Book released on Allison Baden-Clay’s murder and previous fiance Ian Drayton

Hello everyone, it’s been some time since we’ve heard any news about Allison BC’s untimely death, with her husband GBC now languishing in a Brisbane jail convicted of her murder until his appeal sometime in 2015.  This is interesting news in a book released by David Murray, Courier Mail crime and courts editor entitled “The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay, all Marriages have their Secrets”.  Apparently Allison was engaged to Ian Drayton – “a soldier-turned-scuba instructor who fell in love with her in 1990 when they both worked on Heron Island.”   Allison was considering resuming her relationship with Ian when she met GBC, and the rest, sadly is history.  I’m definitely going to read this book as it throws light on previously unknown facts.

An exerpt from the Courier Mail article “Allison and Drayton bought a home and an investment property. They had been together for more than five years when they decided to split.

“There were no blazing rows. They simply drifted apart,” Murray writes. “Drayton, devastated, quit real estate and went back to the Great Barrier Reef to nurse his wounds, this time to Lizard Island … where he returned to work as a dive instructor.”

After another short, failed romance with a dentist, Allison was back in contact with her former fiance.

She was deciding whether to resume the relationship when she met Gerard, who also worked at Flight Centre.

The moment Allison chose the man who would end her life, has also been detailed.”

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