? Dear Dad has no experience in such matters and you are alone amongst the wolves where you belong.

      I really find the fact that Allison had to think for a week about whether to accept GBC’s marriage proposal speaks volumes. She wasn’t sure. She had a gut instinct. She could not have been in love and without any doubt to reply that way. It is so unbelievably sad that she didn’t follow that instinct and was sucked into the abyss.

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      • The Baden-Clay abyss of lies and broken promises. I recall reading that GBC swept Allison off her feet. He must have pursued her.


      • Dear SFA

        Dad this, Dad that, Dad in the business, Dad advising, Dad suggesting. Dad directing. Dad counselling. Dad ordering. Dad judging. Dad the omnipotent. Dad with hoses and vacuums. Dad scoping “manifestations” of Allison’s depression.

        Who’s a young Gerbil to call when he’s f**ked up big time?


        And of course he did.

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        • And Dad jumped to the fore in damage control mode pretty smartly, for any necessary coverups.
          Especially when it looked like like sonny boy could be in sticky situation. (Without Dads fortuitous intervention)
          Such as, it became Dad’s idea to call the Insurance Company, after A body was discovered, but before that same body was identified.
          Dad seems adept at covering all bases, so to speak.
          Where I come from, all that Daddy talk is called sook stuff. Closely associated with gross immaturity and cowardice.

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    • It must have been a stifling environment, where Daddy called all the shots. When the first born son is coddled and cosseted, expected to succeed. Praising number one son even when it wasn’t deserved or warranted. What was it like for the younger two to live in the chosen one’s shadow?
      It’s interesting that he used the words “my office” with reference to it being number one in the state. His office? Or the office he worked in along with Allison and others, who as a team achieved this ranking. I know I’m being pedantic but his chest-beating wears thin.

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  18. I found this article in the Courier Mail yesterday. It shows that community outrage is still high regarding Allison’s murder, and interesting to remember that Shields was a former homicide detective. I wonder if it was Shields who came up with the defense angle then? Allison took Zoloft, wandered off into the night and lay down under a bridge etc. He MUST have known that the prosecution would show images of Allison’s body, which in themselves indicate the position in which her body was found, and that she could NOT have lay down herself in that position. I guess as the article says, the defense were working under “particularly difficult circumstances”, as they really had very little to work with. I wonder if this is a dig at GBC, and how impossible a client he would’ve been being a delusional liar with his own ‘bright ideas’ like taking the stand himself.

    “IT’S almost three weeks since reviled wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay was handed a life sentence for murdering the mother of his three daughters. Alas, the anger — as is often the case in high-profile cases — has spilt over and resulted in unsettling and vile threats and insults being levelled at people undeserving of any criticism whatsoever. Case in point, we know Baden-Clay’s lawyers have been on the receiving end of countless menacing phone calls and emails since the case wrapped up. Veteran criminal lawyer Peter Shields has confirmed his office — staffed by people with no real connection to the case — have received at least a dozen calls and emails worthy of causing considerable alarm. It is a well respected tenet of Queensland Law that everyone deserves the right to a fair trial and as such good legal representation to ensure justice is not only done, but seen to be done. No one can argue Baden-Clay didn’t have the best representation available in the form of Shields, a highly respected lawyer and former homicide detective, and legendary silk Michael Byrne, QC. For the record these men did in outstanding job under particularly difficult circumstances and should be applauded by a community who can sleep well in the knowledge Baden-Clay is behind bars despite a robust defence. That, and the fact that he is hardly the worst person either Michael or Peter have ever defended. In 2003, Shields garnered international attention when he defended Queensland’s first convicted serial killer Leonard Fraser.”

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  19. I have noticed, dear Sad for Allison, how strained Shields looks now, in comparison to older photos. Of course, we can only speculate on why Shields looks so strained.

    My view is that Shields didn’t come up with the defense angle. He would have the experience to know that it didn’t make sense for a lady, who didn’t like to walk, leave her children, after putting her husband’s phone on charge, to walk on dark, extremely hilly streets, placing herself in a dangerous situation.

    In my view, he would have said that anyone could have picked her up from the streets and kidnapped her. Who? We don’t know.

    GBC had a fight with Allison, he received the scratches, but it had nothing at all to do with her murder, it was a fight they had before she went outside the house and was kidnapped.

    My theory is that GBC, along with his ego and “high self intelligence” studying his law books in jail, with his much loved ego, came up with his own defense, his initial lawyers couldn’t see a case and advised him to not go down that route. GBC then fired them, then had Shields represent him.

    What does everyone else think?

    Peter Shields of late:


  20. Looking at the work Shields put into the GBC case, in my view, he did an excellent job with what he had.

    I remember we all felt miserable after he closed his case.

