Balcony fall death: Gable Tostee Charged with Murder


Gable Tostee, 28, from the Gold Coast, is at the centre into the investigation of the death of a New Zealand tourist.

Gable Tostee leaves the Surfers Paradise Police Station after being questioned for hours.

Leaving the Surfers Paradise Police Station after being questioned for hours. Picture: JERAD WILLIAMS


Gable Tostee has allegedly not provided his version of events to the police, nearly four days after  26 year old Warriena Tagpuno Wright, who was visiting the Gold Coast for a friend’s wedding and a two-week holiday, plunged to her death from the 14th floor balcony of Mr Tostee’s Avalon Apartments’ balcony in Surfers Paradise  around 2:20am last Friday, 8th August, 2014.

FATAL PLUNGE: A Facebook image of 26 year old New Zealand lady Warriena Tagpuno Wright wh


Known as a “Man Slut” GT denies involvement in the balcony fall.  GT was initially questioned by police for two hours on Friday and released without charge.  He has since been staying at his parents’ home, which police visited over the weekend after they collected CCTV footage.


LADIES MAN: Gable Tostee in an image from his Facebook page


Fairfax Media revealed on Monday that GT had taken to an online body building forum to insist he had nothing to do with Ms Wright’s sudden death.

“I’ve been advised not to go into details but all I will say is that I absolutely did NOT cause this girl to fall and that I am devastated about what happened to her,” he wrote.

“Fact is I’ve taken home probably about 150 girls from clubs over the last few years. When you go out often to the same places and get drunk and talk to girls you’re bound to get noticed and hated on, and people gossip.

“Eventually it turns into Chinese whispers where people have a completely false impression of you.”

In recent months, Mr Tostee has made several detailed posts on the bodybuilding forum boasting of his encounters with women through the online matchmaking app Tinder.

Queensland Police are continuing to call for anyone who may have security footage of the Avalon apartments at the time of Ms Wright’s death to come forward.

Detectives were expected to provide an update on the investigation on Monday afternoon but later cancelled a scheduled press conference, citing “operational reasons”.

On Friday, neighbours told reporters they heard arguing in Mr Tostee’s apartment in the lead-up to Ms Wright’s death.

Several residents recounted hearing a woman’s screams.

Delwyn Grooby, who said she was staying in the neighbouring Tiki apartment complex, told Fairfax Media she heard three distinct screams on the night of Ms Wright’s death.

“There was fear in her second scream that made me feel sick and frightened for her,” Ms Grooby said.

“In the silence that followed I prayed that someone had come to her rescue. When the third scream came I really can’t explain how I felt.”

Police believe that Warriena spent the night with GT at  his apartment.

GT  was not at the scene when officers found Warriena’s body outside his apartment.

 Warriena Tagpuno Wright at Australia Zoo days before her death.

Warriena Tagpuno Wright at Australia Zoo before her death.



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23 thoughts on “Balcony fall death: Gable Tostee Charged with Murder

  1. In one Tinder conversation with a woman Gable Tostee claimed that he felt Ms Wright led him on.

    “I told you so many times I’m not interested,” the woman wrote.

    But Mr Tostee responded, saying he did not understand why she had met with him if it was not for sex.

    “Do you realise how often girls say they’re not interested in sleeping with someone just before they go ahead and do it anyway?” he asked.

    “What were you expecting from me exactly?”

    A woman claiming to be an ex-fling contacted the Bulletin to say Mr Tostee had helped save her from a violent attack.

    “I dated Gable Tostee and despite him being a … 6 foot 3 hunk, and genius, he also rescued me from an attack and broke up violent attackers with skilled words,” she wrote.

    Club managers and employees took to social media to discuss Mr Tostee in the days following the death of Warriena Tagpuno Wright.

    Gable, himself, posted about his bans from nightclubs in 2012, writing on a Vanity Nightclub event page that he could not attend.

    “Banned from here for no apparent reason,” he wrote.

    “Main bouncer out the front has something against me.”


  2. Quotes from Gable Tinder’s Facebook page:

    “Had a 21 year old Tinder date come over for drinks, we’re getting along fine, start kissing, feeling each other …’’ reads one post.

    “She’s small so I go to hug and lift her up and take her inside from the balcony but she totally freaks out, mumbles something about getting back to her parents and bolts out the door. Deletes me off both Tinder and FB. Maybe I acted too abruptly and snapped her out of her little lust-trance by manhandling her.”

    Previous posts by ‘GT’ dating back months reveal details of his sex life such as having sex with two girls in one night. “First one was 4/10 not worth mentioning didn’t look like her pics and I couldn’t even finish,” GT wrote.