    I do wonder, though, if the money he receives is worth selling his soul for?


  21. Peter Shields – Principal –

    Peter is arguably the most academically qualified and experienced criminal defence lawyer practicing in Queensland.

    Peter holds a Master of Laws with a major in public law (QUT), a Bachelor of Laws (QUT) and a Diploma in Legal Practice (Bond).

    He is admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, as a Barrister and Solicitor of New Zealand and is entered in the Register of Practitioners of the High Court of Australia.

    Peter is a Queensland Law Society accredited specialist in criminal law and a member of the Queensland Law Society criminal law section committee and specialist accreditation committee for criminal law.

    Peter has been working in the criminal justice system since 1984.

    He joined the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in 1984 and attained the rank of Detective Sergeant. During his time with the QPS Peter spent over ten years as a Detective investigating serious, major and organised crime. He spent three years in the homicide squad and over two years in each of the armed robbery squad and sexual offences squad as well as working in major crime. As a Detective Sergeant Peter spent considerable time lecturing trainee detectives at the Queensland Police Academy on how to investigate serious, major and organised crime.

    Upon his resignation from the QPS Peter commenced work as a private solicitor specialising in the area of criminal law.

    Peter has a reputation for meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

    This is evidenced by his appearances before the High Court of Australia, Supreme Courts, District Courts and Magistrates Courts both throughout Australia and New Zealand.
    Peter is experienced in high profile cases and is adept at dealing with the resultant media interest in such cases in a way which protects his client’s privacy and portrays their case in the best light.

    Peter has presented papers throughout numerous conferences including to the Supreme Court Justices of Queensland. He is one of the few solicitors in Queensland who is asked to speak on behalf of the Queensland Law Society in relation to criminal practice and procedure in Queensland.


  22. Peter Shield’s company’s advertising, below.

    Interesting that they say that, “We don’t judge you”. In other words, they represent whomever is guilty, on the facts they give them to work up into a defense ….


    Our criminal law firm’s approach to your criminal defence is simple:

    1.We don’t judge you – we take the time to listen and understand you and your situation. Based on the facts and evidence, we will give you our opinion on the best course of action for you and your case.

    2.We support you every step of the way – we inform you and your family on what to expect and we are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No matter how long or short your criminal proceedings, we are beside you all the way.

    3.We give you quality representation – our advocacy is of an extremely high standard and our legal knowledge is contemporary and continuously updated. Our criminal defence team will bring all of our combined expertise and experience in criminal law to your case.

    4.We make it seamless – we work closely with your support team of barristers and expert witnesses to provide a seamless case before the courts.

    5.We are open and transparent – we keep you fully updated with every aspect of your case, and through our fixed fee approach you have no surprises.

    But most importantly … we get results.


    • It’s funny that you are speaking of this fellow right here right now. Only today, my mind was thinking over all this. And thinking of the “facts” as were presented to them.
      All smoke and mirrors.
      The “facts” were a little bit true, and a little bit not quite true.
      The truth is they didn’t have any thing much to work with.
      Except maybe the stranger or alien or genie that appeared out of the blue and did some sort of abduction.
      On that note, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all who have contributed, throughout this long ordeal.
      I am sincerely grateful that Justice has been served.
      I am also sincerely grateful to learn that there are normal law abiding citizens in the community with a lively sense of justice and also indignation over injustice and wrong.
      My faith in the general overall good in human nature has been restored.

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      • Very well said, dear QCL, there was “smoke and mirrors” from PS, remember how devastated we all felt after PS’s closing argument? What was said and twisted? How facts with a few words left out or taken out of context can mean that a murderer can be set free?

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  23. Hello everyone.

    Another sad case.

    Warriena Tagpuno Wright, a 26 year old tourist from New Zealand, plunged to her death last Friday under suspicious circumstances. Gable Tostee disassociates himself and refers to Warriena as “that girl”.

    It reads that GT is a callous man, using women as objects.

    So many similarities with GBC:


  24. A family fun day is being held at the Brookfield Showgrounds on Saturday 13 September to assist Allison’s daughters. All funds raised will go towards the Allison Baden-Clay’s Children Trust. I love the idea of sunflowers for sale to remember her.

    “Helping Allison Baden-Clay’s girls is as easy as attending a family fun day and cricket match.

    Allison’s three little girls have been left in the care of their grandparents since their mother’s murder, with The Late Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Trust Fund established to help provide for their futures.

    On Saturday 13 September, the Brookfield Show Grounds will host the Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Appeal Family Fun Day and Annual Cricket Match, with all funds raised going to the Children’s Trust.

    The fun kicks off at 11am. In the main event, the Brookfield United Cricket Club will take on the Combined QLD Police, Fire & Rescue + SES Volunteers Team.

    There’ll also be live music until 6pm. The bill includes Nik Phillips & Angie Whiteley, Peter Cupples & Louie Shelton, Rusty Hamerstrom, Ingrid James, Nerida Leishman, Kristina Kelwell, Sam Shepard, and a special appearance by The Voice Kids.

    For the kids, there’ll be a guest appearance by Dreamworld fairy Purplena, face painting, a jumping castle, the Old Macdonald’s Farm petting zoo, and the Pirate Pete Show from 1pm.

    For the adults, there’ll be a cash bar, as well as raffles and auctions. There’ll also be sunflowers for sale, in honour of the wall print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers that hung over Allison’s living room.

    To help with prize donations or sponsorship, contact Roni Johnson on 0407 030 336.”


    • Thank you so much, Sad for Allison.

      It seems like it will be a lovely day, just lovely, for all.

      I, too, love the idea of the sunflowers for sale, what a wonderful touch.


      • Hello All , just a note to say Diane and I will be there for this and are looking forward to it .

        We settle on our property next Fri and will be in QLD the midweek following … we flew to Brisbane last Tuesday and returned late Thursday .

        We had done our homework and asked all the relevant details of the agent , however on arrival found we’d been told many absolute lies and I must add the pictures were of the property but had been enhanced and possibly doctored .
        After a rather heated discussion I calmed down somewhat and said something along the lines of “it looks like QLD has many agents like that Bloody Baden Clay” he retorted “we’re not all like that and besides I’m Sth African and his father is a decent chap ” he started his car and drove off never to be seen again ….
        I took it he must be a friend of Nigel’s … my advice , steer clear of Ray White Real Estate Aspley.
        We then got back to our list of prospects and set off to inspect another property , making a long story short and after having all my questions answered to my satisfaction I made a low offer and left it with the lady brokering the deal who said she’d contact the seller but thought he’d knock it back … with that done we headed to Byron Bay to see my youngest who turns 21 tomorrow … while chatting the mobile rang and I informed Diane we’d just bought a new home .

        Forward to the next morn where I’d arranged to meet @ 10am and pay a deposit and do the paperwork . Up early I thought I might check with council to just be certain all I’d been told was correct … it was a bunch of bull , the council informed me that what I was assured was plain and simply … lies !
        So , we’re home again , a few bob lighter and no new place as yet. We’ll drive up after settlement find a base and continue the search.
        Hopefully others from here will make it to Brookfield and we can say hi.


        • Dear Mike
          I cannot believe you have been treated this way.
          Thank God you got in touch with Council before signing – I would never have thought to do so.
          Are you prepared to share the nature of the lies you were told?
          While real estate agents don’t have the best reputation, I know a few personally and would be happy to help.
          But which suburbs are you considering?
          Please don’t judge the whole of Brisbane on your recent experience.
          They’ve taken me into the fold – and I came from ADELAIDE!
          Best wishes to you and Diane.

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  25. I am so sorry Mike. That treatment is quite disgusting. Perhaps if you complain to the REIQ?

    I’d love to know further details, too.


  26. It’s wonderful to hear how well Allison’s daughters are doing, despite their lot in life without their Mum. It seems that the Dickies are doing a great job and are very dedicated.

    “ALLISON Baden-Clay’s special nurturing of her three daughters is helping them flourish despite them losing both of their parents, her family has revealed.
    Speaking for the first time since Gerard Baden-Clay’s guilty verdict for murdering his wife, Allison’s sister Vanessa Fowler said the girls knew their mother was a “special lady” and were already showing her traits.
    The girls are all successful in school and the eldest is excelling in ballet — just like her mother.
    “They are doing things that Allison would be looking down on them — she’s proud,” Ms Fowler
    told The Sunday Mail.