  3. The similarities with Gerard Baden-Clay, the similarities…

    What about the disassociation, with this quote:

    “I’ve been advised not to go into details but all I will say is that I absolutely did NOT cause this girl to fall and that I am devastated about what happened to her,” he wrote.


  4. Stephanie Angus, A Current Affair’s producer, discusses her eerie experiences with GT.

    Ms Angus, who works as a producer in Sydney for the Channel Nine program, said she stopped messaging Mr Tostee soon after receiving this message.

    ‘It was quite a scary thing for him to have written to me. It was quite a strange thing and it insinuated violence and that’s quite a worry.’

    Ms Angus, who works as a producer in Sydney for the Channel Nine program, said she stopped messaging Mr Tostee soon after.

    ‘I found him to be a bit sleazy and he wasn’t the type of bloke I was looking to meet. He was on there for one reason and I was on there for another reason,’ she said.

    Ms Angus said her best friend in Brisbane had also made contact with Mr Tostee on Tinder around the same time as her last year.

    ‘When we both realised it was him after seeing his photo, we were both extremely worried. It was quite a scary thing to read about,’ she said.

    ‘It does concern me that I was in contact with him because it could have been me. He came across as the sort of guy that’s just out there to pick up girls.’

    Ms Angus said he has been back on Tinder in the days following Ms Wright’s death.
    ‘He must have more things going on in his life, most important issues that checking who he’s been matched with on a dating site,’ she said.

    ‘He has exercised his right to silence, ‘ Mr Hutchinson told Daily Mail Australia.
    Supt Hutchinson said a ‘forensic procedure order’ had been carried out against Tostee, which is believed to have included blood samples and a DNA swab.



    Aug 12, 2014 12:01AM

    GABLE Tostee is still looking for love on the dating app he used to meet Warriena Tagpuno Wright — even as he expresses “devastation’’ at her mysterious death.

    The 28-year-old Surfers Paradise man was logged on to his Tinder profile yesterday morning.

    He used the same matchmaking application to organise a date with Miss Wright, 26, before she plunged to her death from his 14th floor balcony in the Avalon apartment building on Friday.

    He left his apartment following the tragedy, turning himself in to police hours later but declining to speak with investigators.



    Gable Tostee is still using the dating app Tinder.

    He has not been charged with any offences.

    While the Tinder profile does not give away many personal details, it does feature several photos of Mr Tostee.

    Tinder link to their advertising:

    Among them is a parody image of artist Michelangelo’s famous piece Creation of Adam which Mr Tostee has edited to include his face and large genitalia.

    He also describes himself as being 190cm tall and weighing 90kg.

    Potts Lawyers, who are representing Mr Tostee, said they were aware of the posts but would not comment further or confirm if the account belonged to their client.

    The posts were no longer visible on the site yesterday afternoon.

    Mr Tostee attended Potts Lawyers in Southport yesterday afternoon with his mother Helene and father Gray around 1pm.

    He ran from the offices into a waiting car about 3.30pm and his parents left 15 minutes later and did not speak to waiting media.

    His lawyer would not comment on the reason for the meeting.

    GT back on Tinder


  6. Mr Tostee hasn’t provided police with information about the balcony fall. Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said the police have obtained statements from ‘a number of women’.

    Detetctives have also interviewed GT’s parents Gray and Helene Tostee at their home in a gated community in Carrara, west of the Gold Coast tourist strip.

    ‘He has exercised his right to silence, ‘ Mr Hutchinson said.

    On Tuesday, uniformed police and plain clothed detectives from the Gold Coast Regional Crime Squad revisited the apartment from which Ms Wright fell and inspected the balcony, the railing, and the 14-storey drop.

    The balcony is between 40 and 50 metres above a strip of pavement.

    The family of Ms Wright is expected to arrive on the Gold Coast in days, as police told Daily Mail Australia a post mortem has been completed on the body of the young woman.

    ‘We have some preliminary results which we won’t be releasing yet – we are still liaising with her family,’ Regional Crime Squad commander Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said.

    Supt Hutchinson said a ‘forensic procedure order’ had been carried out against Tostee, which is believed to have included blood samples and a DNA swab.

    Asked whether Mr Tostee was a person of interest in the case, Mr Hutchinson said, ‘obviously we are investigating the circumstances of the death of a young lady who fell from the balcony of his unit.

    ‘He is going to be part of that investigation.’

    Mr Tostee’s apartment is in a prime location on the Gold Coast, overlooking the Nerang River and on the corner of the most famous street in Surfers Paradise, Cavil Avenue.


  7. I feel sorry for this woman’s family and I send my deepest condolences to her loved ones, but she has completely ruined this guys life and created ALOT of drama for him. I guess that’s the lifestyle he chose to live and he got the drama he signed up for. Too bad


  8. Gable Tostee in now in police custody, “assisting” with inquiries and investigations into Warriena’s death. Just before noon, police picked him up from his parent’s home, who then drove him to the Gold Coast watchhouse, 30 minutes later.

    Gold Coast acting chief superintendent Des Lacy confirmed Tostee had been charged with murder.

    Tostee has retained top criminal law firm Potts Lawyers who are with him at the station.

    The arrest comes a day after fatal plunge victim Warriena ‘Rrie’ Wright’s sister made a tearful plea to answers about what led to her death.

    GT is scheduled to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow.

    Gable Tostee is taken into Southport Watch house following his arrest this morning. Photo by Richard Gosling

    Accompanied by his parents, GT spent around 90 minutes with his lawyer, Mick Purcell from Potts Lawyers in Southport yesterday.

    OVERNIGHT: GOLD Coast playboy Gable Tostee has told of attaching miniature spy cameras to his clothing while trying to pick up women.

    He also told of using a tablet phone to access live feeds from the surveillance cameras set up inside his apartment.

    The 28-year-old, who is at the centre of a police investigation into the balcony death of New Zealand tourist Warriena Tagpuno Wright, spent yesterday afternoon with his lawyer as police ­examined his apartment.

    Warriena was seen drinking and laughing with GT on his 14th floor balcony last Thursday night, 7th August, and fell to her death in the early hours of the following morning.

    GT bragged about having sex with 150 women, on the website, to which he prolifically contributes. GT claims that he keeps meticulous records of each woman, including through the use of motion-detection cameras that were set up in his former apartment, at the front entry and living room.

    “I also have mini spy cameras which I’ve used for fun when I’ve gone out and had a drunken night or something,” he wrote in 2012.

    “I’d attach the spy camera to one side of my jeans pockets and an 3w IR (infra-red) light for night vision to the other pocket, battery in another pocket” GT claimed.

    In other posts, he showed photographs of his tablet phone displaying images from the cameras inside his home. He used the programme iSpy for the motion detection with a six second timelapse which constantly recorded everything in his PC.

    In February last year, he posted a photograph of a woman in his apartment to ridicule her appearance.

    “So I met up with a m8 last night who I haven’t been out with for ages. Passed out early so I checked my security cameras to see WTF happened and … captions not necessary LOL,” he wrote.

    Ms Wright’s mother Beth and sister Reza arrived in Australia yesterday. They drove past the Avalon apartment yesterday.

    Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson, from the South Eastern police region, said the tragedy had taken a heavy toll on Ms Wright’s family.

    “They’re very upset by it all but they are trying to help us as best they can,” he said.


  9. On the evening of August 7 Warriena Tagpuno Wright met GT, however police have not released details of what they believed happened in the following hours.

    Neighbours reported seeing Ms Wright and GT on the balcony of his Surfers Paradise apartment before raised voices and a woman’s screams were heard early on August 8.

    Ms Wright fell to her death about 2.20am but GT was not at the scene when police arrived minutes later.

    He later handed himself in to police but was not formally arrested or charged.

    Former girlfriend Lauren Midgley told Nine News that she didn’t think GT was a bad person.

    “He invited me into his apartment and everything,” she said.

    “[He] made me a drink and we just chatted and was always really nice and never, never horrible to me or pressured me in any way.“I don’t think he would ever, ever hurt a girl. I never got that impression.”


  10. In a previous post on, Mr Tostee detailed the efforts he went to in order to keep track of each sexual conquest.

    “I have actually kept a written log with dates and names,” he wrote.

    “I’m somewhat obsessed with recording everything. I have motion detection cameras in my house, call recordings on my phone, and sometimes even leave my phone on record in my pocket for nights out in case I forget what happens.”

    He described the 100th woman on his list as a “drop in standards”.

    “Only reason I went for her was because she had huge teddies,” he wrote in 2012.

    “Went out to clubs tonight with a few mates and got shot down by most hot girls. Really put a hole in my confidence.

    “Eventually I figured I’d get the 100th out of the way by dropping my standards.

    “I’m lying on the living-room couch typing this while she is asleep in my room. I can’t sleep until she is gone.”

    Police comb through the gardens of surrounding homes in Carrara where Gable Tostee was staying following the balcony death plunge of his Tinder date.


  11. POLICE have received calls from women who have met Gable Tostee as they investigate how a New Zealand woman fell 14 storeys to her death from his Surfers Paradise apartment.