    “I think the seeds that Allison planted when they were young and the guidance she gave them as they were growing up, she has directed them in the right way and I think that will be with them for the rest of their life.
    “The girls are very proud of their mother and they know their mother would be very proud of them.”
    Ms Fowler gave the first insight into how the girls were rebuilding their lives.
    The girls — now aged 13, 10 and 7 — are seeing a counsellor and continuing their lives as best they can, Ms Folwer said.
    “We just have to make sure they are happy and they have every opportunity we can give them and that they have a successful life and a happy one.
    “They have lost their mother and their father — literally.
    “There is nothing that we can do, we can’t go back but we have to move forward with them and just be positive for them,” she said.
    The eldest of the children was excelling in ballet, the middle daughter was enjoying a leadership role in class while the youngest was sweet and thriving in her primary school environment.
    “That is just Allison’s nurturing and her guidance that has got these girls where they are,” Ms Fowler said.
    “They talk about her, they are working with their counsellor so hopefully in the long run they will be able to know the situation.
    “I don’t think they really comprehend it at the moment,” she said.
    “We’re guided by the counsellor and he deals with a lot of their questions and that’s all confidential between them.”
    Baden-Clay, a former Brookfield real estate agent, 43, pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court at Brisbane to murdering his wife, 43, who he reported missing on April 20, 2012.
    He was arrested in June, 2012. A jury found him guilty of murder in July this year.
    Allison’s parents Geoff and Priscilla Dickie had taken leading roles in caring for the children since her death, Ms Fowler said.
    “They’re doing this all again,” Ms Fowler said.
    “They brought all three of us up and now they are doing it again. Their lives have changed. But they wouldn’t have it any other way given the circumstances that have been thrust upon them. “The girls come first. They will do anything and everything for the three girls. That’s their life now and that is their focus.”
    Ms Fowler said the girls were proud of their mother and learnt from her achievements before her life was cut short.
    “They will certainly grow up with Allison’s passion, care, generosity and kindness,” she said.
    While growing up without their parents was difficult she said the family was trying to keep the girls’ lives as normal as possible.
    “They play with their friends, we’re still connected here with Brookfield friends,” she said.
    “They are making friends at their new school and community. They are bring brought up with a lot of love and a lot of care because we know there is a long road ahead. All of the family.
    “They still have contact with their other grandparents.”
    Ms Fowler said the family wanted to financially support the girls throughout their schooling and into university and with raised money going towards school expenses, living and extra curricular activities.
    “They do what normal kids do,” she said.
    “As they grow up and go to university we want to make sure they grow up and have what they need.
    Ms Fowler said one of her sister’s goals was to educate her daughters through schooling to give them the best life she could.
    “She will think they are on track right now,” she said.
    “She will think they are prospering, doing so well. I think she would be really pleased.”
    Ms Fowler described her sister as generous and caring, not just for her children but for everyone she met.
    “She put herself last and put everybody else first. She did everything she could for anybody else. “She was just very generous and very giving. She was very strong. She was very strong.
    Ms Fowler said the family still had a long journey ahead since Baden-Clay’s guilty verdict.
    “We were pleased with the outcome but it’s not going to bring Allison back. At least we have some justice,” she said.
    Ms Fowler said the annual Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Appeal, which included a family fun day and cricket match, was part of the healing process for the family.
    “Everybody is sending us their thoughts and prayers, we just want everyone to come together to personally say thank you to them,” she said.
    “Thank you is not enough for what everybody has done for us.
    “We just have to make the best of the tragic situation and this is our life’s path now.
    “Just to have so many people around us, it just motivates us to keep going.”
    She made special thanks to the Queensland Police Service who were able to take part in the event this year.
    “The police and the firies and the SES who were all involved in the search, we can’t thank them enough,” Ms Fowler said.
    “They came out in rainy weather day and night. They came in on their days off. They were so dedicated.”

    Allison Baden-Clay’s sister Vanessa Fowler with Roni Johnson talking about the healing process and a preview of the fundraising cricket day at Brookfield Showgrounds. Pic: Tara Croser. Source: News Limited

    A sea of yellow for Allison

    A sea of yellow and a cause — Brookfield wants Queenslanders to open their doors and join in a fundraiser for Allison Baden-Clay’s three daughters.
    Food, stalls, live music, auctions, raffles, a kid’s farm, pirate show, face painting and a jumping castle help make up the Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Appeal Family Fun Day and Annual Cricket Match.
    Sunflowers, balloons, cupcakes — all yellow in her honour — will also be on sale at the Brookfield Showgrounds on September 13.
    “This is the time for people to come and show their support,” event organiser Roni Johnson said.
    Allison’s sister Vanessa Fowler said the annual event was part of a healing process for the family.
    “Everybody is sending us their thoughts and prayers, we just want everyone to come together to personally say thank you to them,” she said.
    The annual cricket match of Brookfield United Cricket Club against a combined Queensland Police Service, Fire and Rescue Service and SES volunteers team will be the first time the QPS can be officially involved.
    There is no entry fee for the event, made up by sponsors and donations.
    Event flyers are displayed in NAB branches in Queensland.
    *Donate cash, prizes or sponsor by contacting Go to the Facebook page.
    Donations can be made to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Trust through the NAB to BSB: 084 737, account: 943084078.”

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  27. HA HA HA HA – Toni thinks she is as significant as Monika Lewinsky HA HA HA HA HA .. … Monika dated a President of the USA – an historic figure. Toni dated a failed real estate agent …. deluded moll …


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