    Comments from women who have met GT:

      1) “You’d be surprised how charming he is. I met him on the Gold Coast last year. He’s quite the conversationalist. I was with friends and did not go home with him but he tried pretty hard.”

    1. “Earlier posts dating back several months have him saying he, ‘banged two girls tonight. First one was 4/10 not worth mentioning didn’t look like her pics and I couldn’t even finish’.

    Witnesses said they had heard loud screaming and raised voices coming from the 14th floor.

    ‘I heard her screaming once, then she stopped. Then she screamed and then she stopped again. I think she screamed a third time and after that I heard a bang,’ a witness – only identified as Tania told Nine News.”

    2) I had an experience with him in surfers and I feel like I should tell the police about it but who do I contact.

    3) He will get wats comming to him, he is well known on the gold coast club scene, tick took your times almost up, your cards marked.

    4) ‘Good looking and cocky like all the guys on the Gold Coast’: One woman’s Tinder date with Gable Tostee drinking Jagerbombs until 2am … but she didn’t go to his apartment because she’s afraid of heights
    Brisbane woman Deb met the bodybuilder on Tinder last September.

    He invited her to his apartment but she was worried about being alone with a stranger so instead he came to her home.

    Deb, who does not wish to be identified, has told of her shock of seeing her former date linked to the death.

    She said she and Tostee exchanged ‘corny hook-up lines’ and he invited her to his apartment last year but she was too afraid to go alone.

    ‘He did invite me to go down but I’m not going to put myself on the 14th floor with someone I don’t know. And I have a massive fear of heights. I would never do it by myself,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

    Instead, Deb invited Tostee to her fifth-floor apartment for a wine night with her friends and he showed up with Jaggerbombs.

    They stayed up drinking until 2am on a Thursday night and she said he seemed ‘absolutely normal’.

    ‘We drank with my friends we chatted for a while,’ she said.

    The 28-year-old told her he was a builder, that he had wealthy parents and that he was named after Clark Gable from Gone With The Wind.

    ‘I wasn’t threatened or worried, it’s Tinder you don’t know them from a bar of soap,’ she added.
    However, Deb said she ensured she didn’t put herself at risk.

    ‘The number one rule is don’t put yourself in a dangerous environment as they are always going to put their best foot forward. I made sure I wasn’t alone in my apartment,’ she explained.

    ‘They are all good looking, cocky and arrogant, he was one of a million down on the Gold Coast.’

    She explained that when Tostee boasted on a bodybuilding forum about the 150 woman he’d met on Tinder this week he was probably just trying to explain that he’d ‘had a lot of women on his balcony and this was a tragic accident’.

    Deb is no longer dating Tostee but spoke to him on Monday via Facebook after she saw his name splashed across the news.

    ‘He is shocked and he is depressed,’ she said.

    After it was reported that he was back on Tinder on Monday, just four days after the 26-year-old’s death, Deb said he was just trying to delete his profile which shows his face photo-shopped on to Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

    ‘He has no interest in having a date,’ she said. ‘I’m sure he’s very embarrassed about his current Tinder profile,’ she added.

    She explained that although Tostee hasn’t told her or the police his version of events, she believes Ms Wright was ‘a swipe right’ on Tinder who he took out and got drunk with.

    Detectives have also interviewed his parents Gray and Helene Tostee at their home in a gated community in Carrara, west of the Gold Coast tourist strip.

    Tostee’s lawyer, Michael Purcell, said his client would not be making a statement to police in the forseeable future.


    Tostee calls himself Superhero and has been described as ‘intellectually gifted’ but Tostee may also suffer from a personality disorder.

    On his Facebook page, he describes his current job as ‘Superhero’ but says he has worked in property services.

    The intellectual gifts of Tostee, were described after a previous encounter with the law when the then 18-year-old was placed on probation for forging identification cards in a Schoolies racket.

    Tostee was the mastermind with two others in a scheme in which they made and sold fake 18+ ID cards.

    Tostee’s skilled artwork and his facsimile of a $50 note was so impressive it shocked detectives.

    In a Queensland Court, Judge John Newton said he would record no conviction against the teenage Tostee, but warned him he should use his exceptional talent for good purposes.

    However, eight years on, Tostee – who has used a bodybuilding forum to deny responsibility for the tragedy – is reportedly the person behind the bodyspace account ‘G T’ who writes about having sex with two women on one night and taking home scores of others, who he rates with a mark out of out of ten.

    Tostee, whose profile claims he is six foot three (188cm) tall, weighs 113kg and has 18 per cent body fat, just last month wrote about ‘a 21 year old Tinder date’ he had ‘come over for drinks’ who he took ‘inside from the balcony’ before the girl ‘totally freaks out’ and ‘bolts out the door’

    Regional Crime Co-ordinator Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson said police had been working on the case around the clock and were following a number of leads.

    “We have had a positive response through Crime Stoppers from a number of people who we have obtained statements from, including a number of women,” he said.

    “We have a number of lines we need to follow and we are still in the evidence-gathering stage.”

    Supt Hutchinson said police were still appealing to anybody who had any information that could assist the investigation to come forward.

    Mr Tostee is no stranger to police, with the former Somerset College student expected to face Southport Magistrates Court in coming weeks.

    On January 27 this year Mr Tostee was allegedly involved in an incident in Surfers Paradise which saw him charged with assault police, obstruct police and public nuisance offences.

    He was granted bail but was back in custody on July 27 when he led New South Wales police on a high speed pursuit after attending this year’s Splendour in the Grass music festival.

    Police allege Mr Tostee was spotted driving a grey vehicle with no numberplates and reaching speeds of 200km/hour on the Pacific Motorway south of the border.

    Police deployed road spikes on the northbound lanes of the M1 just prior to the Tugun Tunnel, but it is alleged Mr Tostee continued to drive on the rims at about 140km/hour.

    He was finally stopped about 15km up the M1 at Currumbin.

    Mr Tostee will appear in Southport Magistrates Court on August 27 on assault police, obstruct police and public nuisance charges from January.

    His appearance will also include a mention for the drink driving and breach of bail condition charges he received on July 27.


  12. Police have charged Gable Tostee with murder — his lawyer indicates he will plead not guilty.

    Tostee has maintained his silence and refused to answer any questions.


    Michael Purcell

    Criminal Lawyer

    Michael was admitted as a barrister in 2003. He also has over two decades experience as a prosecutor in Magistrates Courts throughout the State. He prosecuted over 700 summary trials and committals as well as having carriage of thousands of summary mentions.

    For eight years, he was in charge of prosecutions on the Gold Coast and responsible for 15 police prosecutors. Subsequently he joined the Legal Services section of the Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Water Brisbane as a principal lawyer/team leader of their compliance prosecution section. He had a responsibility for the assessing, recommending and carriage of prosecutions and administrative actions for the department throughout the state. This role included close liaison and/or instructions to Crown Law on a variety of matters. Integral to his experience in the police and public sector areas, Michael has produced many legal advices and ministerial briefings, gaining valuable experience in the machinations of the government and its relationship with the legal system.

    Michael commenced criminal defence work with Bill Potts in 2008 and has represented clients in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts. He has had carriage of the defence of serious crimes including murder and serious drug offences. He has also lectured in the Legal Skills program at Bond University.

    Police were at the 14th floor of the Avalon Apartments on the Gold Coast on Tuesday as part of their investigation


  13. Warriena Wright’s younger sister Reza makes emotional plea about the fatal plunge that took her best friend’s life.

    The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that THE emotional sister of Warriena Wright has spoken this morning saying it is incredibly hard for her family to not know what happened in the last hours of her life.

    Reza Tagpuno Wright struggled to contain her tears as she fronted a large media pack at police headquarters in Surfers Paradise this morning to appeal for information about her sister’s death.

    “She was a very private person. It’s very hard for me to talk about her – she would really hate all this attention about her,” Miss Wright said.

    “Rrie was the most important person in my world. Most of the time we only had each other to rely on. It’s very hard for me facing the loss of my sister without knowing what happened in the last hours of her life – if anyone in the community has any information to help me know more then contact the police.”

    The emotional pleas comes as the last man to reportedly see her alive, Gable Tostee, refuses to speak with police. Warriena Wright, known as Rrie, plunged from the 14th storey of Mr Tostee’s Avalon apartment in the early hours of last Friday morning.

    Forensic experts inspect the balcony of the Avalon Apartments where Warriena Tagpuno Wright fell to her death. Picture: Regi Varghese

    Reza said the pair were in constant contact and revealed just eight hours before the fatal fall she’d had a Facebook conversation with her older sibling: “She was having a good time. The last time we spoke was on Thursday, probably about 8pm New Zealand time.”

    Reza described her sister as a beautiful person and frequent practical joker who was not only her sibling but her best friend.

    “Most of the time we only had each other. She was really responsible.”

    They’d both lived in Australia previously and Rrie had been excited about her two-week holiday to the Gold Coast – in its final days when she fell to her death.

    A forensic expert with evidence collected from the scene. Picture: Regi Varghese

    EARLIER: A BIRD’S eye view of a crime scene may provide vital clues to the mystery surrounding the death of Warriena Wright who fell from the Avalon Apartments in Surfers Paradise.

    Police employed the help of a Queensland Fire and Rescue Service ‘skylift’ to hoist forensic investigators 14 stories in strong winds to examine the outside balcony of the apartment belonging to suspect Gable Tostee.

    Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson said the examination will be used to determine how exactly Ms Wright fell from the balcony.

    “We are currently working with our forensic police to conduct an examination of the outside of the balconies of levels 13 and 14,” Det Sup Hutchinson said.

    “They will be conducting an examination of the outside of the balconies to assist us in the investigation to determine whether or not the victim has had contact with those areas.”

    Residents and curious onlookers watched on as forensic crews examined the balconies for more than an hour.

    Det Sup Hutchinson said the samples taken from the scene will be investigated by forensic scientists with results expected in the coming days.

    “We have to cover every possibility (and) one of the possibilities is (Ms Wright) come into contact with the outside of the balconies,” he said.It is an ongoing investigation. We are in the stage of gathering information and evidence to see which way it directs us.”

    Meanwhile residents continue to pay tribute to Ms Wright at the base of the Avalon Apartments where the 26-year-old New Zealand resident died.

    Surfers Paradise couple Michael and Linda Cornish — originally from New Zealand — said Ms Wright’s death has been “gut wrenching”.

    “Words can’t describe it. It’s devastating,” Mrs Cornish said.

    “Our hearts go out to the poor girl and her family. It’s heartbreaking,” Mr Cornish added.

    Warriena Wright’s sister Reza Tagpuno Wright in front passenger seat of police car going into Gold Coast Police HQ. Photo Adam Armstrong

    The Dominion Post reports, “Warriena worked at a Kiwibank call centre and flatted with her sister Reza, who has travelled to the Gold Coast to bring her sister home.

    Wright was an aspiring photographer and passionate campaigner for animal rights, regularly posting articles online to raise awareness.

    She had written to Parliament in the past requesting harsher penalties for animal abusers.

    She grew up attending Porirua’s Seventh-day Adventist Church, where her mother, Beth, is a deacon.”



    GT has been banned from a number of nightclubs at the Gold Coast for being ‘creepy’ and filming people – including women – on his mobile phone

    GT often visited nightclubs such as Crazy Horse, Cocktails, Club Liv, Bourbon Bar, Players, Alive, Vanity and Sin City.

    He was barred from Vanity and Sin City after staff decided they didn’t like his behaviour.

    ‘He was just creepy,’ Sin City manager Ty Davidson said.

    Gable Tostee (far right) in his underwear at a Mr Right competition at Shooters Superclub on the Gold Coast in 2011


  15. Welcome everyone, especially the many visitors, at present, from New Zealand.

    There seems to be a trend with people such as Gable Tosser (whoops typo, not). They control women, use them, and toss them, this time, literally, over the balcony.

    The Gold Coast police appear to be doing an excellent job. They charged Tosser, then had forensics, today, inspecting GT’s balcony, including the balcony one below. They have taken evidence from him bodily and are interviewing past girlfriends.

    Let us hope for a quick conviction.

    It also seems that GT is guilty of other offences, that have been listed above.

    Gable, named after the famous Hollywood actor, Clarke Cable who was an active from 1917 to 1960.

    GT boasted to proposed conquests that he comes from a wealthy family.

    Let us hope that money doesn’t keep GT out of jail. This is why the public needs a voice to make sure that justice is done.


  16. Disturbing information that GT rigged his apartment with hidden cameras, that he boasted that he recently slept with 150 women.

    Tostee isn’t a stranger to police; however, he engaged a high profile lawyer.

    Tostee denied recording his sexual encounters:

    Wright family arrive from New Zealand:

    Tostee arrives at Gold Coast watch house.


  17. Reza has shared some of her favourite photos of her sister Warriena Tagpuno Wright.

    Gable Tostee maintains his innocence after being charged with murder, one week after his Tinder date plunged 14-storeys to her death.

    . Gable Tostee is due to face court on the Gold Coast tomorrow.

    . Tostee’s lawyer says his client won’t be able to make an application for bail tomorrow, but expects he’ll be making an application in the Supreme court in the weeks to come.

    . Tostee took to his Facebook page, under the name of Gable Tee, to deny claims he had cameras in his Avalon apartment where Wright fell to her death.

    Yesterday, Wright’s sister made a heartbreaking public plea for information.

    “Wree was the most important person in my world, most of the time we only had each other to rely on,” the 23-year-old said.

    “She was a very beautiful, intelligent, caring person, who not only was my sister but she was my best friend.”

    Her sister Reza Tagpuno Wright told reporters at an emotional police press conference in Surfers Paradise on Thursday morning that they “really only had each other.”

    Reports homemade sex videos were seized are untrue, Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson told Daily Mail.

    “We took some discs from the apartment. There are no [sex tapes].”

    Superintendent Hutchinson added there was no evidence the apartment was set up with cameras or surveillance equipment, the report says.

    Previously on the bodybuilding forum, G T also discussed the use of cameras at home – including that he had a drone with camera on it and a telescope to spy on people from his apartment.

    In a thread G T initiated on the same bodybuilding forum titled ‘Stupud (sic) chick sends this to me after Tinder date’ he berates a Tinder conquest who rejected the sexual advances.

    G T showcased a screen shot of the conversation with the girl, posted photos of her and recounts taking the girl back to his apartment after dinner and a walk, including how they started “kissing on the balcony”.

    “As soon as I start to make further moves she backs away telling me she should leave soon. I tried a couple more times then she basically said she had to go and that was it,” he wrote in February.

    “Firstly I’m not new to this, slept with about 180 women in total (I think 14 this year so far)… I didn’t ‘repeatedly’ grope her or anything, I tried, then backed off for a while then tried again.”

    Ms Wright has been described as ‘shy and quiet’ and ‘beautiful inside and out’ as online tributes flowed over the weekend after loved ones in New Zealand received news of her tragic death.

    “The world lost a precious soul yesterday. My good friend Ree was taken from us. One of the kindest most beautiful people I knew inside and out,” friend Nick Moorcock wrote on Facebook.

    Police don’t know whether Mr Tostee was at home at the time of Ms Wright’s fall, but neighbours reported hearing ‘fighting’ before the incident occured at about 2:30am.

    The body was found by a passer-by at the base of an apartment building in Surfers Paradise in the early hours of Friday.

    Ms Wright was reportedly seen drinking and standing on the balcony prior to her death.

    “I heard her screaming once and then she stopped, and then she screamed again and then she stopped again, and then she screamed a third time and after that I heard a bang,” a woman named Tania told The Courier Mail.

    Superintendent Hutchinson said the death is being treated as suspicious.

    “In all cases like this – any sudden death which can’t be explained – we treat as suspicious right from the start to ensure we determine what occurred,” he said.

    Police have appealed to anyone who may have any CCTV, camera or mobile phone footage of the building at the time of Tagpuno Wright’s death to come forward.

    Gable Tostee is scheduled to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow.


  18. Gable Tostee did not appear in court for the initial hearing in to a charge of murder over the balcony fall death of Warriena Tagpuno Wright.

    Gable Tostee’s legal team was in the Southport Magistrates Court, but no family or supporters of either Mr Tostee or the New Zealand tourist Ms Wright were in court.

    Magistrate John Constanzo remanded Mr Tostee in custody to appear via video link at Southport Magistrates Court on October 10.

    Mr Tostee’s legal team was not required to enter a plea on his behalf. No application for bail, however Mr Tostee’s legal representatives have previously indicated they would apply for bail at a later date.

    Outside court Mr Tostee’s lawyer, Michael Purcell, said his client maintained his innocence and looked forward to seeing the brief of evidence.

    “My client maintains his innocence and we look forward to the provision of a brief of evidence so my client can move on with the court process,” Mr Purcell said.

    “I’ve got instructions to make an application in the Supreme Court for bail in the weeks to come.”

    Read more:



    Gable lost his friends and retreated from society, working for his father in property development and investment pursuits, interacting with older people.

    He was lonely, and signed up to an on line forum, he asked for advice on how to meet and treat women. He lived like this, typing away on his computer.

    In 2010, he ran into an old best friend at a restaurant.

    Tostee, “When I asked him what other friends were up to I realised how much things had changed and how much I have missed out on socially over the last half a decade,’’ he told his friends on the internet.

    “The problem is that I don’t really know where to start, I feel like someone who has been teleported into the future.”

    Tostee’s new life began on the Gold Coast with mates and nights out, meeting girls.

    Five days later he was back online, asking for advice:

    “We went out last night and met these two girls. We were both dancing, kissing, talking for an hour with them, mine seemed pretty into me, wanted to meet again, hugged her goodbye outside and said I’d call her. They were on holidays and are leaving today. I called earlier but it was an answering machine so I texted her and haven’t had a reply.”

    GT asks his online members: “Should I call again, perhaps off a private number?’’

    She’d said she wanted to see him again, he explained. But now she wasn’t returning his call. He agonised over it.

    “Do you think it’s possible to close the deal in the same night with ANY girl if you’re good enough?’’ he asked.

    “Is it normal to get screwed around like this? What’s the best way to deal with it?’’ he wrote.

    “It was important for me to get the second one out of the way so I knew the first wasn’t some kind of fluke,’’ Gable wrote.

    He followed the advice on the chat site. Be direct. Be more aggressive. It worked. He took her back to his car – and then back to his place when the heat drove them indoors.

    The next night he met a different girl. He tried to take her home too. She gave him her number instead.

    By December, he was a different person:

    “Ask a guy who slept with 50 different girls in 2010 anything. Go!’’ he wrote.”

    By 2010, the tally was 100.

    “I’m somewhat obsessed with recording everything,’’ he wrote when bragging of the milestone. It was 2012 when Gable Tostee went online to claim his 100th conquest. “Really put a hole in my confidence. Eventually figured I’d get the 100th out of the way by dropping my standards.”

    “I have motion detection cameras in my house, call recording on my phone, and sometimes even leave my phone on record in my pocket for nights out in case I forget what happens.’’

    He’d recorded dates and names, keeping track of all the details. He had his motion detection cameras, he recorded conversations on his phone. Sometimes he’d hit the button on the voice recording app on his phone and leave it on as he cruised the clubs. If he had too much to drink, he’d listen back to remind himself what had happened.

    A very different Gable from two years earlier. That Gable was a friendless hermit, outliving the shame of an incident that saw he and two schoolmates splashed across newspapers.

    Source: Courier Mail



    “No, no, no, I just want to go home”.

    Allegedly the last words of Warriena Wright, as she tried to escape from Gold Coast player Gable Tostee, reports the Sunday Mail.

    The Sunday Mail, having obtained exclusive details of the police case against Tostee, who attended court yesterday, having been charged of murdering Ms Wright only hours after meeting her after they hooked up, meeting on the site, Tinder.

    Police will allege that Ms Wright, 26, was assaulted and in fear of her life, as she tried to escape when she plunged to her death from the 14th floor balcony of Tostee’s apartment at the Avalon tower last Friday week.

    There are audio recordings of Warriena’s last moments, that it is believed that police’ technical experts extracted from mobile phones found in a car. This breakthrough allowed detectives to arrest Tostee last Friday after an intensive week long investigation.

    Police will be relying on High Court findings in other cases of people fleeing in fear and dying to make the murder charge stick.


    9:00pm 7th August – Tostee and Ms Wright met in Cavill Mall after connecting on Tinder, they then returned to his apartment.

    Witnesses told police they heard a man and woman arguing and the woman screaming “No, no, no” several times and “I just want to go home” just before she plummeted to her death.

    Police will allege she was trying to climb to the balcony below to escape Tostee when she fell.

    CCTV footage obtained by police allegedly shows Tostee in the building foyer soon after the tragedy.

    Police will allege he hid behind a pillar as police surrounded Ms Wright’s body and can be seen pacing backwards and forwards.

    He then allegedly got back into the lift, rode to the basement and left the building.

    CCTV cameras allegedly recorded him carrying what appeared to be a phone. Police will allege they later found three mobile phones in a car in the Avalon basement.

    Warriena Tagpuno Wright from Lower Hutt, New Zealand died after falling from a Surfers Paradise apartment.

    Tostee, who has boasted online of bedding about 150 women, handed himself in to police the day after Ms Wright’s death but refused to be interviewed.

    He was arrested on Friday morning at his parents’ Carrara home, the day after a brave public plea for information by Ms Wright’s younger sister Reza.

    Tostee’s parents, Gray and Helene, were not at Southport Magistrates Court yesterday to support him.

    He remained in the watchhouse cells after defence lawyer Mick Purcell, a former senior police prosecutor, said he did not require his client to be brought into the dock.

    People charged with murder cannot apply for bail in the Magistrates Court and Tostee was formally remanded in custody until October 10.

    Outside court, Mr Purcell said his client “maintains his innocence” and he would be seeking Supreme Court bail in the coming weeks. Despite the arrest, police are still appealing for information from the public – especially women who have had interactions with Tostee.

    “We’re interested in hearing from anyone who may be able to provide further information,’’ police regional crime co-ordinator Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said.

    “This was a particularly tragic death which pulled at the heartstrings of the community and our appeals for public help have had a very positive response.’’

    Supt Hutchinson said Ms Wright’s family were relieved at the early arrest and appreciative of the police efforts.

    A team of more than 50 police including Gold Coast and Brisbane Homicide Squad detectives, as well as forensics experts, worked around the clock on the investigation.

    It is believed Ms Wright’s body will be flown back to New Zealand this week for a funeral.

    Police are continuing to comb Tostee’s apartment for further clues.


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